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Buyer Directory: Golf Class


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Video: Buyer Directory: Golf Class

Video: Buyer Directory: Golf Class
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Buyer Directory: Golf Class
Buyer Directory: Golf Class



This time we’ll talk about 26 mid-range models. These are mainly cars from Europe, Japan and Korea. Choosing one of them, everyone who does not want to save extremely, but at the same time does not want to overpay for a prestigious brand, can get a car to their liking - whether it is a versatile gifted Focus, a stylish and progressive Golf, or affordable and large Cruz. And in the next issue we will talk about prestigious representatives of the "golf" class.

Not limited to a simple listing of technical characteristics, we offer the optimal, in our opinion, configuration with an indication of its cost. For those who do not think of a car without a “machine,” we indicate in brackets the minimum price with automatic transmission. As a separate line, we mark where to look for materials about this model in the archive on the site Please note that the CAR index refers to the modification that we recommend to you. So, study, count and choose.

"Kia-Sid", from 599 900 (719 900) rubles, CAR 6, 58 rubles / km



Sales of the second generation model started in Russia last summer. Unlike the predecessor with a neutral appearance, the newcomer does not mind being greeted by clothes: thanks to the efforts of the ex-designer of Audi Peter Schreier, the car looks great. Yes, and the interior can be recorded as a role model for many competitors: here now, hand-in-hand, side-by-side finishes and precise ergonomics are adjoining. It is gratifying that all these pleasant changes did not greatly affect the price - the Sid is still one of the most affordable modern models in the golf class.

+ Bright appearance; spacious, high-quality and comfortable lounge; roomy trunk; plenty of options

- Insufficient energy consumption of the suspension

Our choice: “1, 6-Comfort” 5-door 679 900 rub.

Engine: 1591 cm3; 129 l s./ 6300 rpm; 16.0 kgf • m / 4850 rpm

Temperament: 195 km / h; 10.5 s (0–100 km / h); 5.1–8.6 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.4 (100 l. From.); station wagon

“Kia-Cerato”, from 549 900 (739 900) rubles, CAR 6.94 rubles / km



The sedan, whose Russian sales began in the spring of 2009, was one of the first models of the company to come out of the pen of maestro Schreier. With external simplicity, it turned out to be interesting and solid (the car is 1 cm longer than the “three rubles” BMW) in appearance. We add here a remarkably spacious interior for four adults, a capacious and comfortable trunk and a relatively powerful base engine. Together with an acceptable price tag, we get a very interesting alternative to the bestseller of our market to the Vsevolozhsk Focus.

+ Attractive appearance; spacious and comfortable lounge; energy-intensive suspension

- Mediocre sound insulation; fast change of model

Our choice: “1, 6-Lux” 699 900 rub.

Engine: 1591 cm3; 126 l s./ 6300 rpm; 15.9 kgf • m / 4200 rpm

Temperament: 190 km / h; 10.3 s (0–100 km / h); 5.5–8.6 l / 100 km

Possible options: 2.0 liters (150 liters. From.); coupe

Mazda-3, from 654, 000 (689, 000) rubles, CAR 6.75 rubles / km



The new generation of three cars debuted at the Bologna auto show in December 2008, and Russian car sales started next summer. The creators of the car paid special attention to sound insulation - the weak spot of its predecessor. And in this regard, the current Mazda-3 is really good. In addition, the Japanese improved their already good ergonomics, the on-board computer learned Russian, and the suspension became a little more comfortable, and not at the expense of gambling driving habits.

