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Crime And Punishment: Punishment Is Easy


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Video: Crime And Punishment: Punishment Is Easy

Video: Crime And Punishment: Punishment Is Easy
Video: How to Speak about Crime and Punishment in English 2023, March
Crime And Punishment: Punishment Is Easy
Crime And Punishment: Punishment Is Easy

In Moscow, on Minskaya Street, a drunken scorcher shot down seven people, including five children, to death on September 22. A drunken 21-year-old lady accidented on Kutuzovsky Prospekt on October 20, in which seven cars were injured and the motorcyclist lost his leg. On the same day, at the other end of the capital, a police officer “after a glass of vodka” shot down three people at a pedestrian crossing.

From the very beginning, it was clear that the authorities must somehow react to the tragedy, and it reacted. Vladimir Putin said that “for some things you just need to punish. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out differently.” And then, at the highest level, a variety of proposals sounded - from branding of drunk drivers and their driver’s licenses to confiscation of cars and life imprisonment. By the end of October, initiatives of United Russia deputies in the form of amendments to the Administrative and Criminal Codes were submitted to the State Duma. Most likely, they will be adopted later this year.

The algorithm of actions is clear: if something happened, you need to tighten the punishment - and everything will be fine …

It seemed that by the beginning of the fall of this year, the authorities managed to convince: there is no absolute zero in nature, in accordance with the WHO recommendation, it is necessary to establish a lower level of alcohol in the blood of drivers in order to cut off really drunk people from not too healthy ones. In general, the “zero” norm led, according to the National Anti-Corruption Committee, to an increase in the number (and size) of bribes throughout the country.

But now the last battle over drunken driving was announced at the top - and the leaders of the EP faction in parliament decided that in our country there would be only zero alcohol level. Which is basically unscientific. Moreover, tightening the punishment alone does not solve the problem. After all, the point is not in the cruelty of punishment, but in its inevitability. In our country, the punishment is applied very selectively, many manage to avoid it, "solve the problem" on the spot - with the help of ties, crusts, or simply for money. Any metropolitan driver, even an absolute teetotaler, knows how much it costs to pay off now if the breathalyzer showed a value above zero: 100, 000–200, 000 rubles.

But after the New Year, we will be presented with a new “corpus delicti” - an updated Code of Administrative Offenses, where the lower fines for motorists only are set at 500 rubles. (in other cases - 100 rubles). Especially for us, the principle of “one violation - one punishment” is repealed: an amendment to Art. 3.3 Administrative Code allows the use of deprivation of rights and administrative arrest in the form of additional punishment. We invite everyone to get acquainted with the bill. We believe that almost all proposals will become law.

But will it help establish an exemplary order on the roads? I doubt it. To do this, we need a set of measures, we need an analysis of existing laws with conclusions on why they do not work. What is needed is not so much punitive as preventive measures. Planting a killer from Minsk Street is a quarter of the story. Preventing him from driving in this condition is the main job.


The draft provides for the amendment and addition of Art. 264 of the Criminal Code (“Violation of the rules of the road and the operation of vehicles”). For one crime they will be punished two or three times: with a long camp (up to 20 years), then deprivation of rights (up to life) and a ban on work (also for life). A new article will also appear - 265 I, according to which drivers who are convicted of drinking alcohol for the second time while driving will be judged according to the Criminal Code (up to three years in prison). In the proposed version of the Criminal Code, for "drunken" accidents will be punished more severely than for intentional murder.


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