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Luxury Tax: Live Rich?


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Luxury Tax: Live Rich?
Luxury Tax: Live Rich?



We are not the first to listen to the populist statements of presidential candidates. True, after the elections they continued to live as before - to refuel with expensive and low-quality gasoline, look for ways to get around multi-kilometer traffic jams and look for deep holes on the road …

But it seems that not all the calls of the top authorities are ignored. It was worth Vladimir Putin in January to stammer that it would be nice, they say, to introduce a luxury tax, enough to drive supercars with impunity! - How the bureaucratic machine creaked and officials hastened to fulfill the order. After all, a specific deadline has been set: a new requisition should appear next year.

The officials, full of zeal and enthusiasm, gushed with ideas. The Ministry of Economic Development proposed to collect an additional tax from owners of cars whose power exceeded 250 "horses" (then, however, a more humane option appeared - from 300 hp). At the same time, the cost of technology, according to economists, does not play a role. The officials ignored the fact that the BMW 135i coupe with 306 horses under the hood was sold for 1, 668, 000 rubles, while the Mercedes-Benz S 350 with a motor of the same power was sold for four million: apparently, they decided that the difference was not significant.

Representatives of the financial elite directly stated: we are not opposed, we propose to recognize luxury cars worth 3-4 million rubles. And at the same time they reminded how many expensive cars (the public procurement site is full of "Mercedes", "Lexus" and BMW for 7-8 million each) are in the garages of various government departments - it would be nice to pay taxes to them like ordinary mortals. Number failed. As a result, the authorities decided to simply increase the transport tax rate for powerful cars.

But such a tariff increase will not enrich the treasury. Only owners of cars will have to fork out, whose power has exceeded 410 hp. The deputy head of the department Sergey Shatalov even compiled a list of cars that will be subject to a double tariff - 300 rubles (today 150) for each "horse". It hit: “Bentley”, “Lamborghini”, “Ferrari”, “Maserati”, “Aston Martin”, “Rolls-Royce”, individual models “Porsche”, “Mercedes-Benz” and BMW.

In Russia, the "golden" list is represented by approximately 20 thousand cars. It turns out that the whole fuss, for the discussion of which the departments spent more than one month, was conceived for an additional 2-3 billion rubles - a penny by the standards of the budget. “This tax, as has been repeatedly emphasized, is more likely to be a lever of social justice than pursues fiscal goals,” Shatalov does not hide. The dish was served in a good sauce: the rich must pay more, it will be fair. However, the poor have somehow forgotten about reducing the burden. Yes, and why? Office and so believe the very poor. VTsIOM won a public opinion survey, and it turned out that more than half of Russians support the idea of a luxury tax.

Another detail is interesting - why exactly 410 hp, and not 400, for example? The press service of the Ministry of Finance told us that the reason is simple: the power of some luxury cars produced in Russia is more than 400 “horses”; for example, a BMW-750i assembled on an AUTHOR under a hood of 407 hp But to insert sticks into the wheels of domestic factories, they say, is useless.

In the vast majority of developed countries, the tax on overconsumption was generally abandoned. It turned out that citizens simply began to buy expensive toys abroad - the treasury only lost weight from this. In return, Europeans decided to tie the tax rate to the level of harmful emissions: if your car’s exhaust is like a mountain breeze - pay a penny, use preferential parking; you spit it like a steam locomotive - be ready to say goodbye to the blood ones.

We put a check: formally, one campaign promise has been fulfilled. True, specific dates are not yet defined. According to the most optimistic forecasts of the Ministry of Finance, the new resolution will be written in the legislation only two years later.


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