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Audi Q3: The Best Choice


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Video: Audi Q3: The Best Choice

Video: Audi Q3: The Best Choice
Video: Audi Q3 2019 - is it a good choice 5 seat SUV? 2023, March
Audi Q3: The Best Choice
Audi Q3: The Best Choice

Meanwhile, even in the initial version, the car cannot be called affordable. But no one buys a prestigious German car in the basic version - if there is an almost endless list of all kinds of custom equipment, it is almost impossible to be seduced. What is the sum necessary to have in order to get this compact SUV in optimal equipment?

Optimum "AUDI-Q3", from 1 287 900 rub

Оптимальный «АУДИ-Q3», от 1 287 900 руб
Оптимальный «АУДИ-Q3», от 1 287 900 руб

Optimum "AUDI-Q3", from 1 287 900 rub. Optimum "AUDI-Q3", from 1 287 900 rub.

Take as a basis

First, let's decide on the motor. It is worth noting that a manual gearbox can be obtained only with the most affordable 170-horsepower turbo engine. The MCP itself will save 71, 000 rubles, but for the prestigious SUV, such savings are hardly justified, especially since subsequently it will not be easy to sell the “mechanical” version. But with us, any Q3 by default implies an all-wheel drive transmission - unlike Germany, where you can buy a car with front-wheel drive.

Optimum "AUDI-Q3", from 1 287 900 rub


With the robotic S-Tronik, the 170-horsepower Q3 swaps a hundred in 7.8 s - this result will suit even a driver who is inclined to fast driving. A motor of the same volume (2 liters) boosted to 211 forces is faster than less than a second, but it is significantly more expensive - as much as 177 thousand. In our opinion, this money is much more reasonable to spend on equipment: a leather interior, electric front seats and bi-xenon headlights are cheaper.

Finally, the 177-horsepower turbodiesel, for which, compared with the base engine, you need to pay 100, 000 rubles, is not so interesting. It does not work as smoothly and smoothly as its gasoline counterparts. And the difference in price with annual runs of 20, 000 km will be beaten off only after seven years, which puts a fat cross on the profitability of the diesel engine.

So as a basis, as an optimal option, we will take the Q3 with a 170-horsepower 2.0TFSI engine and a robotic gearbox. At the same time, we would not want the optimum to gravitate toward the 2 million mark, which already allows us to look closely at the older Q5 model.

Optimum "AUDI-Q3", from 1 287 900 rub



  • METALLIC (34 955 RUB.). "Audi-Q3" this color is put on the status. In addition, metallic better counteracts an aggressive external environment. However, if you like, for example, neutral and free white, you can safely save.
  • ALUMINUM MOLDINGS around the perimeter of window openings (8625 RUB.). Without them, the Q3 looks pretty faded.
  • STEEL PROTECTION of the edge of the trunk + ALUMINUM INSERTS on the thresholds (5069 RUB.). Having spent quite a bit, you will appreciate your foresight at the first boot of the trunk: a steel strip protects the bumper from scratches. A metallic thresholds will add respectability to the car.
  • COLOR DISPLAY of the on-board computer (6204 RUB.). It looks like an organic addition to the dashboard and is also more informative. Yes, and the surcharge is low. Worth taking!
  • ALARM (21 487 RUB.). Get on the side cheaper still does not work. And the factory warranty for the native "signalization" looks like a very weighty argument in its favor.
  • AUDIO SYSTEM "CONCERT" (21 487 RUB.). Compared to the base Corus, there is a widescreen color display and an SD card slot. In addition, the presence of a "Concert" is a prerequisite for ordering a portion of our selected options.
  • ACOUSTIC SYSTEM "AUDIO SOUND SYSTEMS" (13 694 RUB.). A fairly modest surcharge for two additional speakers and a subwoofer, which very significantly affect the sound quality.
  • TIRED PRESSURE SENSOR (4313 RUB.). Although it requires a Concert radio, it will cost much less than a salvaged wheel.
  • SECRET WHEEL BOLTS (1362 RUB.). An inexpensive way to deal with those who want to get hold of your account.
  • FINISHING SKIN / ALKANTARA (61 814 RUB.). Not only prestigious, but also convenient: cleaning such a salon is much easier. Finally, inserts from Alcantara will make you feel comfortable and dank in winter and hot summer.
  • ELECTRIC DRIVE of the front seats (51 071 RUB.). Indisputable convenience, especially if the machine will be used by several family members at once.
  • BIXENON HEADLIGHTS with a washer (53 189 RUB.). With such a light, it is easier to master a long road, and in a city a car can be seen better. However, what to hide is one of the points responsible for prestige.
  • SWIVEL MAT in the trunk (3783 RUB.). Allows you to protect the velvety floor covering from unwanted contacts with the contents of the hold.
  • INFLATABLE “CURTAINS” OF SAFETY for front and rear passengers (18 839 RUB.). Even the democratic Golf is equipped with seven air bags, and against its background the prestigious Q3 with four pillows looks like a poor relative. But seriously, we categorically do not recommend saving on security. Having spent 1.5 million on a car, can you really regret $ 640 for the health of your loved ones?
  • PACKAGE "BASIS PLUS" (45 340 RUB.). Includes rear parking sensors, multi-function steering wheel, auto-dimming mirror, bag for attaching luggage in the cabin and alloy wheels increased by an inch with 235/55 R17 tires. At retail, these options would cost 80, 653 rubles. Even taking into account the fact that not all of them are mandatory for our optimum, this set is worthy of attention: with it, the Q3 looks more elegant, becomes more practical and a little safer.

