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Car Chemistry: An Overview Of Upholstery Cleaners


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Video: Car Chemistry: An Overview Of Upholstery Cleaners

Video: Car Chemistry: An Overview Of Upholstery Cleaners
Car Chemistry: An Overview Of Upholstery Cleaners
Car Chemistry: An Overview Of Upholstery Cleaners



It was not difficult to find experimental “horses”: editorial cars are constantly on the move, they carry a variety of, not always sterile loads, and photographers are categorically against seat covers. It was just as easy to find special chemistry: we checked 12 compounds on greasy seats. Among them are liquid and foam, aerosol and trigger (the so-called packaging with a trigger spray). Since bottles and cylinders vary in size, we decided to bring prices to a common denominator - the cost of 100 ml of the product. Photo - in an art mess.

Not for the first time it turned out that prices do not at all correspond to consumer properties! The cheapest composition (9 rubles / 100 ml) turned out to be the best, the most expensive (77 rubles / 100 ml) took only the second place in efficiency, and almost equally expensive (73 rubles / 100 ml) left only a pleasant aroma almost without affecting the spots.

Well, the more useful the readers will find the results of our spring subbotnik.

1. Foam for cleaning upholstery LIQUI MOLY, art. 7586

The claimed manufacturer - Liqui Moly, Germany

Estimated price per 100 ml - 77 rubles.,

300 ml pack

Foam in a relatively small aerosol can with instructions in Russian does a good job, we would give it second place. True, you need to wait a little longer, about 2 minutes, but the main trouble is that he is significantly more expensive than the leader. However, there is a bonus - the “aroma” is not so sharp.

2. Foam cleaner of an upholstery of SONAX salon, art. 306 200–210

The claimed manufacturer - Sonax, Germany

Estimated price per 100 ml - 51 rubles.,

400 ml pack

The foam stain remover in the aerosol can smells almost nothing, is well sprayed and easily removes all stains. Although you have to wait - from 3 to 5 minutes. The price, frankly, is not the lowest, but not as high as some useless funds at all.

3. Stain remover and foam cleaner Hi-Gear, art. Hg5202

The declared manufacturer - Hi-Gear, USA

Estimated price per 100 ml - 57 rubles.,

packing 650 ml

The foam composition in the “Russified” aerosol can has a sharp, irritating odor. It is sprayed evenly, quickly reacts, but, alas, is ineffective. For that kind of money, it could work better.

4. Dry upholstery with odor neutralizer “Interior-1”

The claimed manufacturer - Turtle Wax, United Kingdom

Estimated price per 100 ml - 73 rubles.,

400 ml pack

Foam composition in an aerosol can with a built-in brush. There is a Russian text. The smell is pleasant, the spray is uniform, the reaction time is 5 minutes, but the trouble is: the cleaning properties are unimportant. In general, foam deodorant for almost three hundred.

5. Foam cleaner for carpets and upholstery GUNK

The declared manufacturer - GUNK, USA

Estimated price per 100 ml - 38 rubles.,

packing 650 ml

Foam composition in aerosol packaging, there is a Russian-language sticker instruction. It has an annoying pungent odor, working better in air. The spray is uniform, with the right amount of foam, the reaction time is only one minute, after which the product removes dirt well.



6. DETAP interior cleaner

The claimed manufacturer - ATAS, Italy

Estimated price per 100 ml - 45 rubles.,

400 ml pack

Let's start with the packaging: a Russian-language label is glued on the aerosol can for … 25 liter canisters! And to hell with it, but the instruction prescribes to dilute the product in 10 parts of water - but how do you reconstruct the “pshikalku”? In general, we decided not to dilute, but to wait for the required 10-15 minutes. All this time we enjoyed the pleasant aroma and the view of the foam, abundant, like from a fire extinguisher. However, the spots almost did not fade! For a deodorant - a little expensive.

7. Multifunctional foam cleaner STP Tuff Stuff

SP selection

The claimed manufacturer - “Clorox”, Argentina

Estimated price per 100 ml - 21 rubles.,

packing 650 ml

An aerosol foam composition with a sharp irritating smell is indeed multifunctional: it cleans everything from toilets to chrome, including, of course, upholstery. Perfectly removes dirt and is inexpensive. Among the foam compositions, it is the best in terms of efficiency and value for money.

8. Cleaner of carpets, velor and upholstery ASTROhim, art. AC-343

The declared manufacturer - NPP Astrokhim, Russia

Estimated price per 100 ml - 23 rubles.,

pack 520 ml

This foam aerosol emits a sharp unpleasant odor, from which even the eyes watery. But it works well, is evenly sprayed, quickly, in a minute or two, reacts and removes dirt. One thing is strange: why is the Russian staff more expensive than those brought from faraway Argentina?



9. The salon cleaner with the aromatic effect AREXONS, art. 7133/7333

The claimed manufacturer - Arexons Divisione di Petrona Lubricants, Italy

Estimated price per 100 ml - 67 rubles.,

400 ml pack

Liquid, non-foamy composition, convenient packaging, sticker instruction in Russian, pleasant smell, uniform fine spray, but reaction time is long: 5-10 minutes. The "Italian" removes dirt without much effort, but it is obviously expensive.

10. Auto-cleaner for velor, fabric and carpet surfaces of the salon “EVERY DAY”

SP selection

The claimed manufacturer - Tsentrspirtprompererabotka, Russia

Estimated price per 100 ml - 9 rubles.,

500 ml pack

Convenient packaging. The composition is liquid, non-foamy, almost odorless, which is not surprising: only water and a set of surfactants are included in the composition. There is clearly no alcohol, since the product does not withstand negative temperatures. The action is visible in a minute. Perfectly removes dirty spots. And the price … Take the box! The best composition among those that do not foam.

11. Active cleaner of inside of the AUTOSOL car, art. 01 067000

The claimed manufacturer - Durosol-Fabrik Otto Durst, Germany

Estimated price per 100 ml - 55 rubles.,

500 ml pack

Liquid, non-foamy composition, convenient packaging, instruction in Russian. There is a handle lock from accidental pressure. A pleasant smell, uniform spray on the surface, you do not have to wait until the composition reacts with the dirt. Successfully coped with pollution without leaving stains. Perhaps the inscription Nanoline helps.

12. NEKKER Upholstery Cleaner

The claimed manufacturer - "Chemist", Russia

Estimated price per 100 ml - 19 rubles.,

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