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Scratch Remover: Visibly Invisible


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Video: Scratch Remover: Visibly Invisible

Video: Scratch Remover: Visibly Invisible
Video: Show & Hide Sprites on Scratch 3.0 2023, December
Scratch Remover: Visibly Invisible
Scratch Remover: Visibly Invisible



I did not find a magic wand (I ran it over a scratch - and it disappeared out of sight) …

Scratches of various depths and widths were applied to the experimental wing: to metal, to the ground, to enamel and surface, within the lacquer layer. The paint coating with a total thickness of 100–250 microns consists of soil, a base painted layer and a transparent varnish, which, in fact, gives a unique shine to a new car.

If the base layer or even the soil is damaged, then you will first have to return the original color. But before - in any case - the surgical field should be thoroughly degreased with white spirit or gasoline (but not acetone!). If you are going to just gloss over the defect and quickly get rid of both it and the car, a wax colored pencil will do. In our case, the wax corrector Astro-chemical (1) or Everest (2) for 70 rubles. However, you can’t pick up the color, and nothing will fall on top of the greasy wax. So they covered it up, erased the excess - and no sinks! For some time, the scratch will become less noticeable, and the metal will be protected from corrosion.

A more complicated option is a marker with auto-repair enamel. We tried Avtomark (3) for 130 rubles. It is offered in a huge number of shades, applied conveniently, dries quickly. But this is only the beginning of the process: with a marker we painted the bottom of the scratch in body color, but the scratch itself is still clearly visible, although it does not shine white anymore.

Further in the case of a shallow - within the thickness of the varnish layer - scratches, it is necessary to restore this same layer. For this purpose, “Putty-pencil” Bradex (4) for 900 rubles., “Repair pencil” DuPont Pro-Fusion Color (5) for 450 rubles. and “Miracle Pencil” CarPlan T-cut (6) for 400 rubles. Each is a kind of marker with a transparent, shiny composition after drying. But there are differences: Bradex will never dry unless you expose the part to sunlight or a UV lamp! But you can, without rushing, remove unnecessary streaks around the scratch. Others dry out by themselves, in an hour you can touch, in a day - process. And you’ll have to process it! A layer of varnish will protrude above the surface of the part and will be clearly visible in reflected light. The tubercle is removed by careful treatment with a polish with abrasive additives. For example, "Polishing abrasive paste" DoctorWax.

The simplest case is microcracks with a depth of 10–20 μm, which are visible to the eye but not felt with a fingernail. You may be able to remove them completely - here you can immediately grab onto the polish. But the nail of the bully, alas, leaves much deeper traces.



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