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There Is An Opinion: To Drive A Car Owner In Rubles


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Video: There Is An Opinion: To Drive A Car Owner In Rubles

Video: There Is An Opinion: To Drive A Car Owner In Rubles
Video: Антоха. Путешествие из Магадана в Европу / Journey from Magadan to Europe (English subs) 2023, March
There Is An Opinion: To Drive A Car Owner In Rubles
There Is An Opinion: To Drive A Car Owner In Rubles



All in one room

So that the quote does not seem to be taken out of context, here is the whole idea. The capital’s government knows how to restrict the entry of personal vehicles into densely populated areas of the city - by economic methods (which means transferring fees). And the official concluded the thought with the same generalization of impending troubles for car owners.

Look at the reaction of potential buyers who read these words. I represent the faces of manufacturers and sellers of machines …

Residents of the regions grunt: rich Muscovites just do not take off their last shirt - in the metropolitan area, along with St. Petersburg, almost half of all cars on the Russian market are sold … Information is out of date. Recently, nearly 60% of cars are bought by residents of the regions. The forecasts say that this is a trend, and it is developing. And then, egalitarianism is evil stupidity. Has anyone considered how much the average per capita income of a Muscovite is the money of billionaires and millionaires (of which there are more in Moscow than in any city in the world)?

Former provincial excusable not to ask these questions. But the deputy. the mayor of the capital, it seems, takes into account the "average temperature in the ward", and also believes that since he could buy a car, then there is always extra money … And if you do not average?



Not so rich car owner as painted

Through the prism of statistics, we will talk about purely “civilian”, family cars that make visits to densely populated areas. Who buys what?

Information of the last days: the sales volume of new cars in the Russian Federation for the first half of the year amounted to 1 million 410 thousand units, an increase of 14%. Which, it seems, means: the Russians are not impoverished. But look, out of all sold almost 800 thousand are the most inexpensive: Kalina, Priory, Samara, Logany, Polo, Solaris and others ZAZy, Lifans and other Chinese "Worth from 250 to 400 with a small thousand rubles. Of these, almost six out of every ten walks.

It should be noted that half of the new cars are purchased with a car loan. It is hard to imagine that wealthy people at times risk interest at extraordinary rates in order to take the apparatus for a million or two. Banks are held hostage by those who are forever lacking, otherwise they are not able to buy. The motive is to buy the strongest: the car, first of all, “budget”, ceases to be a luxury, most often it is a necessity (in what century we live!). If anyone argues, let him call luxury a TV, computer, toilet in the house.

Less monthly salary

The rest of the cars bought are the delights of the rich? Far from it. Light commercial vehicles (in the overwhelming majority of cases this is not family transport) that fall under category “B”, statistics are calculated together with passenger cars. Including minibuses, the number of which on the roads is growing like an avalanche. Not for family use cars purchased by firms as official ones (recall, we consider "family" cars).

Not the poorest, but also not millionaires (let's call them the middle purchasing class) take cars of the middle price category, conditionally - up to 800-900 thousand rubles. It is difficult to determine the upper limit more precisely, since the bar rises. For example, in the past six months, the average price of a car was $ 27, 960, while a year ago it was lower by $ 2, 400, in rubles - about 80 thousand. This is the size of a very good monthly salary.

Some analysts believe that the rise in price is "not due to inflation", but because "the structure of the car market has changed in favor of more expensive cars." How to say … The reason, on our heads, is both. In addition, even heroically inexpensive VAZ models are growing in price (albeit not by much, but still), which we recently witnessed. And yet, “not much”, for 5-15 thousand rubles. - this is in terms of the scale of expenditures of wealthy fellow citizens: their update cars are becoming more expensive by tens of thousands. For someone who is pulling a loan for Solaris, so many are also tense amounts.

In a three year freeze

So the deputy promised them. Moscow Mayor rising costs of owning a car. As well as others who drive ushatannye cars, because there is no money to replace with fresh. And there are most of them in an expensive (even like!) Residence capital.

The majority, for whom fuel has risen in price, a tax on vehicles, state inspection, compulsory motor third-party liability insurance, creeping up tariffs in car services and in parking lots. Now, huge fines have come, we’ll have to “redeem” forcibly evacuated cars (and the one who does not drive is not mistaken).

And we must not forget about the other incarnations of car owners. They are payers for housing and utilities tariffs that have jumped, investors are not such free medical and educational systems, if the children are studying. Family breadwinners, finally (white cabbage alone has risen 2.5 times since the beginning of the year)! They are not circumvented by inflation - actual, not official, which is determined by a limited range of goods and services …

And salaries as collapsed three years ago, so still frozen.



Take for inspiration …

And it’s okay, because the authorities of the capital started from the wrong end. They do not seem to hear many times repeated: honestly create parking lots and driveways, and if someone ignorantly ignores these fruits of labor, “increase the cost of ownership”. You say that with the dense development that has developed in the city, this is difficult to do? Positions in City Hall by definition suggest that they are trusted by the most intelligent. Match. To get inspired, for a month, abandon the official parking lot behind the barrier and the underground garage at the place of residence.

And, in principle, swipe to beat the ruble - is not called the "economic method". Penalties - a quote taken out of context. Many people remember the university course in political economy: an economic incentive includes a system of rewards and equivalent punishments. Encourage us with parking and parking.

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