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OSAGO Law Pushes Bribes


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Video: OSAGO Law Pushes Bribes

Video: OSAGO Law Pushes Bribes
Video: A Bribed Juror - Law & Order 2023, March
OSAGO Law Pushes Bribes
OSAGO Law Pushes Bribes

Technical standard for sale

Продается техталон
Продается техталон

The technical standard is on sale The technical standard is on sale

“Buyer” - every second

An agent of one of the reputable insurance companies confidentially told the Za Rulem. RF correspondent: now half of the drivers who have come to issue a CTP insurance policy admit that they bought inspection tickets. Definitely not exaggerating - is it really so much? The girl thought and firmly confirmed: no less.

It is precisely the changes in the Law on Compulsory Insurance that are pushing for this. The procedure introduced on January 1 reads as follows: insurance companies have the right to sell insurance policies only after presenting a coupon for vehicle inspection. But here's the catch - until the expiration of the coupon must remain at least six months.

It is a trap. The bulk of the forced bribe takers, the insurance company explained, are those who have just purchased a used car. The previous owners, long intending to sell vehicles, are not puzzled by the extension of documents and transfer cars with expired policies. New owners are in a stupor: they would have to go to a vehicle inspection point, however, without a policy, on the Code of Administrative Offenses, it is impossible to travel. Vicious circle.

It's hard to be honest

Actually, there is a way out - in order not to break the law, you can take the car on a tow truck. But this is both stupid (the car is in order) and expensive, and therefore annoying, especially if the TRP point is three blocks from the house. And then, here you wait your turn for an hour, or even two. The tow truck, of course, will wait, but you will pay dearly for such a courtesy.

And the next destination "riding" on a tow truck is an insurance company. She is not always in the neighborhood. Many draw up a policy in "their own", proven and reliable, and not in an accidentally turned up and not close to the place of residence. Especially if you have a discount on your accident-free ride during the period of the previous insurance in your company.

Not just fine

You can get a technical inspection ticket without miscarrying his hands with a purchase, and still go after him on your own wheels. But that means taking risks.

Article 12.37, part 2 states: “Failure by the vehicle owner to fulfill the obligation established by federal law to insure his civil liability, as well as vehicle management, if such mandatory insurance is knowingly absent, is punishable by a fine of 500 to 800 rubles.”

Compared with the fee for a tow truck (2-3 thousand rubles, and not the fact that it is not more expensive) it is less money, and it would seem that you can donate it. However, the Administrative Code also provides for “removal of state registration marks”.

The car inspector who stopped you will also remember part 2 of article 27.13. The Code of Administrative Offenses, which clarifies: “In case of violation of the rules of operation of a vehicle, state registration marks shall be removed until the cause of the prohibition of the operation of a vehicle is eliminated ” (in the font is in red.). And how do you fix it? If you can still risk leaving without a policy, then without numbers - nowhere!

What the inspector is silent about

However, those who get into trouble must know what the traffic inspector is silent about (with a certain calculation) when he will make numbers.

In article 27.13 of the Administrative Code, paragraph 2.1. it is said: "The vehicle is allowed to move … to the place of eliminating the reason for the prohibition of the operation of the vehicle, but not more than within a day from the date of prohibition of the operation of the vehicle." That is, at your disposal the next day - have time to issue CTP. However, the penalty will still not be avoided.

Not only the new owners of used cars were pressed against the wall. According to the Russian Union of Auto Insurers (RSA), those who travel only in the warm season, people who come from long business trips, patients who have lain in a hospital bed for a long time get into the same scrapes … Is it any wonder that every second technical equipment is bought? from under the floor”?!

The people should know

I would like to meet with those who came up with and “pushed” through the State Duma a new order, and ask: why, in fact, has such a deadline been set - six months before the end of the technical standard, and not a month or a year? And in general, what caused the introduction of this order? Recall that Bucha rose when the lines at the TRP points were endless, and therefore the trade in treasured receipts went briskly. But it was hard to assume soberly that such innovations in the regulations would defuse the situation.

We asked PCA with these questions, but the first is who is the author? The country must know its heroes! The answer was as follows: the law adopted the previous composition of the Duma, and it is not possible to find the initiators of the amendments. Will have to be content with such an answer …

Really ?

When the material was ready for publication, the RSA informed the editors that the State Duma Transport Committee had adopted the text of the amendments to the OSAGO Law, and this is good news.

  • One of the amendments proposes to cancel the need to provide a vehicle inspection certificate that would be valid for at least 6 months when purchasing an insurance policy. Motivation: “This requirement forces car owners to undergo a technical inspection ahead of schedule.” The fact that the current law provokes many to illegal actions is not said.
  • It is proposed to allow the conclusion of OSAGO agreements without presenting a TRP coupon for a period of up to 20 days - so that the car can be submitted for state inspection.
  • The deputies supported the proposal of the RSA: to allow insurance companies to conclude a compulsory motor third-party liability insurance contract upon presentation by the policyholder of the diagnostic card of the service station instead of the TRP coupon.

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