Optimum "AUDI-Q3", from 1 287 900 rub



  • CONTRAST PAINTING OF THE BODY (15 586 RUB.). Implies a dark gray color bumpers and sills. In such a simple way, the car is given an off-road style; and if you want your Q3 to get a touch of brutality, you can order it.
  • COMPLETE PAINTING OF THE BODY (18 234 RUB.). This option involves painting the lower edge of the bumpers, door sills and wheel arches in body color. Such a machine may look aesthetically pleasing, but in practicality it will yield to the “unpainted” basic version.
  • SILVER RELATIONS (4540 RUB.). If you are not comfortable with black, then you can choose a more elegant color.
  • NO EMBLEM engine and / or nameplate Q3 (FREE). Despite the modest 2.0TFSI nameplate, your Q3 will give odds to many multi-liter Sixes. But if you want to bring some intrigue into a traffic light duel - for God's sake.
  • PARKTRONIC front and rear / + AUTOMATIC PARKING SYSTEM (41 916/47 817 RUB.). We chose the “Basis Plus” package, where there is a rear parking sensors; and if this is not enough for you, then you can supplement it with sensors in front. Please note that the “Assist Park”, which already includes 8 sensors in the bumpers, is only 5900 rubles more expensive. Good offer!
  • SIDE ASSIST (26 859 RUB.). The lane change assistant helps you identify a passing vehicle in the blind spot. Useful, but not so necessary.
  • ASSISTANT lane conservation (32, 231 RUB.). The vibration of the steering wheel will prevent you from changing the strip. Our markup does not always comply with European standards, and sometimes it is completely absent, so such a function will not work everywhere. However, if you like traveling abroad, you can order: this is sensible insurance in case the driver is distracted from the road or dozes off.
  • CRUISE CONTROL (14 527 RUB.). In the city "tempomat" is not needed. But if you like to travel, it will be very useful.
  • AUDI DRIVE SELECT SYSTEM (10 744 RUB.). The selector allows you to choose a balance between comfort and handling. In fact - a toy, from experience - few people take advantage of the ability to fine-tune. But the price is toy, so you can pay extra.
  • STARTING THE ENGINE AND ACCESS TO THE SALON WITHOUT A KEY (20 958 RUB.). Convenient thing. Having tasted the joys of such a system, I don’t want to return to the manipulations with an ordinary trinket. However, decide for yourself.
  • PREPARATION FOR INSTALLATION of a satellite security system (5675 RUB.). If you plan to take seriously the defense of your iron friend, it is worth facilitating the work of the "satellite" installers. Yes, and save money to the same.
  • CD CHANGER (22 017 RUB.). It is not so relevant after the widespread dissemination of modern digital audio recording formats such as MP3. If you have a different opinion - order.
  • ACOUSTICS "BOUZ" (40 327 RUB.). Modern music is not so demanding on the head unit. Nevertheless, lovers of classical music will probably consider this option a good offer.
  • ELECTRIC DRIVER folding mirrors / + AUTO DARKNESS (10 743/13 921 RUB.). Undoubted convenience and a joy for the eyes - you can order if you wish, the benefit is worth quite sane money.
  • SENSOR FOR SWITCHING the head light from the far to the dipped (only together with a mirror with auto-dimming) (7263 RUB.). Good help for those who often make suburban voyages.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL 3-spoke leather steering wheel / WITH THE POSSIBILITY OF GEARING (15 056/20 958 RUB.). A three-spoke steering wheel will seem more athletic to someone than a basic four-spoke steering wheel. And the “trigger” of gear shifting is pure entertainment: the “robot” is so good that it does not cause any desire to interfere with the operation of automation.
  • BLACK CEILING UPHOLSTERY (12 635 RUB.). Compared with ordinary light, it is more practical - it does not show so much dirt.
  • FINISHING the cabin with wood or aluminum (12 106–20 428 RUB.). If you want to make your Q3 a little more comfortable or to give the interior an emphasized technological look - order.
  • SPORTS front seats / in combination with ELECTRIC DRIVE (29 583/15 359 RUB.). Enlarged and tenacious sidewalls will support the body in turns, and a retractable popliteal support will allow you to relax your legs. Try to sit in such an armchair - and perhaps you do not wish otherwise.
  • HATCH IN THE BACK OF THE SOFA (8323 RUB.). For skiers and not only - as needed.
  • ISOFIX FASTENING on the front passenger seat (5069 RUB.). Present and future parents can come in handy, although transporting children on the couch is preferable from a safety point of view.
  • ADAPTIVE LIGHTING (18 839 RUB.). Useful not only on country roads, but also in unlit courtyards. If you are a regular in such places - pay extra without hesitation.
  • PREPARATION FOR INSTALLATION of a mobile phone with a bluetooth / + ANTENNA interface (only together with the Concert audio system) (16 116/28 221 RUB.). If you consider yourself a chat lover on the phone on the go, we recommend ordering. “Hands-free” is an undoubted convenience, not to mention security. And for a fee you can get an antenna that enhances reception.
  • PACKAGE “CONNECTIVITY” / NAVIGATION (30 642/62 344 RUB.). The first includes a bluetooth, a USB / iPod port and an SD card slot. In fact, this is a complete navigation system without software. However, the second package from the first just differs by the presence of the necessary “software”.
  • FARKOP (44 564 RUB.). It has a quick-detachable design and does not impair the appearance of the car. If you don’t have enough luggage, pay extra.
  • EQUIPMENT PACK for fixing luggage in the trunk (4313 RUB.). Set of grids, 12 V sockets and additional lighting. If you like order, it makes sense to look at such a package.
  • REINFORCED TONING OF REAR GLASSES (21 487 RUB.). If there is a need, it is wiser to order a similar option at the factory.