+ A good balance of rideability; good sound insulation; high security

- The high cost of the optimal versions; harsh suspension

Our choice: “1, 6-Touring” 5 doors 702 000 rub. with INC

Engine: 1598 cm3; 105 l. s./5500 rpm; 14.8 kgf.m / 4000 rpm

Temperament: 185 km / h; 11.0 s (0–100 km / h); 6.0–9.3 l / 100 km

Possible options: 2.0 liters (150 liters. From.); MPS 2.3T (260 hp); sedan

Mitsubishi-Lancer, from 599, 000 (679, 000) rubles, CAR 6, 40 rubles / km



In the tenth generation, Ulan received an aggressive appearance, significantly increased dimensions, a more spacious interior, and motors became more powerful and more economical. It’s only a pity that many finishing materials are primitive, the shorter trunk is uncomfortable and small, and the station wagon body disappeared from the production program. However, the Japanese assembly guarantees reliability and quality. During the restyling of 2011, which added chrome to the grille, the Japanese worked to improve sound insulation, and for the 2012 Lancer, the base engine was the 117 strong “four” 1.6 liter, familiar from ASX. Standing alone is the all-wheel drive “Lancer Evolution” at a cost of two million - a real rally projectile designed for lovers of uncompromising drive and amateur riders.

+ Bright appearance; spacious lounge and elegant interior

- Ergonomics flaws; uncomfortable trunk

Our choice: “1, 6-Invite” 649 990 rub.

Engine: 1590 cm3; 117 l s./6100 rpm; 15.7 kgf.m / 4000 rpm

Temperament: 190 km / h; 10.8 s (0–100 km / h); 5.2–8.0 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.8 l (140 l. From.); Evo-2.0T (295 hp)

Nissan Tiida, from 580, 000 (610, 000) rubles, CAR 6.64 rubles / km

Nissan Tiida


In Russia, a car intended primarily for the domestic market debuted in 2007, but the Tiida has been on sale in Japan since 2004. The machine is created on the same platform as the Nout and uses the power units of the younger brother. We choose a more practical and organic hatchback in the Elegance configuration, which in addition to the basic equipment includes window cushions, climate control, advanced power accessories, alloy wheels and a more functional interior.

+ Spacious and comfortable lounge; comfortable suspension; smooth operation of the automatic transmission

- Inconvenient trunk of a sedan; power steering settings

Our choice: 1.6-Elegance 5-door 645 000 rub. with INC

Engine: 1598 cm3; 110 l s / 6000 rpm; 15.6 kgf.m / 4400 rpm

Temperament: 186 km / h; 11.1 s (0–100 km / h); 5.7–8.9 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.8 l (126 l. From.); sedan

Opel Astra, from 609, 999 (709, 900) rubles, CAR 6.47 rubles / km



The new “Astra” has radically changed its style, but not its concept: this is a logical continuation of the extremely popular “flower” series, shown from a different angle. All the achievements of Astra remained with her: a great variety of powertrains, good equipment and a wide range of options, plus remarkably balanced driving characteristics. But most of all, the fact that the Germans are in no hurry to be greedy is encouraging: the prices for Astra-J are comparable to the price for the predecessor. We see the optimal 5-door hatchback - due to the transformation of the sofa, it will allow transporting more bulky goods than a sedan, and besides, it is 13-25 thousand rubles. cheaper.

+ Good soundproofing and handling; impeccable interior; wide selection of powertrains and bodies

- Small mirrors; diesel particulate filter

Our choice: “1, 6-Angoy” 5-dv. 695 900 rub.

Engine: 1598 cm3; 115 l s./5000 rpm; 15.8 kgf.m / 4000 rpm

Temperament: 188 km / h; 11.7 s (0–100 km / h); 5.2–8.4 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.4 liters (101 liters. From.); 1.4T (140 hp); 1.6T (180 hp); 1.8 liters (140 liters. From.); 2.0 TD (130 hp); station wagon; sedan

"Opel-Astra-GTC", from 716 900 (770 900) rubles., CAR 7.54 rubles / km



Expressive three-door from the usual “Astra” is distinguished not only by the number of “entry points” - it is really a completely different car in character, the driving characteristics of which are sincerely admired. The reason lies in a different chassis with integrated front axle steering knuckles, due to which the handling is improved and the power steering characteristic of front-wheel drive cars is leveled. By and large, today in the "golf" class GTC is the most affordable production car with a pronounced sports character.

