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Chevrolet Camaro: Red Heat


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Chevrolet Camaro: Red Heat
Chevrolet Camaro: Red Heat

Chevrolet camaro

Chevrolet Camaro
Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro Chevrolet Camaro


When you see the Chevrolet Camaro, there is only one thought: "What it looks like!" Pictures from press releases and photo reports from exhibitions give some idea, but when this thing is before your eyes, the sensations are on a different level. It is difficult to say what attracts attention more - a wedge-shaped nose, thick white stripes along the hood or recessed doors in the body. In any case, putting everything together, the designers made the car amazing! Even if aliens landed nearby, they would not look so defiant. Maybe they landed, I still could not notice.


The first-generation Camaro appeared in the late 1960s. According to the creators, the model was supposed to compete with the Ford Mustang, but did not reach the rival’s popularity among buyers. And among the directors. There are countless episodes of Mustang in American cinema. First of all, I remember the hills of San Francisco in the movie Bullitt and the grand chase lasting 34 minutes in the original Gone in 60 Seconds. Another muscle car, revived in a modern guise, the Dodge Challenger boasts a major car role in Vanishing Point. As for the acting career of Camaro, it’s only the robot from Transformers that comes to mind. I don’t remember something that this Chevrolet model starred in any more adult movie (the Tatu clip doesn’t count). Although, if you think about it …

An American handsome man in an alien environment - on the Smolensk Ring circuit

Американский красавец в чуждой среде - на гоночной трассе «Смоленское кольцо»
Американский красавец в чуждой среде - на гоночной трассе «Смоленское кольцо»

An American handsome man in an alien environment - on the Smolensk Ring circuit. An American handsome man in an alien environment - on the Smolensk Ring circuit.

“Camaro” always seemed a purebred “American”, but the platform for the current, fifth generation was developed by the Australian division of General Motors - “Holden”. So, the distant ancestors of the modern "Chevy" rushed through the deserts in the vicinity of Melbourne in the "Mad Max". One way or another, the time has come to evaluate the work of the engineers of the Green Continent in action.


When you drive, the interior is a little disappointing at first. Of course, if he had been in another car, he could have been called stylish without a doubt, and you can’t find fault with the quality of the finish, but with such an appearance you expect more.

When buying a car, they offer orange inserts in the interior for an additional fee - perhaps they will correct the situation.

But you can hardly do something with a low roof: if your height is at least slightly above average, your head will hit the ceiling.

But once you get on the road, you stop paying attention to it. Spreading the air currents with a huge protrusion on the hood and sharp edges of the wings - and captures the delightful feeling that you are riding a typical "American". Big and powerful! I don’t know if the designers specially worked on these elements of the exterior or if they so accidentally happened. You quickly realize that the size of the car is actually impressive. Out of habit, it even seems that she barely fits in a strip.

The interior is good. Here, instead of a helm in the modern Chevrolet style, there would be some special steering wheel

Интерьер хорош. Сюда бы вместо руля в современной стилистике «Шевроле» - какой-нибудь особый штурвал
Интерьер хорош. Сюда бы вместо руля в современной стилистике «Шевроле» - какой-нибудь особый штурвал

The interior is good. Here, instead of a helm in the modern Chevrolet style, there would be some special steering wheel. The interior is good. Here, instead of a helm in the modern Chevrolet style, there would be some special steering wheel.

Inside is surprisingly quiet. So much so that the real speed may differ from the subjectively perceived one and a half times. But if you open the hatch, then all the efforts of designers on the topic of sound insulation will go to dust. I preferred another way to break the silence in the cabin: the Camaro has an audio system with nine speakers from Boston Acoustics and it sounds more than worthy.

With a long ride, the inconvenience is only one: the gas pedal is too shifted to the right, the leg gets tired over time. You can give her a rest by turning on cruise control. And when it gets bored, press the pedal to the floor. Then the V8 engine with a volume of 6.2 liters, before which lazily twisted about 2000 rpm, wakes up and, after a second thinking of an automatic transmission, shoots the car forward. His roar is beautiful, but damn it should be louder! I want to enjoy the speed and ease of speed gaining endlessly. More precisely, until the tank is empty. This V8 has a tricky system that shuts off half of the cylinders at low load, but with each acceleration, the average consumption increases before our eyes. So, if you want to keep within 12 l / 100 km in suburban mode, forget about sharp pedaling.


Honestly, there were some doubts as to whether the Camaro was able to drive along the race track really fast. Still, it was clearly created not for track days. However, the Chevy felt quite confident on the Smolensk Ring. The box clicked the gears quite cheerfully, the brakes pleased with the efficiency and clear response, but the main surprise was the handling. And it is not a matter of traction in itself - it is quite moderate. What surprised me was how balanced the corners made the Australians heavy car.




The understeer at the input is significantly less than you expect, which allows you to start acceleration at the exit earlier. The stabilization system, however, works too early, but if you switch it to sport mode, it allows you to gently tighten the car with gas and even if the driver has the courage to sink the stern into a deep drift. As a result, the 405-horsepower Camaro showed a lap time of 1.51.6, leaving the 700-strong Ford Mustang with a nose at 1.55.3 (ЗР , 2011, No. 12). So Chevrolet proved superiority on the racetrack. His misfortune is different. It is worth driving three or four laps at maximum speed, as the engine and gearbox overheat, the oil temperature in both units exceeds 150º. The brakes still hold, but the change in pedal effort makes it clear that they are hard. So after every five minutes (literally!) Of high-speed, the car has to cool for a long time. Sprinter, you will not say anything. This year, the brand introduced the Camaro ZL1 modification, which seems to be more racing. I wonder how long she will last? However, let him get to Russia first.

Voracious, but honest

There is one thing that I really like in this car. Many cars of prestigious brands are hostages of their brand, and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish which sensations are real and which are inspired by the brand icon. Everything is different here. Since the Camaro is not particularly popular on this side of the Atlantic, and the name Chevrolet is shared with all sorts of Koreans, it is absolutely honest from the point of view of impression.

The absence of a loud nameplate affects the price: from 2.6 million rubles. for the version with a V8 and from 1.9 million - with a 3.6-liter V6. It seems a little for a machine that makes others turn their necks. However, most of the time the Camaro will seem unreasonable: bulky, gluttonous, impractical, with purely symbolic rear seats and without a spare wheel. In addition, the tendency to overheat will not allow to fully compensate for these shortcomings on the track.

But if you're on an empty highway on a sunny day, it's hard to find a car that will seduce you more.

Vadim KRYUCHKOV, Head of Sports

There are youth cars, but the Camaro would call … youthful. A good toy for wealthy uncles, in the soul remaining boys. A typical American muscle car, loud music on Boston components, an extraordinary look … Ray Ban glasses, of course, the Aviator models, and a long-legged young lady on the right seat ask for it here.

Alexander KRYUCHKOV, test pilot ZR:


Александр КРЮЧКОВ
Александр КРЮЧКОВ


If you argue sensibly, in our world a hot hatch or some European sports car makes much more sense. “Camaro” is precisely because of its irrationality and is impressive. If there was money for him, I would buy something else, but if possible I would travel with pleasure.

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