Optimum "AUDI-Q3", from 1 287 900 rub


We do not recommend:

  • REAR PARKTRONIC (21 487 RUB.), MIRROR with auto-dimming (15 056 RUB.), PACKAGE FOR FASTENING luggage in the passenger compartment (5372 RUB.), MULTIFUNCTIONAL 4-SPEED RUDDER (9155 RUB.), DISCS of light alloy 17”(29 583–40 327 RUB.). All this is more profitable to get in the package “Basis Plus”, which we ordered.
  • PARKTRONIC FRONT AND BACK WITH REAR VIEW CAMERA / + AUTOMATIC PARKING SYSTEM (63 933/69 834 RUB.). It is too expensive for the optimum and, in addition, requires the simultaneous order of navigation or the bluetooth interface.
  • DISCS FROM EASY ALLOY 18”(67 186–77 930 RUB.). Too expensive for the best option. In addition, we believe that low-profile tires are not only inferior to the usual in functionality, but also not in the best way combined with the image of a car that is not alien to bad roads.
  • FINISHING OF SKIN “MILANO” / “FEINNAPPA” (88 674/104 789 RUB.). For the best option is too expensive.
  • Lumbar support of the front seats / ELECTRIC DRIVE of the driver's seat (14 224/20 655 RUB.). We get both of them by selecting front seat servos.
  • FOLDING front passenger seat (8096 RUB.). Convenient - you can use the back of the chair instead of a table or carry long arms. Alas, such a chair is not compatible with the electric front seats.
  • HATCH WITH ELECTRIC DRIVE (64 992 RUB.). For optimum - a clear excess.
  • NAVIGATION MMI + (146 402 RUB.). Yes, there is not only GPS, but also a 20 GB hard drive, and a DVD player, and a 7-inch color display. But the price is simply prohibitive.
  • PACKAGE FOR EXTERNAL / INTERNAL FINISHES “S-LINE” (85 420/129 530 RUB.). For the best option - expensive.
  • EQUIPMENT “AUDI-EXCLUSIVE”. Alloy wheels for 93, 000, an external body kit for 110, 000 and an individual body painting for 122, 000 rubles - a wealthy client is able to create a truly unique image from his Q3. But the best option is all of these options are useless.

Optimum "AUDI-Q3", from 1 287 900 rub



So, we have built a prestigious compact “SUV” with a nimble and economical gasoline engine, which has all the necessary safety features and a decent set of equipment. We managed to supplement it with the status options, but not get to the price field of a more prestigious Q5 model. However, it is worth noting that if we add at least half of the options marked with (yellow) to our optimal version, then this barrier can be overcome with indescribable ease.

"AUDI-Q3-2, 0TFSI-S-TRONIC" (170 l. From.)

Basic equipment 1 358 900

  • Metallic 34 955
  • Aluminum moldings 8625
  • Steel trunk lip protection + aluminum door sills 5069
  • 6204 board computer color display
  • Alarm 21 487
  • Audio System Concert 21 487
  • Acoustics Audi Sound Systems 13 694
  • 4313 Tire Pressure Sensor
  • Secret Wheel Bolts 1362
  • Trim leather / Alcantara 61 814
  • Power front seats 51 071
  • Bi-Xenon headlights 53 189
  • Swivel boot mat 3783
  • Inflatable "curtains" of safety 18 839
  • Package “Basis Plus” 45 340

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