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Choose A Budget Subcompact


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Choose A Budget Subcompact
Choose A Budget Subcompact

The modest dimensions and low fuel consumption are accompanied by a tolerable tax burden and the imputed cost of insurance. To help those whose budgets are limited, here we have collected a dozen of the most affordable models, with the price of the basic version within 400 thousand rubles.



"Geely MK", from 349 000 rubles

For more than three years, the MK sedan has been manufactured at the plant in Cherkessk, and in the summer of 2011, the production of the MK-Cross front-wheel drive hatchback created on its basis with increased ground clearance up to 175 mm and a plastic unpainted body kit began. Certainly it’s worth paying only 40 thousand for a much more functional car in our conditions. In the past, the special division “Red Dragon” of Rolf was engaged in the sale and maintenance of MK, but at the end of 2010 the distribution agreement was terminated - now the Chinese are expanding their dealer network on their own.

+ Comfortable suspension; ground clearance 175 mm (MK-Cross)

- Noisy motor and transmission; sluggish dynamics; cramped sofa; lack of adjustment of a driver's seat in height; poor visibility in the hatchback; fuzzy gear shifting; low corrosion resistance; expensive parts

Our choice: "MK-Cross-1, 5-Comfort" 389 000 rubles.

Engine: 1498 cm3; 94 l. s / 6000 rpm; 13.1 kgf.m / 3400 rpm

Temperament: 165 km / h; 6.3–7.8 l / 100 km

Possible options: MK (sedan)



"ZAZ-Vida", from 400 000 rubles., CAR from 6.05 rubles / km

The previous generation Aveo, whose production started in Ukraine last winter, in addition to the nameplate of the Zaporizhzhya Automobile Plant, received the new name Vida, which means “victory” in Latin, as well as the power unit from Chery-Bonus / Veri. In Russia, hatchbacks and sedans are sold in a single configuration, which includes air conditioning, a driver airbag, power steering and a modest power accessories. A hatchback is 10, 000 rubles more expensive than a sedan, but you can’t call it definitely more practical: in the 5-seater version, the luggage compartment of the five-door is 100 liters less - 220 against 320 liters, and its transformation is not very convenient.

+ Energy-intensive suspension; affordable price; decent clearance of 160–165 mm

- Lack of version with automatic transmission; extremely limited selection of trim levels

Our choice: 1, 5SX 400 000 rub.

Engine: 1497 cm3; 109 l s / 6000 rpm; 14.3 kgf • m / 4500 rpm

Temperament: 170 km / h; 11.0 s (0–100 km / h); 5.8–9.7 l / 100 km

Possible options: hatchback



“ZAZ-Chance”, from 275, 000 (420, 000) rubles, CAR from 5.79 rubles / km

The Ukrainian car differs from “Lanos” primarily by its engine. Under the hood, you can find the Korean Chevrolet engine with a volume of 1.5 liters and the 1.3 liter unit of the Melitopol plant, and at the end of last year, 101 strong Ecotek appeared, which is paired with a 4-speed automatic. A hatchback is 10 thousand more expensive than a sedan, but more convenient when transporting bulky goods, which is very important for a budget car that claims to be the only one in the family.

+ Affordable price

- Fuzzy work of the INC; mediocre dynamics; low build quality

Our choice: 1.3SX-hatchback 320 000 rub.

Engine: 1299 cm3; 70 l with. / 5500 rpm; 11 kgf.m / 3000–3300 rpm

Temperament: 162 km / h; 17 s (0–100 km / h); 8.9 l / 100 km (city)

Possible options: 1.4 liters (101 liters. From.); 1.5 liters (86 liters. From.); sedan



Lada Granta, from 259, 000 (373, 200) rubles, CAR from 4.88 rubles / km

Sales of the sedan with an in-plant index VAZ-2190 began in December 2011. The basis of the car was the upgraded Kalina platform - with almost the same base and Grant width, 22 and 10 cm longer and higher respectively. At first, it was possible to buy only modifications with a manual gearbox, but last summer dealers had versions with a Japanese automatic transmission "Jatko." Moreover, the already basic “Grant” with automatic gearbox implies a 98 horsepower engine, front air bags, ABS, power steering and air conditioning.

+ Energy-intensive suspension; affordable price; good looks; automatic gearbox

- Queue for purchase; assembly flaws; single body type

Our choice: "1.6 Norm" 337 300 rubles.

