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Inspection Law: What Is Not Clear?


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Video: Inspection Law: What Is Not Clear?

Video: Inspection Law: What Is Not Clear?
Video: Secrets Behind the Weigh Station - What Happens When Your Trucks Pull In? 2023, March
Inspection Law: What Is Not Clear?
Inspection Law: What Is Not Clear?

Inspection Act


Another certificate?

How do car owners perceive the phrase in the clarification of the law by the State Legal Administration (GPU): a diagnostic card, introduced instead of the inspection ticket, confirms the vehicle’s admission not only on Russian roads, but also " eliminates the need to receive an international technical inspection certificate "?

This certificate has nothing to do with car travelers. It is laid on vehicles with a gross weight of more than 3.5 tons, transporting goods to the countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Holland, Romania, Finland and Estonia.

international certificate


The ability to choose not taken away

According to the adopted law, dealer service centers that specialize in certain car brands are involved in the state inspection process. Hence several questions from concerned readers.

Will the old TRP items, in which the procedure cost 700 rubles, be abolished in this connection? Indeed, in dealer services, its cost can reach 3 thousand rubles.?

Fears are in vain. Vladimir Putin did not amend the law when he signed it, but only approved the option that the State Duma and the Federation Council had previously adopted. According to the text of the document, both organizations will carry out the TRP. Whose services to use is the choice of motorists.

We answer the question about the timing of the TRP: the provision that

  • vehicles under the age of three are exempted from the TRP;
  • once every two years it should be carried out with a car that is from 3 to 7 years old;
  • annual TRPs are put to older cars.

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