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Surveillance In The Open: The Traffic Police Gives The Addresses Of All Surveillance Cameras


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Video: Surveillance In The Open: The Traffic Police Gives The Addresses Of All Surveillance Cameras

Video: Surveillance In The Open: The Traffic Police Gives The Addresses Of All Surveillance Cameras
Video: Intercept Images from a Security Camera Using Wireshark [Tutorial] 2023, March
Surveillance In The Open: The Traffic Police Gives The Addresses Of All Surveillance Cameras
Surveillance In The Open: The Traffic Police Gives The Addresses Of All Surveillance Cameras

Photo and video recording addresses


By disclosing this information, the traffic police confirmed that they adhere to the principle: photo and video registration is not a tool for collecting fines in the city treasury, but a way to call for driver discipline.

New cameras will work on Altufevsky, Dmitrovsky, Zvenigorodsky and Schelkovsky highways; on the streets Avtozavodskaya, Baku, Botanical, Lake, Friedrich Engels; on Frunze Embankment and Komsomolsky Prospekt.

This is not the last "volley" launch of such equipment this year: the number of fixation systems is planned to be increased to 600.

The traffic police hopes that the overly fast drivers (the overwhelming majority of fines imposed for exceeding the allowed speed) will sober up the statistics, which the traffic police also published as a limiting factor. Since the beginning of this year, violators have received 3.6 million orders of violations by mail, in the first ten days of November, nearly a quarter million.

Photo and video recording addresses


Traffic police of Moscow asked once again to remind readers of our site that attempts to hide or distort the image on the license plates of cars is an unpromising undertaking. The sharp "vision" of photo and video recording systems allows license plates to be recognized with a high degree of accuracy. If drivers are caught in such partisanship, punishment will follow for this violation.

Addresses of photo and video recording complexes in Moscow:

186 Avtozavodskaya street, house 17 to the center
187 Altufevskoe highway, building 13, building 2 to the center
188 Altufevskoe highway, building 22 B from the center
189 Altufevskoe highway, 28 from the center
190 Altufevskoe highway, house 29 to the center
191 64 Altufevskoe highway from the center
192 Altufevskoe highway, 86 A from the center
193 Altufevskoe highway 93 to the center
194 96 Altufevskoe highway from the center
195 Altufevskoe highway, house 97 to the center
196 Baku street, opposite the house 25 from the center
197 Bakuninskaya Street, Building 15, Building 1 to the center
198 Balaklava prospect, building 3 to Warsaw highway
199 Balaklava Avenue, opposite house 2, bldg. 2 to Warsaw highway
200 Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya ulitsa, house 24, building. one from the center
201 Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya street, house 17 to the center
202 Borovskoe highway, 25 to the center
203 Borovskoe highway, house 6 to the center
204 Botanicheskaya street, house 39 to the center
205 Dmitrovskoe highway, ownership 11, p. B from the center
206 Dmitrovskoe highway, house 110, p. 2 from the center
207 111 Dmitrovskoe Shosse to the center
208 Dmitrovskoe highway, building 133, building 1 to the center
209 Dmitrovskoe highway, 149 to the center
210 Dmitrovskoe highway, 88 from the center
211 Dmitrovskoe highway, house 9 to the center
212 98 Dmitrovskoe Shosse, bld. 1 from the center
213 Dmitrovskoe highway, bridge over the Oktyabrskaya railway, MGT number 135 to the center
214 Dmitrov highway, opposite the house 25, building. one from the center
215 Dmitrovskoe highway, opposite the house 7, building. 2 from the center
216 Yenisei street, MGO number 25 to the center
217 Yeniseiskaya street, opposite house 21 on Twisty Drive from the center
218 Zvenigorodskoye Shosse, Building 25, p. 3 to the center
219 Kozhuhovsky 1st lane, opposite the house 5/7 to the center
220 Komsomolsky Avenue, Building 49 (understudy road) to the center
221 57 Leninsky Prospekt to the center
222 60/2 Leninsky Prospekt from the center
223 72 Leninsky Prospekt from the center
224 Leninsky Prospekt, 81 to the center
225 91 Leninsky Prospekt to the center
226 Leninsky Prospekt, opposite house 89 from the center
227 Lipetskaya street, 18 to the center
228 Lipetskaya street, house 48 from the center
229 Lipetskaya street, building 7, building 1 to the center
230 Lublin Street 117/4 to the center
231 Lublin Street 46 from the center
232 Malaya Pochtovaya street, opposite the house 10 to the center
233 Malaya Tulskaya street, house 25 to the center
234 Marshala Zhukova Avenue, Building 59 to the center
235 Marshal Zhukov Avenue, Building 64, Building 1, (road-understudy) from the center
236 Mira Avenue, Building 102, p. 2 from the center
237 Mira Avenue, Building 124 from the center
238 Michurinsky Prospekt, building 20 from the center
239 Michurinsky Prospekt, building 21 to the center
240 Michurinsky Prospekt, MHT No. 283 to the center
241 Mnevniki Street, Building 18 from the center
242 Mnevniki Street, Building 25 to the center
243 Novodevichy embankment at the intersection with Novodevichy Avenue to the center
244 Novosuschevskaya street, 19A to the center
245 Ozernaya street, opposite house 35, MGT number 320 from the center
246 Pravdy Street 26 to the center
247 Projected passage number 5396, opposite house 16, building. 2, along Borisovskie Prudy street from the center
248 Raskovoi street, 34 to the center
249 Sevastopol Avenue, Building 53 to the center
250 Sevastopol Avenue, MGT No. 307 to the center
251 Sevastopol Avenue, opposite the house 54 to the center
252 Simonovsky Val, Building 11/31, Bldg. one to the center
253 Stromynka street, house 20 from the center
254 Stromynka street, house 27 to the center
255 Friedrich Engels Street 25 to the center
256 Frunze embankment, opposite house 48 to the center
257 Shchelkovo highway 23 to the center
258 Schelkovo highway 24 from the center
259 Schelkovskoe highway, 25/15 to the center
260 Shchelkovskoe highway, 68 from the center
261 Shchelkovskoe highway, house 79, building. one to the center
262 Schelkovo highway 90 from the center
263 Yaroslavl highway, house 127 to the center

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