+ Excellent manageability; stylish appearance; affordable price; dynamic 180-horsepower engine; small extra charge for diesel

- Unsuccessful arrangement of windows keys; elongated doors uncomfortable in tight parking lots; diesel particulate filter

Our choice: "1, 6T-Sport" 860 900 rubles. with INC

Engine: 1598cm3; 180 l s./5500 rpm; 23.5 kgf • m / 2200–5400 rpm

Temperament: 220 km / h; 8.3 s (0–100 km / h); 5.9–9.3 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.4T (140 hp); 1.8 liters (140 liters. From.); 2.0T (280 hp); 2.0TD (130 hp)

Opel Astra Family, from 609 650 (655 900) rubles, CAR 6.27 rubles / km



Despite the fact that in the spring of 2011 dealers got a new generation of Astra, its predecessor is in no hurry to leave the assembly line. Today there are three cars: the 5-door hatchback, convenient for everyday use, which made its debut at the Interauto-2007 car dealership, is a solid and spacious sedan and practical station wagon, perhaps the champion in terms of cargo capacity. All of them are united by enviable driving abilities, the highest level of passive safety and a completely modern design.

+ Spacious lounge; comfortable suspension; affordable price

- Capricious robotic gearbox "Izitronic"

Our choice: “1, 6-Angoy” 5-dv. 625 900 rub.

Engine: 1598 cm3; 115 l s / 6000 rpm; 15.8 kgf.m / 4000 rpm

Temperament: 191 km / h; 11.6 s (0–100 km / h); 5.3–8.8 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.8 l (140 l. From.); sedan; station wagon

"Peugeot-308", from 589, 000 (626, 000) rubles., CAR 7.13 rubles / km



Even outwardly, the 308th recalls its predecessor - the Peugeot 307, which is very popular both in Europe and in Russia. But the salon of the "eighth" model has a high-quality finish and a more spacious sofa. In addition, the Peugeot asset has powerful and economical engines created in collaboration with BMW, faultless passive safety (5 stars from EuroNCAP) and a wide selection of bodies. In the summer of 2011, dealers had a restyled version, but now the SW station wagon can no longer be bought.

+ Good price; spacious lounge; high quality finishes; comfortable suspension

- Slow 4-speed "automatic"

Our choice: 1, 6-Asset 668, 000 rubles.

Engine: 1598 cm3; 120 l s / 6000 rpm; 16.3 kgf.m / 4250 rpm

Temperament: 195 km / h; 12.2 s (0–100 km / h); 6.7–9.3 l / 100 km

Possible options: convertible coupe

Peugeot 408, from 569, 000 (671, 000) rubles, CAR 6.67 rubles / km



Sedan 408 is a regional product: in addition to Russia, it is sold only in Argentina, Brazil, India and China. The largest sedan in the class is not a new model, but the fruit of the aging of the well-known model 308. Compared to the hatchback, the base extended by 10 cm, which allowed to give the second row of seats unprecedented space. Due to the thicker springs in the cross section, increased by a revolution, the clearance has grown to 175 mm - this is more than other “SUVs”! In addition to attractive prices, the sedan can offer a whole gamut of engines, including a very economical 112 horsepower diesel engine.

+ High ground clearance; roomy trunk; good ergonomics; spacious sofa; attractive cost of the basic version

- A large surcharge for the 1.6T engine and automatic transmission; lack of window airbags; mediocre controllability of an unloaded car

Our choice: 1, 6-Asset 631, 000 rubles.

Engine: 1587 cm3; 110 l s./5800 rpm; 14.5 kgf • m / 4000 rpm

Temperament: 184 km / h; 13.3 s (0–100 km / h); 6.0–10.1 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.6 liters (120 liters. From.); 1.6T (150 hp); 1, 6TD (112 hp)

Renault Megan, from 609, 000 (685, 000) rubles, CAR 7.37 rubles / km

Renault Megane


Unlike Europe, the Megan that is sold here has a Turkish origin and a number of not very significant differences from the original French car. It is much more important that the cars coming from Turkey are assigned a very reasonable price. Moreover, the interior of such cars is no worse: the excellent interior design, assembled from quality materials, has a wide range of basic equipment. The kit includes decent clearance and more than decent ride.

+ Attractive price; high-quality trim; adaptation to bad roads; high security

- Slow 4-speed automatic transmission

Our choice: “1, 6-Expression” 5-door 676 000 rub.