Engine: 1596 cm3; 87 l. with. / 5100 rpm; 14.3 kgf • m / 3800 rpm

Temperament: 167 km / h; 7.3 L / 100 km (average)

Possible options: 1.6 liters (82 and 98 liters. From.)



"Lada-Kalina", from 295 900 rubles., CAR from 5.28 rubles / km

The development of the machine began back in 1993, but mass production started only in 2004 m. According to its characteristics and equipment (front air-bags, ABS, air conditioning, power accessories), Kalina almost does not lag behind foreign-made cars, and there are noticeable shortcomings in the quality of manufacture and ergonomic miscalculations are offset by the low price and available spare parts. True, you should choose Lada with caution: 2 pillows are available only with the most powerful engine, which will require an additional payment of 80 thousand.

+ Energy-intensive suspension; affordable price; brisk and economical motors

- Flaws in the assembly; ergonomic miscalculations; gearbox operation far from ideal; lack of automatic transmission

Our choice: “1.6-16V-Lux” 5 doors 377 800 rub.

Engine: 1596 cm3; 98 l with. / 5600 rpm; 14.8 kgf • m / 4000 rpm

Temperament: 183 km / h; 11.0 s (0–100 km / h); 7.2 L / 100 km (average)

Possible options: 1.4 liters (89 liters. From.); 1.6 liters (81 liters. From.); station wagon



"Lada-Largus", from 349, 000 rubles., CAR from 5.29 rubles / km

The capacious station wagon built on the basis of Logan was first seen by the world in 2006 - it was then that Dacia-MCV appeared. Six years after the debut, the car regained its second life on the Togliatti conveyor under the name “Lada-Largus”. An impressive wheelbase made it possible to place three rows of seats in the cabin, and the boot volume (700 liters in a 5-seater version) can be increased to almost two and a half cubic meters. Queues were immediately lined up on the car, in which anyone wishing to purchase Largus would have to stand at least six months.

+ Great price; spacious and well-decorated 7-seater saloon; huge trunk; energy-intensive suspension; commendable ride; good sound insulation

- A long line to buy; limited maneuverability; ergonomic flaws; modest dynamics

Our choice: "1.6 Norm" 409 500 rubles.

Engine: 1598 cm3; 84 l s./5500 rpm; 12.6 kgf • m / 3000 rpm

Temperament: 156 km / h; 9.3 L / 100 km (average)

Options: 1.6 L (105 HP)



"Lifan Breeze", from 334, 900 rubles

The first passenger car of one of the world's largest motorcycle companies debuted in 2006. The Breeze, known at home as the Lifan-520, is assembled at the Derways factory in Cherkessk. The machine can be equipped with either of two motors. But the more powerful licensed Tritek, which was previously installed on the Mini, is no longer delivered to Russia. A well-equipped 106 strong modification with a more solid electrical package can be considered optimal.

+ Spacious lounge; roomy trunk

- Mediocre interior decoration materials; weak engine 1.3 l; lack of passenger air bag

Our choice: 1, 6СX-sedan 374 900 rub.

Engine: 587 cm3; 106 l. with. / 6000 rpm; 14.0 kgf.m / 4800 rpm

Temperament: 170 km / h; 13.0 s (0–100 km / h)

Possible options: 1.3 liters (89 liters. From.); hatchback



Renault-Logan, from 349, 000 (500, 000) rubles, CAR from 5, 62 rubles / km

The assets of Logan, produced in Russia, include a solid assembly, attractive price, a spacious interior and a huge trunk of 510 liters. Yes, and the sedan we have in high esteem. The exceptionally energy-intensive suspension and brisk motors deserve praise - even a 75-horsepower engine is enough for this Renault. True, hardly anyone will like the Spartan base. But for a reasonable price you can buy Logan in decent equipment. Well, the new Logan, like Sandero, can appear on our roads at best at the end of this year.

+ Hardy, energy-intensive suspension; good price; spacious lounge and a huge trunk; reasonable prices for maintenance and spare parts; unpretentious high-torque engines running on 92nd gasoline

- Extremely poor basic equipment

Our choice: "1.4 Expression" 431 800 rubles. = "Expression" + air conditioning and security package 1

Engine: 1390 cm3; 75 l with. / 5500 rpm; 11.4 kgf.m / 3000 rpm

Temperament: 162 km / h; 13 s (0–100 km / h); 5.5–9.2 l / 100 km

Options: 1.6 liters (84 and 102 liters. From.)



