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Help On The Road: Save And Fix


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Video: Help On The Road: Save And Fix

Video: Help On The Road: Save And Fix
Video: How to Fix Low Back Pain in 90 Seconds, Bob and Brad Concur! 2023, March
Help On The Road: Save And Fix
Help On The Road: Save And Fix

Anna Klepach, Pavel Leonov, Igor Teremenko

Анна Клепач, Павел Леонов, Игорь Теременко
Анна Клепач, Павел Леонов, Игорь Теременко

Anna Klepach, Pavel Leonov, Igor Teremenko Anna Klepach, Pavel Leonov, Igor Teremenko

On one of the last warm days, the editors at the wheel - Klepach, Leonov, and Teremenko - went on a trip. Our trio decided to take for this three cars from different price categories. So they had Ford Focus, Mitsubishi-ASX and Land Rover Discovery. The route is simple - to Rzhev in New Riga.

As soon as our heroes drove through Volokolamsk, wonderful things began to happen to them. The first to fail was Teremenko and his Focus. As soon as Igor got out of the car, the doors locked by themselves. And the key, as luck would have it, remained inside. The next victim of evil rock was Anya Klepach at ASX - she later noticed a warning that gasoline was running out. I had to turn on the sidelines. Pavel Leonov left the farthest on his Discovery. But he also had to make an unplanned stop: a puncture of a wheel. But there is no reserve.

So all three were immobilized - and not a single passing car slowed down to inquire whether help was needed. “Eh, the trip will have to be postponed,” the guys were upset. We thought, sighed … And then Teremenko remembered: “Everyone has new cars, which means we can use the help on the road service. At the same time, we’ll check to see if the dealer’s deceives buyers by promising round-the-clock support in the event of force majeure.”

Anna Klepach



There was no plastic card in the Mitsubishi test. Well, there’s the Internet at hand - there’s probably a help desk there. So, at 1:25 p.m., Anya dials the number published on the official website of the company. A standard conversation with the operator - name, surname, model and license plate number … Good start! But then the ping-pong begins: “Now we will connect you with a master, specialist, lawyer, cleaner (underline as necessary)” … Klepach later admitted that by the time she was switched to someone there for the seventh time, she wanted to spit to do everything on their own. But not in our rules to retreat. At 14:01 - oh, a miracle! - the voice of the person responsible for road assistance was heard in the receiver. Yes, during this time, it’s not just a walk to the gas station - you can crawl!

Alexander - this is the name of the manager - listened to the story of the suddenly running out of fuel, confirmed that to bring a can of gasoline is a trifling matter and, of course, free of charge. You will have to pay only for the fuel itself. But, bad luck, this is precisely the ASX that was not in the dealer database - it is generally considered unsold because it belongs to Rolf. So, Klepach’s help is not supposed. There is a reservation: if this “Mitsubishi” was personal, and not from the press park, you would have to survive only an incredible number of switches from one number to another, dropped calls and the lack of awareness of the company's employees that it turns out that they have some kind of there is a help service there, but, probably, in the end, after all the ordeals, the owner of the Mitsubishi would have helped. At least we hope so.



… Well, Klepach caught a ride, scored some gasoline and refueled the snow-white ASX herself.

Pavel Leonov



At 14:12, Paul dialed the Land Rover Road Assistance number. The premonitions were unkind: what if here all the circles of the telephone hell would have to go through? But no, literally three minutes later Leonov joyfully announced that the manager had promised to find a tow truck as soon as possible. Indeed, after 30 minutes they called back: salvation is on its way.



An hour later, a tow truck drove up to the Discovery, standing alone on the side of the road, the driver quickly pulled the car up and dragged it to the nearest tire service. Here, for 500 rubles, the wheel was patched up and allowed to hit the road. Leonov paid for the tire repair from his wallet. But the work of the tow truck cost a polite "thank you".



Igor Teremenko

Igor had to get nervous. “Of course, Land Rover will not leave its customers, they have some expensive, sparkling cars. And nobody needs my “Focus””- with such thoughts our hero dialed the desired number. But, as it turned out, he was afraid in vain. For three minutes, the manager wrote down all the data and said that the master starts at the scene of the disaster from any minute.

Indeed, less than two hours had passed before the rescue service car drove up to the locked Focus. And five minutes later, the master, without damaging the car, opened the high-handed door. You can move on!



There is no silver lining, popular wisdom says. If our trio did not have these troubles, they would not have known that the road assistance, which is actively advertised by automobile companies, really works. The perfect picture was spoiled only by Mitsubishi. In general, all the raid participants were satisfied with the work of support services. Fast, polite and, most importantly, for free! A good option, you have to take it.


The conditions for participation in it for different companies are almost identical, the differences are insignificant.

What the dealer promises:

- Technical assistance and repair on the road

- Evacuation (maximum 150-200 km from the city where there is a representative of the brand)

- Messaging

- Legal and medical advice

- Compensation for hotel expenses and air or train tickets

Terms of participation in the program:

- The car is under warranty

- sober driver

- The driver complied with the rules of operation of the car

Where to help:

- In Russia

- In Belarus and Ukraine

- In most European countries




With this in mind, Volvo decided to surpass the support services of other companies. The Swedish car manufacturer came up with Volvo Call - the same travel assistant as everyone else, but with a bunch of additional options. For example, if at least one airbag is deployed in Volvo, an operator will contact the driver to find out if anyone was injured. If there is no answer, the police and ambulance are sent to the scene.

You can also install a special application on your phone and monitor the condition of the car without getting out of a comfortable chair. The mobile phone will tell you how much fuel is left in the tank, whether the doors are closed, where the car is now and much more. You can even spy on your spouse: the phone tells you how many kilometers and what route the car traveled along. But, for me, the best part is that you do not need to explain where you are - the operator already knows. It is enough to report a problem and calmly wait for help. By the way, surely any driver at least once in his life has ever lost his car in giant supermarket parking lots. So, the application will show where the car is hiding, and you won’t have to walk in circles in the parking lot.



Only here the payment for a carefree life is rather big - at Volvo it was estimated at 39, 900 rubles. This amount includes the cost of the system itself and a monthly fee for two years.

Igor KOZLOV, editor at the wheel

I had a chance to somehow use the Land Rover help desk. Somewhere near Volgograd Discovery ordered a long life. I called tech support, they listened carefully to me and sent me help. Unfortunately, they couldn’t revive the car on the spot - they dragged it on a tow truck to the nearest dealer. And there I was completely upset: the breakdown is serious, it will take more than one day to repair. What a surprise it was when I was placed free of charge in a hotel, and in the morning I was sent by plane to Moscow. By the way, they will save the broken Land Rover not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine and even in the EU countries.


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