Engine: 1598 cm3; 110 l s / 6000 rpm; 14.8 kgf.m / 4250 rpm

Temperament: 185 km / h; 11.7 s (0–100 km / h); 5.4–9.2 l / 100 km

Possible options: 2.0 liters (138 liters. From.); 3-door

Renault Fluences, from 625, 000 (698, 600) rubles, CAR 7.39 rubles / km

Renault Fluence


Appearing at the beginning of 2010, the “Fluence” replaced the Megan sedan of the previous generation at the military post. From a technical point of view, the car is no different from the new Megan: Fluence is given exactly the same power units and interior. However, the French awarded the car an authentic appearance that has nothing to do with the hatchback. A spacious interior and a roomy trunk - these are the trump cards of Renault. Like Megan, Fluence is available with a two-liter engine. In April, a restyled version (pictured) will go on sale with an updated front end, a new dashboard from Megan and a 7-inch touch screen. In addition, the variator took the place of the 4-speed “automatic”, and the price of such a version increased by 5000 rubles.

+ Attractive price; spacious lounge; high ground clearance; good equipment

- Mediocre dynamics; sound insulation flaws

Our choice: “1, 6-Expression” 689 600 rub.

Engine: 1598 cm3; 106 l. s / 6000 rpm; 14.8 kgf.m / 4250 rpm

Temperament: 183 km / h; 11.9 s (0–100 km / h); 5.4–9.2 l / 100 km

Options: 2.0 L (138 HP)

SEAT-Leon, from 569 990 (829 990) rubles, CAR 6.79 rubles / km



For a long time, SEAT has been trying to earn a reputation as a fashionable, aggressive, almost racing car. And with a bright copy of the German “Golf V”, thanks to the sharp tuning of the suspension and steering, this works well. For the rest, this is a Volkswagen in the best traditions: a well-cut and tightly stitched car. Since 2008, the Polish brand has been representing the Spanish brand on the Russian market, and since January last year, SEAT regained its rightful place under the wing of the parent Volkswagen.

+ Outstanding appearance; good handling

- Untwisted stamp; fast change of model

Our choice: "1.4TSi-Kopa-Plus" 691 990 rub.

Engine: 1390 cm3; 125 l s./5000 rpm; 20.4 kgf.m / 1500-4000 rpm

Temperament: 197 km / h; 9.8 s (0–100 km / h); 5.2–8.0 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.2T (105 l. From.); 1.4 liters (85 liters. From.); 1.8T (160 l. From.); 2.0T (211 and 240 hp)

Citroen-C4, from 594, 900 (655, 900) rubles, CAR 6.92 rubles / km



In May 2011, dealers began accepting orders for the next generation of the French hatchback. With the surviving base, the hatchback has grown in length, width and height by 5.5, 1.5 and 3 cm, respectively. Significant changes in the cabin - the steering wheel hub spins again with the rim, and the dashboard finally took its rightful place right in front of the driver. The car is being produced at a factory near Kaluga, so that prices were kept at an attractive level. And the warranty period has increased to 3 years.

+ Good looks; affordable price; generous equipment

- Slow automatic transmission; large surcharge for a diesel engine

Our choice: 1, 6-Trends 665, 900 rubles. with INC

Engine: 1598 cm3; 120 l s / 6000 rpm; 16.3 kgf • m / 4250 rpm

Temperament: 193 km / h; 10.8 s (0–100 km / h); 4.7–8.8 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.6 liters (110 liters. From.); 1, 6TD (112 hp)

Toyota Auris, from 735, 000 (814, 000) rubles, CAR 7.49 rubles / km



The new Auris, whose sales have just started in Russia, was the first model of the Japanese brand trying to get away from the too straightforward kaizen philosophy. The expressive appearance of the car is in harmony with the non-trivially furnished interior, and the richness of the configurations of the top versions is akin to equipping models of a higher class. And yet, it seems to us, the hatchback is unlikely to achieve even the very modest results of its predecessor. The car has risen in price by about 10%, and with such a basic price tag it will be quite difficult to search for potential buyers.

+ Impressive appearance; stylish interior; spacious lounge

- High price; 1.3 liter melancholy engine

Our choice: “1, 6-Comfort Plus” 774 000 rub.

