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Recycling Fee: In The Trash


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Video: Recycling Fee: In The Trash

Video: Recycling Fee: In The Trash
Video: Why you're recycling wrong 2023, March
Recycling Fee: In The Trash
Recycling Fee: In The Trash



In late August, motorists were pleased with the good news: customs duties on the import of new cars were reduced by 5%. The people rejoiced - foreign cars will become cheaper! But exactly a week passed - and a recycling fee was introduced in Russia. It is assumed that the money collected now, in the future will go to the safe recycling of auto trash. True, until now, no one knows where the disposal points are organized, how many there will be, and after how long the car owner will have the right to hand over his car for scrap. Anyway, how this procedure will look for an ordinary person is a mystery.

Rates for different classes and types of vehicles vary, but for manufacturers and importers on average this is about 20, 000 rubles per passenger car. An individual will pay about 3, 000 rubles for import (the amount depends on engine power and year of manufacture). In fact, the government must compensate for its losses from lowering customs duties!

And the price tags in car dealerships crawled up. Toyota worked the fastest of all - exactly on September 1, prices for the entire model range significantly increased. Moreover, the increase in some cars amounted to no less than 18.4%. “This measure is connected with the introduction in the Russian Federation of a recycling fee for cars imported into the country,” the company honestly admitted. Volvo disguised inflation, adding a couple of new options. But in fact, prices increased by 1.5%.

Other market players decided not to attract too much attention - they corrected the price tags in silence. So, Nissan Murano will now cost not 1, 549, 000 rubles, but 1, 590, 000, Ford Fiesta added 7, 000, Mondeo 21, 000, and S-MAX 13, 500 rubles.

Volkswagen, although it produces cars in Russia, is not ready to cope with the new burden without increasing prices. From now on, “Golf” costs not 551, 000, but 603, 000 rubles, and the “Polo Sedan” is not 429, 100, but 441, 500. But automobiles of a higher class have risen in price by ridiculous 2, 000 (Passat) and 1, 000 rubles (Phaeton).

Peugeot, on the contrary, managed to reduce the cost of its two models: the 508th and 4007th became 5, 000 rubles cheaper. But the hatchback 308 was estimated at 20, 000 rubles more. Jaguar Land Rover proudly reported that, “despite the introduction of recycling charges from September 1 of this year, the prices of automobiles of brands will not be increased. In many ways, the company managed to maintain current prices thanks to Russia's entry into the WTO and lower import rates, which partially offset the additional costs. Oh, that would be so!

By the way, some departments - the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Federal Customs Service - criticized the new requisition … that is, excuse me, the fee. According to experts of departments, the rates are too high. And this “can lead to an increase in the cost of transportation, a deterioration in the ability to renew the fleet, withdrawal from the market of small and medium-sized enterprises, job loss, higher inflation, as well as a significant decrease in the competitiveness of Russian carriers in the international transportation market.” Other officials promised that the recycling fee is a temporary measure. It turns out that now the manufacturing companies will create recycling facilities at their own expense (this is the main requirement of the authorities), the proceeds from the new collection will successfully replenish the treasury, and then the program will simply be scaled down. Conveniently! And most importantly - profitable. Without investing, consider, not a penny, the state will raise the recycling industry and even make a profit.

Igor Shuvalov, the first deputy prime minister of the government, believes that the machine should last from three to five years, and then it turns into trash and it must be disposed of. So, in his opinion, act in Europe and Japan. So, not really. The West is full of cars that are more than 10-15 years old, and no one obliges to change them for new ones. And in Japan, the owners of “pre-retirement” (over five years old) cars simply pay more to the state treasury annually (by 3, 000 rubles in terms of our money). But no one pushes under the press.

It turns out that, in words, the government is trying to stimulate the sale of new foreign cars, in fact, due to the new tax and constant price increases, the market for used cars will grow. In fact, what will happen is what the government is allegedly fighting: there will be even more old cars on Russia's roads.


Ukraine failed to agree with the Russian side on the exemption of ZAZ products from utilization fees. In response, Kiev decided to levy an additional tax on cars coming from Russia. The Cabinet of Ministers signed the corresponding law on September 3. Now, legal entities will have to pay at least 69, 000, and individuals - 2, 000 rubles. In hryvnias, of course.

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