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Safety: Child Car Seats


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Safety: Child Car Seats
Safety: Child Car Seats



On Russian roads, about a thousand children die annually and more than 10 thousand are injured. Moreover, these numbers are growing. Horror! In the age group up to seven years, the number of dead young passengers increased over the year by 22.4%.

An effective way of protection is child restraints. According to experts of the World Health Organization, this measure alone could reduce mortality by 71%. But, alas, half of the children under ten years of age are transported without car seats, and another 45% are fastened incorrectly.

But what about car seats themselves - are they all good, or is it necessary to choose only expensive models? And does the price guarantee quality? This question is answered by the annual tests conducted by the clubs ADAC (Germany) and AMTC (Austria). We selected twenty-nine samples from 33 tested in 2012, which are also represented on our market. In addition, European and Russian prices for each product were compared. It turns out that it’s more profitable to buy cheap models from us, and expensive ones - to be brought from Europe, if there is such an opportunity: saving can be double!

Meticulous Germans recommend choosing an armchair to try it on for a particular car. Thought is good, but how is this really possible? Not every store will be allowed to unpack and take out the seat before payment at the checkout.

The moored kid is sad, but safe

«Пришвартованному» малышу грустно, зато - безопасно
«Пришвартованному» малышу грустно, зато - безопасно

The moored kid is sad, but safe! The moored kid is sad, but safe!


At the end of the 30s of the last century, an American named Lester Bresson made a child car seat with a seat belt and fastened to a special pin in the floor of the car. Note that the first adult three-point belt was invented twenty years later. Well, the masses of child car seats have gone since 1963. And of course, from Sweden: then Professor Bertil Aldman came up with a model that is installed on the right front seat "face" back.


The classification of seats according to the weight and approximate age of the child is established by European standards ECE R44 / 04.

The very initial group 0 is intended for babies weighing up to 10 kg, that is, no older than six months. These relatively rare seats are installed with the back forward or … across the passenger compartment, facing the driver.

The chairs of group 0+ are more common: weight up to 13 kg, age up to a year, anti-movement installation.

Next is Group I: for children weighing from 9 to 18 kg, about nine months to four years of age. Set in the direction of travel, although there is a paired group 0 / I, which can be set reversely.

Group I I: weight 15–25 kg, age from three to seven years, put “face” forward.

Group III closes the lineup - for children weighing from 22 to 36 kg, aged 6 to 12 years. At the same time, transformer chairs are possible, overlapping two, or even three groups.


As security experts assure, carrying a child is the safest way

Как уверяют специалисты по безопасности, так везти ребенка наиболее безопасно
Как уверяют специалисты по безопасности, так везти ребенка наиболее безопасно

As security experts assure, carrying a child is the safest way. As security experts assure, carrying a child is the safest way.

Recent studies have shown: in the middle of the rear seat. Because here the child is better protected from side impacts. But putting a child car seat here is not always possible. On a whole series of vehicles, only a waist belt is provided, and this is not enough to secure the seat. Likewise, isofix mounts are most often located on the sides. Of the remaining options, it’s safer to sit behind the driver: often a person instinctively taxies at the last moment so that the blow falls to the right side. But here to plant a child, of course, is more convenient and safer to the right, to the sidewalk.


Correctly fasten the child seat with seat belts - that’s another task. Not even all parents cope with it, even with the instructions, and checking on the roads can be expensive. Therefore, in 1997 a “isofix” unified fastening system was invented, consisting of brackets welded to the body located between the back and the rear seat cushion at a distance of 280 mm from each other. The reciprocal part of the chair attachment you just need to slide into them until it clicks. But not so simple. Forward, the chair will not leave, but it can somersault. Therefore, additional means of fixation were invented - from a coup. This can be an optional belt with a hook (Top Tether) or a telescopic leg support resting on the floor between the front and rear seats. Armchairs with such mounts are approximately twice as expensive as usual. However, you overpay not only for convenience and reliability, but also for security. Even with proper installation, the belts will not fix the seat as rigidly as the “isofix”, and this, as the same ADAC proves, affects the test results.

Isofix latch

Защелка крепления «изофикс»
Защелка крепления «изофикс»

Isofix latch. Isofix latch.


Remember the first victory over gravity that your kid won? He learned to hold the head! At first, the child’s head is disproportionately large in relation to the body or only becomes relatively small with age (6% of body weight compared to the initial 25%). Therefore, the risk of fracture of the cervical vertebrae in childhood is much higher even with relatively small overloads. With a frontal impact, the force of inertia abruptly throws one's head forward, while when the car seat is reversed, the back of the head just presses harder against its back without significant pressure on the cervical vertebrae. Today, experts believe that in older age groups it would be nice to put chairs backwards; such models have already been developed. And security-crazed Swedes carry 90% of their children this way. And here is the result: over the past 40 years, there has not been a single child killed in such an armchair in the country! As for the standard seat belts, their geometry is designed for human height from one and a half meters. With less growth, the diagonal strap will go along the neck and itself can cause injury. Therefore, an additional holding device is necessary. For older children, in addition to seats, they offer so-called boosters that can partially correct the situation. They do not provide the necessary lateral protection, so they should be considered only as a compromise solution.

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