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Changes In Kalina: Revised And Updated


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Video: Changes In Kalina: Revised And Updated

Video: Changes In Kalina: Revised And Updated
Video: На что способна Приора против Калины СПОРТ ?! 2023, March
Changes In Kalina: Revised And Updated
Changes In Kalina: Revised And Updated



The first few years, "Kalina" treated childhood diseases caused by design flaws and the quality of components. Most of them have been eliminated (for major changes in the design of the Kalin read in ZR, 2008, No. 4), so recent innovations have basically expanded the list of additional equipment and options that increase comfort and safety. And to reverse the controllability and smoothness of the ride, the reverse unification with the Grant for suspension and steering enabled. So, significant changes are in front of you, with implementation dates on production machines and brief explanations.

1. Comfort and safety

In April 2011, they began to produce "viburnum" with a rain sensor and automatic dipped beam. At the same time, a complete (over the entire area) electric heating of the windshield appeared.

2. Steering

Thanks to the “Grant”, all “viburnum” with electric power steering from the end of 2011 acquired a “short” rail, which previously was equipped only with Sport version cars. The steering wheel speed has decreased from the previous 4.02 to 3.1.

3. The rear suspension

As part of the reverse unification with the soplatform “Grant”, from August last year, the rear suspension with the changed wheel alignment angles (camber –1º, toe 10 ') is installed on all viburnum cars. In the near future - a modified front suspension.

4. Parking system

Obstacles in the way are tracked by three sensors located in the rear bumper, and an audible alarm helps the driver to complete the maneuver. "Parkovshchik" has been working on top wagons and hatchbacks since mid-2011.

5. Luggage net

It has been included in the top-of-the-line station wagons since mid-spring 2011. The mesh is hooked to the standard eyes in the trunk.

6. Wheels

Nondescript stamped discs from February 2012 covered by plastic caps of a new sample.

7. Head restraints of back seats

Three L-shaped head restraints appeared in the Norma and Lux trim levels in September 2010.

8. Engine

At the beginning of 2011, they switched to an electronic gas pedal, and in the fall, all produced viburnum (1.4 liter engines, 16 valves; 1.6 liter, 8 and 16 valves) climbed the Euro-4 ecological step.

9. Interior

In the spring of 2011, another interior option was added - in dark colors, called “basalt”. A couple of months later, seats with faux leather inserts became available as an option (Beneke Kaliko, Germany). The novelty of this season will be the color "titanium", which will replace the previous "gray-norm."

10. Audio system

First, station wagons (from November 2010), and then hatchbacks (from January 2011) began to equip a system of four speakers, an antenna and a single-player, reading MP3 discs, with a USB connector and an SD slot.

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