Engine: 1598 cm3; 132 l s./6400 rpm; 16.3 kgf • m / 4400 rpm

Temperament: 200 km / h; 10.0 s (0–100 km / h); 4.8–7.9 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.3 liters (99 liters. From.)

Toyota Corolla, from 642, 000 (722, 000) rubles, CAR 6.73 rubles / km

Toyota Corolla


In the tenth generation - and this model has its pedigree since 1966 - which was born in October 2006, one of the most popular cars in the class is sold only with a sedan body. The model has a solid, in the spirit of the older sister "Camry" appearance and a modernized 1.6-liter engine, which became 14 liters. with. more powerful. Such an increase would not be superfluous, given the increased mass of the model. It is also encouraging that Corolla was awarded 5 stars in the EuroNCAP crash test. In addition, the not very successful robotic box "Multimode" was replaced by a traditional "machine." An 11th generation model debuted in Japan last May, so we will soon be waiting for a new one.

+ Solid appearance; powerful 1.6 liter engine; high security

- Low ceiling; inexpensive trim materials; failed configuration

Our choice: “1, 6-Comfort-Plus” 690 000 rub.

Engine: 1598 cm3; 124 l s / 6000 rpm; 16.0 kgf.m / 5200 rpm

Temperament: 192 km / h; 10.4 s (0–100 km / h); 5.8–9.0 L / 100 km

Options: 1.3 L (101 HP)

Volkswagen Golf, from 616, 000 (669, 000) rubles, CAR 6.21 rubles / km

Volkswagen Golf


“Fine tuning” - that’s what you can call the changes that occurred with the flagship class in the fall of 2008. Indeed, the sixth “Golf” account has practically not increased in size, but the exterior has become more modern, and the car now competes with much more status models in the quality of interior decoration. In addition, from now on, the car will not have the usual "automatic" - only a robotic DSG box. Already in March, dealers will announce prices for the seventh generation model, sales of which started in Europe (including Belarus and Ukraine) last year.

+ Excellent duet of engines TSi and DSG; stylish, high-quality interior

- Archaic engine of 1.6 liters; fast change of model

Our choice: 1.4TSi-Trendline 5-doors 676 000 rub. with INC

Engine: 1390 cm3; 122 l s./5000 rpm; 20.4 kgf • m / 1500-4000 rpm

Temperament: 200 km / h; 9.5 s (0–100 km / h); 5.1–8.2 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.2T (85 and 105 hp); 1.6 liters (102 liters. From.); 2.0T (210 and 255 hp); 2.0 TD (110 hp); 3-door

Volkswagen Jetta, from 702, 000 (750, 000) rubles, CAR 6, 51 rubles / km



The sixth generation car is easy to confuse with the Passat - the sedan delivered to Russia from Mexico looks so solid. Unlike overseas versions, our "Jetta" flaunts multi-link rear suspension - to please the tastes of Europeans. Due to the increased base and length - by 73 and 90 mm - the machine has one of the most spacious salons in the class, in which refined ergonomics were prescribed. It also pleases the opportunity to choose from three engines and the same number of gearboxes.

+ Solid appearance; excellent ergonomics; spacious lounge; roomy trunk; decent basic equipment; reasonable price

- Low noise rear wheel arches

Our choice: “1, 6-Trendline” 702, 000 rubles.

Engine: 1598 cm3; 105 l. s./5250 rpm; 15.6 kgf • m / 3800 rpm

Temperament: 180 km / h; 11.5 s (0–100 km / h); 5.1–8.7 l / 100 km

Options: 1.4T (122 and 150 hp)

Ford Focus, from 532, 000 (657, 000) rubles, CAR 6, 40 rubles / km

Ford focus


The debut of the third generation took place in January 2011, and the newcomer arrived in Russia six months later. Expressive appearance successfully accompanies a stylish and high-quality interior. Exemplary handling could please the active driver, if not for sluggish gasoline engines. However, the ecological collar, which tightens the throat of the motors, is noticeably weakened after about 5000 km. And recently in Russia there was also an ST modification, charged with a 250 horsepower turbo engine: such a “Focus” makes a hundred in just 6.5 seconds.

