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Zero Ppm: We Are All Five To Five Recidivists


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Video: Zero Ppm: We Are All Five To Five Recidivists

Video: Zero Ppm: We Are All Five To Five Recidivists
Video: GOAL ZERO YETI 1000X | TECH VIDEO 2023, March
Zero Ppm: We Are All Five To Five Recidivists
Zero Ppm: We Are All Five To Five Recidivists

According to the law, the term for making resolutions is one month. Without a written review of the Cabinet of Ministers, the State Duma will not accept the draft for consideration. It is unlikely that someone's sluggishness caused a “traffic jam” in the corridors of the government. There is rather another "brake". Another bill on the same topic was made by deputy Irina Yarovaya. Her document perfectly meets the call of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev "to take, finally, measures, and not calculate the per mille." And here he approved his D om Government without delay.

In a personal meeting, said Vyacheslav Lysakov, he asked Medvedev to expedite the issuance of the conclusion. A spokeswoman for Prime Minister Timakova was stunned by the explanation: it’s enough that the White House approved the Spring option, it reflects the principled position of the government. One project, they say, is enough.

Find out if this is the position of a spokesperson or the prime minister himself? After all, the answer is strange - as from a cloakroom attendant. The constitutional prerogative of a deputy is to take legislative initiatives; no one has the right to ignore it. And they cannot but know in the building on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment that the usual practice of the Duma is to consider several options for future laws.


Damn scary

What is the interest of Russian drivers in this story? The fact that the deputy Lysakov has consistently advocated the return of the “alcohol-containing” MPC (maximum permissible concentration) to the “driver” article of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

Let's not guess: the deputy provided a rare opportunity to get acquainted with the information intended for the prime minister.

In the bill, Lysakov proposed to establish an upper limit of ethanol in the blood in the amount of 0.2 ‰ (‰ is the sign of ppm). Indisputable arguments in favor of such a norm are familiar to readers from publications on ZR. RU. Their essence: if the survey gave an indicator of up to 0.3 ‰ (not even 0.2 ‰), there is no reason to admit that the motorist is intoxicated. This is a medical fact, repeatedly confirmed experimentally …

Or “the devil is not so terrible …” and let “zero” continue to exist? Lysakov checked the public assurance of Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov: in life, no one punishes drivers for small ppm drivers.

No matter how. At the request of the deputy, the Moscow City and Moscow Regional Courts reported that last year they were “fully” punished for indicators of up to 0.2 ‰. They were 10-12 percent of all detained for drunkenness. With indicators up to 0.3 ‰ - another 20 percent. In other words, at least every fifth person detained, allegedly for drinking, is accused without fault.

If we extrapolate these proportions to the statistics for the country, the innocent ones deprived of tens of thousands.

Can put out the door

Lysakov’s arguments in favor of rejecting the “zero”. The introduction of the MPC into Russian laws requires the participation of our country in the Vienna Convention on Traffic Safety. Failure to comply with the general requirements threatens the automatic exclusion of the Russian Federation from among the signatories of the Convention. This is scandal and shame.

Opponent of “zero” and statistics - it’s not so impartial either. “Drunk” accidents account for 7% of the total volume of accidents. Compare: three times more accidents - 20% - due to poor road conditions. In 2012 (data from the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Russian Federation), accidents involving drivers recognized as intoxicating occurred approximately 3.5 times less than due to poor coverage (12 843 and 42 772 cases, respectively). Killed, again, more than three times less than due to potholes in the asphalt (2103 and 6950 people). But no one suggested taking away licenses from the road workers, imprisoning and ruining fines.

Further subtleties, which in the "field conditions" of the survey are summarized. As it turned out, not only the chemical composition of the test breath, but also the humidity, temperature, gas composition of the atmosphere affects the result that the breathalyzer in the DPS car interior will show.

Plus measurement error. The St. Petersburg Institute of Metrology did not give average values, but an objective conclusion: if you measure with current, not the most advanced breathalyzers, taking into account the error, you should set the norm at 0.2 ‰, Lysakov recalls.

Almost every of the listed factors is itself an iron excuse to introduce MPC.

Drunk Zero


But here politics intervened

“The gentlemen from the Government House have probably not even opened the document yet,” Vyacheslav Lysakov suggested, and he has the right to do so. - Meanwhile, a surprise awaits them in the text: in it … there is no provision for the introduction of a ppm norm above zero. I had to withdraw.

Here is how it was. The “alcoholic” topic was brought to the meeting of the presidium of the United Russia faction in the State Duma (non-partisan deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov is part of the faction). Because it is not worth proposing two conflicting bills on the root issue. Developed a consolidated position. Most voted to leave “zero”.

It was hard to expect otherwise, because the opinion of the leader of the party, Dmitry Medvedev, had to be respected: it was he who proposed the “absolutely dry law”.

Submitting to the factional majority, the provision on 0.2 ‰ Lysakov withdrew. Politics, however!..

Question from "Behind the wheel. RF":

“If so, then why now break the spears and try to promote the bill?”

- In our document, a number of provisions are better thought out than that of Yarovaya. This is not my opinion - this is the result of the Supreme Court reviews. For example, with the procedure proposed by her, it will be profitable for a drunk driver to escape from the scene of an accident and in a couple of days to appear “like a glass” with confession. What we offer will block this loophole and others … But the question with 0.2 ‰ is not closed.

Vyacheslav Lysakov


- If the bill nevertheless gets to the discussion of the Duma, at the first reading they will accept it as a concept. And to the second and third, the text can be amended and supplemented. This is a chance to return the ppm to its former place: I will convince United Russia, other factions to accept MPC …

And once again run into the spirit of Medvedev's steadfastness hovering in the hall …

- By and large, I am at one with him, and this is reflected in my project: you need to frighten the booze so that they were afraid to even get closer to the car. Ready to support at least a 200 thousand-ruble fine, at least half a million proposed by Medvedev. I agree with the introduction of prison sentences of up to 15 years for killer drivers …

But it is inhuman to keep almost 50 million Russian drivers in fear of the threat of unfair punishment. But it will become even cooler if the Duma leaves “zero" and also introduces tougher amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses. Look, a motorist who twice got to the breathalyzer errors in hundredths of a thousand ppm will automatically turn into a recidivist. And I won’t wash it off … I won’t vote for such a bill, no matter what it threatens.

Your political corpse will not console anyone … That is, 0.2 per mil, in your opinion, not to win back?

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