Renault-Sandero, from 359, 000 (468, 000) rubles, CAR from 6.14 rubles / km

The hatchback looks more interesting and fresh "Logan", on the basis of which it is built. The less capacious trunk (320 versus 510 l) “Sandero” compensates for more flexibility by allowing you to fold the sofa - “Logan” has this opportunity only in the “Prestige-1.6” version for 444 thousand. And the magnificent suspension, even on the worst roads, seems forgiving. The car has three motors, two gearboxes and five trim levels, of which we definitely recommend Stepway. He has a higher clearance - 175 mm, and an impressive list of equipment for reasonable money.

+ Hardy, energy-intensive suspension; close to perfect combination of price and quality; spacious lounge; reasonable prices for maintenance and spare parts; unpretentious high-torque engines running on 92nd gasoline

- Budget interior decoration; Queues at Stepway

Our choice: “1.6 Stepway” 484, 000 rubles.

Engine: 1598 cm3; 84 l with. / 5500 rpm; 12.6 kgf.m / 3000 rpm

Temperament: 163 km / h; 12.4 s (0–100 km / h); 6.1–10.2 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.4 liters (75 liters. From.); 1.6 L (102 HP)



"TagAZ-C10", from 379 900 rubles

The production of the car, which is a slightly retouched Chinese sedan "JAC-A138 Tujoy", began in Taganrog in the spring of 2011. Its design was developed by Italians from Pininfarina, and the car debuted in China in 2008. The engine, in fact, is a copy of the Mitsubishi engine. Despite the by no means a dumping price, the basic version of the Economy does not even have a driver air bag, and therefore we believe that if you decide to buy, it’s better to pay 25 thousand for Comfort - in addition to passive safety features, there is an extended power accessories.

+ Energy-intensive suspension

- Errors in ergonomics; assembly flaws; high price; the only power unit; lack of airbags in the basic version

Our choice: 1.3 MT2 404 900 rub.

Engine: 1332 cm3; 93 l. with. / 6000 rpm; 13.9 kgf • m / 4500 rpm

Temperament: 158 km / h; 5.1–7.7 l / 100 km

Possible options: no



“Chery-Bonus / Veri”, from 332 999 rub

Known in his homeland also under the names "Falvin II", A13 and even "Storm-2", the liftback (similar to a hatchback sedan) replaced the "Amulet" in China in 2009. And last spring he came to us from the conveyor of the Zaporizhzhya Automobile Plant under the peppy name “Bonus”, although in Ukraine the car is sold as “ZAZ-Forza”. Good looks and a gambling motor are combined with a cabin that is close to tall riders and mediocre road habits. The Veri hatchback built on its basis is more expensive by exactly 10, 000 rubles.

+ Good looks; high-torque motor; roomy trunk

- Assembly flaws; low ground clearance; mediocre sound insulation; poorly tuned ABS; cramped passenger compartment for taller passengers (from 180 cm)

Our choice: 1, 5-BN12C 377 399 rub.

Engine: 1497 cm3; 107 l with. / 6000 rpm; 14.3 kgf • m / 4500 rpm

Temperament: 160 km / h; 16.0 s (0–100 km / h); 5.8–9.7 l / 100 km

Possible options: hatchback "Veri"



"FAW-V2 / V5", from 372, 000 rubles

The “First Automobile Plant”, which began its activity in the 1950s with the assembly of the Soviet ZIS-150, is known among us primarily for delivery trucks and dump trucks. And then the Chinese company is again trying to charm the Russian market with passenger models. The V5 sedan looks very good, it has a rather powerful engine of 105 liters. with. and is quite tolerably equipped even by modern standards: it has a pair of airbags, ABS and a start-stop system. It is hoped that all the on-board equipment will be able to function properly, and a distinct phenolic smell will not float in the cabin.

+ Good looks; good equipment; affordable price

- Assembly flaws; mediocre insulation

Our choice: V5 "1.5 Comfortable Plus" 412 000 rubles.

Engine: 1497 cm3; 105 l. s / 6000 rpm; 13.8 kgf • m / 4400 rpm

Temperament: 180 km / h; 5.6 l / 100 km (average)

Possible options: hatchback V2 1.3 liter (91 hp)


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