+ High-quality salon; excellent handling and sound insulation

- Minor flaws in ergonomics; small trunk of a sedan

Our choice: “1.6 Trend” 5 bits 674 500 rub. with MCP = "1.6 Trend" + package "Security 1"

Engine: 1596 cm3; 125 l with. / 6000 rpm; 16.2 kgf • m / 4000 rpm

Temperament: 196 km / h; 10.9 s (0–100 km / h); 4.7–8.0 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.6 liters (85 and 105 liters. From.); 2.0 liters (150 liters. From.); 2.0T (250 hp); 2.0TD (140 hp); sedan; station wagon

Hyundai Veloster, from 849 000 (989 000) rubles, CAR 8.81 rubles / km



The main highlight of the car, which appeared last year, is the asymmetry: on the starboard side of the car there are two doors, like an ordinary hatchback, and on the left there is only one - the driver’s. So, in essence, the Veloster is a unique phenomenon for Russia - it is a 4-door coupe. But the original appearance and interesting interior poorly combined with the only possible 1.6 liter engine. Остается надеяться, что в будущем до нас все таки доберется модификация с 200 сильным турбомотором, которая сможет хоть как то оправдать неадекватный ценник интересной машины.

+ Интересная внешность; high-quality salon; rich equipment

- Недостаточная шумоизоляция; единственный мотор; high price

Наш выбор: «1, 6-Джой» 849 000 руб.

Engine: 1591 cm3; 132 l s./ 6300 rpm; 16, 1 кгс•м /4850 об/мин

Temperament: 195 km / h; 10.7 s (0–100 km / h); 5, 2–8, 0 л/100 км

Possible options: no

«Хёндэ-Элантра», от 699 000 (836 000) руб., КАР 6, 91 руб./км



В России машина появилась зимой 2011 года и в отличие от пресноватой внешне предшественницы заиграла «струящимися линиями», ставшими родовой чертой корейской фирмы. Тема волн продолжена и в интерьере, но по сравнению с европейскими одноклассниками здесь явно не хватает ощущения качества, на которое в праве претендовать покупатель, заплативший немалые деньги. Не порадуют активного водителя мощные лишь на бумаге моторы и поперечная балка, сменившая независимую заднюю подвеску.

+ Богатое базовое оснащение; spacious lounge; яркая внешность

- High price; ограниченный выбор моторов; неуверенное поведение на высоких скоростях

Наш выбор: «1, 6-Бэйз» 699 000 руб.

Engine: 1591 cm3; 132 l s./ 6300 rpm; 16, 1 кгс•м /4850 об/мин

Temperament: 200 km / h; 10.7 s (0–100 km / h); 5, 1–7, 8 л/100 км

Возможные варианты: 1, 8 л (150 л. с.)

«Хёндэ-i30», от 649 000 (729 000) руб., КАР 7, 52 руб./км



Дебют i30 второго поколения состоялся во Франкфурте осенью 2011 года. За начинку хэтчбека отвечали специалисты из европейского технического центра «Хёндэ», расположенного в немецком же городе Руссельхайме. Машина вышла очень европейская: у нее практически безупречный интерьер, близкая к идеалу эргономика, комфортабельная подвеска и интересная управляемость. При этом новичок умудрился стать доступнее - и это его главное достижение в сравнении с предшественником. Наконец, в феврале корейцы объявили о начале продаж 3 дверной модификации, которая выглядит более яркой и динамичной.

+ Spectacular appearance; просторный и удобный салон с качественной отделкой; roomy trunk; commendable handling; high smoothness

- Посредственная динамика разгона

Наш выбор: «1, 6-Оптима» 5-дв. 719 000 руб.

Engine: 1591 cm3; 130 l s./ 6300 rpm; 16, 0 кгс•м /4850 об/мин

Temperament: 195 km / h; 10.5 s (0–100 km / h); 5, 1–8, 6 л/100 км

Возможные варианты: 1, 4 л (100 л. с.); 3-door

«Хонда-Сивик-Седан», от 749 000 (839 000) руб., КАР 7, 16 руб./км



Менее заметные различия с хэтчбеком не единственный козырь явно помолодевшей 4 дверки. Интерьер теперь тоже пронизан темой космоса, обзорность улучшена, а заводной мотор позволит пощекотать нервы соседям по трафику. Жаль лишь, что расплатой за столь позитивные изменения стала опресненная управляемость. Как утверждают японцы, если раньше «Сивик» ценили за удовольствие, какое он дарит своему владельцу, то машина девятого поколения сделала решительный шаг к практичности.

