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Comb ABS: Braking Experiment


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Comb ABS: Braking Experiment
Comb ABS: Braking Experiment



The mechanism of what is happening is simple: as soon as the braked wheel comes off the road, it immediately blocks: the pads are pressed, but there is no counteraction. The anti-lock system in full accordance with its purpose immediately disables it. At the moment of touching the ground, the brakes re-engage - and so on. Wheels will skip quite quickly, and if the system does not show proper performance, the car appears to be without brakes.

The ingenuity of the Priorovskaya anti-lock braking system (Bosch, eighth generation) was decided to be evaluated in comparison with the similar systems Volkswagen-Golf 6 and Renault-Sandero Stepway.

The test was carried out in real conditions: on one of the streets of Togliatti there is a place for a U-turn, which has earned a special dislike for drivers - with a comb at the entrance. The task is to determine the braking distance on the comb and on smooth asphalt right in front of it when braking to the floor. The speed of start and end of braking is from the allowed in the city of 60 km / h to 20 km / h, when you can fit into the sharpest turn with a margin.

The results were impressive. On a flat road, the Priore needed a little more than 15 m, but on the “washboard” the braking distance increased on average to 20 m. That is, by 4.3 m, or almost a third. In addition, the results were floating - the difference between the minimum and maximum in five measurements was a couple of meters!

At "Golf" the increase in braking distance was more than Priorovskiy - 5.9 m (one and a half car length), or 40 percent. And the spread increased to 3 m.

Sandero turned out to be even “cooler” - the braking distance on the comb was 6.5 meters longer, and the spread increased to 3.8 m.

Bottom line: “Priora” was the most tenacious.

So are their ABS really dumber than ours? Nothing like that! The increase in stopping distance on the comb is much more dependent on the suspension settings than on the anti-lock braking system. The longer the car wheels hang in the air, the greater the braking distance.


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