Electric jack VARTA V-CJ2.11W Электрический домкрат VARTA V-CJ2.11W Electric VARTA V-CJ2.11W jack Electric VARTA V-CJ2.11W jack

Long searches in stores and on the Internet a little disappointed: only a few models are on sale. We found two rhombic mechanisms with electric drive and two pneumatic lifts working either from an electric compressor or from exhaust gases. In any case, they all justify the headline and save the owner’s strength, requiring, in exchange, perhaps some mental stress. Most of all we liked the jack. Pneumatic lost in the categories "Safety" and "Ease of use", as well as price. However, they are well suited for replacing off-road wheels.

Electric jack VARTA V-CJ2.11W

Designed for cars weighing up to 2 tons,

lifting height 180–400 mm,

torque wrench 380 Nm

Estimated price - 3500 rubles.

In fact, a whole set of tools for replacing wheels: in a plastic box with convenient locks, in addition to the jack itself, there is also an impact electric wrench with an extension cord and heads for 17, 19, 21 and 23 mm! The manufacturer did not stint on spare fuses and an adapter for connecting directly to the battery terminals. The length of the cord is enough to reach any of the wheels. The support platform was made of a bolt, having cut a groove in its head. The minimum height of the car threshold should be at least 160 mm (many cars cannot be lifted like this). The cap of the bolt is not covered in any way: the paint on the doorstep will certainly hurt. With the engine idle, the jack is very loud, but sluggish. It seems that it’s about to jam or burn the motor. The mechanism should be set almost in level, otherwise it will turn it around. Not to miss in the dark will help the LED in the control panel. If the jack suddenly breaks, it can be lowered using the included plastic lever, but this is a very slow process. An impact wrench more than covers factory standards for tightening torque. It is only necessary to wait for the eighth to tenth blow. For a long time, but without effort.

Electric Jack Turbo Jack GB-A20

SP selection

Nominal load capacity 2000 kg,

maximum - 3000 kg,

lifting height 120–350 mm

Estimated price - 2300 rubles.

Electric Jack Turbo Jack GB-A20 Image

Another rhombic jack with an electric motor. At first, it may seem that we are facing a VARTA V-CJ2.11W clone, only without a wrench. However, this is not quite true. The base platform is larger, with a diameter of 50 mm, and also made of plastic - the risk of damaging the paint is minimal. The lower edge of the jack can be lowered to a minimum level of 110 mm - this will fit through almost any car. With the engine not started, the jack is quiet, without a strain. With working - a little faster and a little quieter. Plastic locks of a suitcase, which in this case is smaller due to the lack of a wrench, open and close with great effort. The kit includes three fuses, an adapter with "crocodiles" for connecting directly to the battery terminals and a plastic wrench for emergency lowering of the jack.

Pneumatic jack “Atoll-AG 47 × 61”

Carrying capacity 3 t

working pressure up to 0.7 atm,

lifting height 50–610 mm

Estimated price - 3400 rubles.

Pneumatic jack “Atoll-AG 47 × 61” Image

Designed to work with a compressor. In addition to the inflatable pillow, we found in a convenient bag an adapter for connecting a compressor, two protective mats, a repair kit (glue, patches), gloves.

The most difficult thing when working with such a jack is to correctly place it under the car: it is necessary that the upper and lower platforms are strictly under each other, otherwise the pillow, when inflating, tries to slip sideways from under the body. We succeeded with the third (!) Attempt. A compressor with a capacity of 35 l / min lifted the Daewoo Matiz in 4 minutes, the Ford Mondeo in 4 minutes 20 seconds. Due to the constant desire for bias (there would be no problem if the pillow was made like accordion bellows), such a jack is unlikely to become a replacement for a regular one, but it is just right for lifting a car stuck in mud or deep snow.

By the way, we found another use for the Atoll: it’s very comfortable and not cold to sit on!

Inflatable jack "SOROKIN 3.693"

with exhaust pipe 3.699

Carrying capacity 3 t

lifting height 50–460 mm

Estimated price - 3500 rubles.

Inflatable jack "SOROKIN 3.693" Image