+ Гармоничная, солидная внешность; привлекательный интерьер; четкая работа коробок передач; просторный салон

- Заметно возросшая цена; скучноватая управляемость

Наш выбор: «1, 8-Элеганс» 749 000 руб.

Engine: 1798 cm3; 142 л. s./6500 rpm; 17, 7 кгс•м /4300 об/мин

Temperament: 200 km / h; 8, 7 с (0–100 км/ч); 5, 5–8, 7 л/100 км

Possible options: no

«Хонда-Сивик-Хэтчбек», от 849 000 (879 000) руб., КАР 8, 04 руб./км



Девятый по счету «Сивик», который год назад появился у дилеров, впервые предстал перед публикой во Франкфурте осенью 2011 го. Хэтчбек унаследовал дизайн авангардного внешне предшественника и, что еще более приятно, не подорожал ни на рубль. Однако от былых спортивных амбиций машина решительно повернулась в сторону ездового комфорта. Кроме формы кузова, от седана 5 дверный «Сивик» отличается задней полузависимой подвеской и происхождением: в Россию его везут из Англии, а не из Турции.

+ Удачное сочетание динамики, комфорта и энергоемкой подвески; завидная экономичность

- Менее эмоциональная, нежели у предшественника, управляемость; high price

Наш выбор: «1, 8-Лайфстайл» 849 000 руб.

Engine: 1798 cm3; 142 л. s./6500 rpm; 17, 7 кгс•м /4300 об/мин

Temperament: 200 km / h; 8, 7 с (0–100 км/ч); 5, 5–8, 7 л/100 км

Possible options: no

«Шевроле-Круз», от 599 000 (668 000) руб., КАР 6, 61 руб./км



Построенный на одной платформе с «Астрой-J», «Круз» на голову превосходит своего предшественника «Лачетти». Прежде всего по ездовым повадкам и уровню пассивной безопасности. Кроме того, «Шевроле» отличается импозантной внешностью, просторным салоном и достаточно привлекательными ценами. Сборка седана налажена на заводе «Дженерал Моторс» в Санкт-Петербурге. В конце 2011-го дилеры начали прием заказов на хэтчбек, а дебютировавший чуть позже в Женеве универсал появился у нас в конце прошлого года.

+ Просторный салон; неплохая управляемость; profitable price

- Высокая доплата за мотор 1, 8 л

Наш выбор: «1, 6 Бэйз» 5 дв. 632 000 руб.= «Бэйз» + кондиционер и обогрев передних сидений

Engine: 1598 cm3; 109 l s / 6000 rpm; 15, 3 кгс.м/4000 об/мин

Temperament: 185 km / h; 12, 5 с (0–100 км/ч); 7, 3 л/100 км

Возможные варианты: 1, 8 л (141 л. с.); sedan; station wagon

«Шкода-Октавия», от 574 000 (664 000) руб., КАР 6, 69 руб./км



Второе поколение «Октавии» построено на шасси «Гольфа V». Соответственно, машина избавилась от бича предыдущей модели - тесного заднего ряда. Правда, в отличие от «Фольксвагена», в краш-тестах «ЕвроNCAP» чешский хэтчбек завоевал лишь четыре звезды. «Шкода» покоряет стильно отделанным салоном, благородной управляемостью и лоском дотошной сборки. Жаль только, что, несмотря на снижение цены после начала производства в России, стоит все это удовольствие немногим дешевле того же «Гольфа».

+ Good handling; spacious lounge; comfortable trunk; качество отделки

- Ограниченное число опций; скорая смена модели

Наш выбор: «1, 6 Амбишн» 694 000 руб. with INC

Engine: 1595 cm3; 102 l. with. / 5600 об / мин; 15, 1 кгс.м / 3800 об / мин

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