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Video: Marked Moscow

Video: Marked Moscow
Video: У ворот Москвы - Дальнее немецкое наступление 1941 г. 2023, March
Marked Moscow
Marked Moscow



In the snowfall on the roads of the capital goes 12 thousand units of snowplows. The main emphasis is on clearing the main roads - the equipment passes through them four times a day, and during the least traffic jams (23.00, 5.00, 10.00 and 14.00), so as not to complicate the situation even more. With secondary streets and courtyards, the situation is somewhat worse. For the first week of winter, 173 yard cleaning contractors were issued fines, and further tougher measures will be applied to them.

This year it became easier to coordinate snow removal equipment due to the fact that some of the machines were equipped with GPS equipment. Now the city authorities have the opportunity to check the conformity of traffic to established routes, to see the speed of equipment, the progress of cleaning and processing of roads with reagents.



Forced permutations

The biggest problem with snow removal is cars parked along the streets. The most difficult is, naturally, the Central Administrative District, where the lack of parking space is felt most. Cars interfering with snow removal are rearranged to empty seats (for this purpose up to 30 tow trucks work daily in the Central Administrative District), and they do not evacuate (unless, of course, they violate the rules). Lucky for those whose car is just on the other side of the road, but for many, the search for the rearranged "iron horse" turns into a difficult quest. A lot of complaints come about this every day, but there is simply no other way to clear the roads. But there is a way to quickly find the car that was taken away by the tow truck - specifically for this purpose, the Moscow Department of Information Technologies developed the Moscow Transport mobile application, launched in mid-November. In case of evacuation of their vehicle, all car owners who installed the application on their phone will receive SMS messages with a warning about rearrangement, after which the owner will have about 10 minutes to park, and after that with an indication of the place where they can to find. You can do without an application, but simply register on the public services portal, and then attach the mobile phone number to the state mark of the car.

Secret reagent

The new reagent bischofite based on magnesium chloride, which was announced by the Housing and Utilities Department this winter, will not be used in Moscow yet. The head of the department Andrei Tsybin explains this by the fact that the drug did not manage to pass the necessary environmental assessments. The statement about the use of bischofite, positioned as the most environmentally friendly product, was perplexing among experts, since seven years ago, due to the poor effect on vegetation, the use of reagents based on magnesium chloride was banned in Moscow. In any case, Oleg Deripaska, the reagent manufacturer, now has another year to prove the safety of bischofite. In the coming months, the same substances will be scattered on the roads as last year, based on potassium and sodium chlorides.

But the city authorities plan to reduce the amount of equipment for covering roads with reagents during the winter. It will be gradually replaced by automatic spray systems. Now such systems operate at 14 interchange MKAD and two interchanges TTK. This winter 1.56 billion rubles will be spent on installing new systems - this is enough for 70 sprayers.


Andrey Tsybin, head of the Department of Housing and Public Utilities and Accomplishment:

- By next year, work to clear the city of snow will change significantly. Firstly, due to the fact that the reagents on the MKAD and TTK will disintegrate automatically, the number of congestion that snowplows are now creating will decrease. Indeed, in order to efficiently remove snow from such large highways, at least ten cars work on each section, lining up with a “ladder” and slowing down the flow rate to 30-40 km / h.

Secondly, I hope that by next year we will be able to use a new reagent that prevents the formation of ice on the roads. We evaluated this reagent from the point of view of working capacity, and all noted its effectiveness in comparison with the substances used now.

Thirdly, next year we will have even more snow melting points, primarily mobile ones. So that the snow does not remain on the sidelines and does not occupy the place where cars are usually parked, but is quickly cleaned and processed, this year the number of snow melters in the city is increased by 1.5 times, up to 550 thousand cubic meters can be processed per day. m of snow.


Sergey Nastin, editor:

Sergey Nastin

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