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How To Save People At The Transition


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Video: How To Save People At The Transition

Video: How To Save People At The Transition
Video: How to make AWESOME Scene Transitions in Unity! 2023, March
How To Save People At The Transition
How To Save People At The Transition



The magazine drew attention to this problem for a long time, making it, in particular, the main theme of the February issue of the ZR for this year. There were also proposed changes in the arrangement of pedestrian crossings. And in the spring, the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation summed up the accident rate in 2011 - and were horrified (ЗР, 2012, No. 4). Especially disappointing was the statistics of TP involving pedestrians. The total number of such accidents decreased by 3.7% compared to 2010 (up to 65 959 cases), but the list of dead pedestrians, unfortunately, increased to 8766 names. Since last year, the traffic police and public organizations have been checking the status of pedestrian crossings. Alas, during this campaign, violations were detected at every third transition. In fact, I think the situation is even worse, any resident of Russia can be convinced of this, should he go out onto the streets of his native city or village …

We have already put forward our proposals for arranging crossings; it’s great that our initiative was supported by the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation - recently, traffic police have opened a public discussion on the website “Pedestrian Law” on their website. In the framework of this discussion, they themselves published a number of proposals for the organization of transitions, which we tried to systematize.

Requirements that are already spelled out in the rules and state standards, but are not applied widely enough (most often they say that there is not enough money)

Artificial irregularities, that is, speed bumps (from 22 thousand rubles apiece):



Must be installed in front of children's educational institutions, playgrounds, places of mass recreation, shops and other objects of mass concentration of pedestrians; in front of dangerous sections of roads on which a speed limit of up to 40 km / h or less has been introduced; before the start of areas where accidents often happen.

Safety islands. Must be on all ground pedestrian crossings on roads with a carriageway width of 15 m or more.

Forced means of speed reduction (from 50 thousand rubles):



in the form of a pedestrian crossing surface elevated above the carriageway over its entire width.

Pedestrian railings of the railing type or net (from 600 rubles per 1 m of the fence):



should stand on dividing strips opposite public transport stops with underground or ground pedestrian crossings; in areas with high traffic pedestrians.

Tactile ground signs for the visually impaired (“comb”) - are installed in front of the pedestrian crossings from the sidewalk.

As an experiment, in several regions of the Russian Federation they are already used, and successfully

Road marking 1.14.1 (from 60 rubles per 1 liter of heat-resistant paint):



- zebra - in a combination of stripes of yellow (red) and white.

Traffic lights with built-in countdown scoreboard.

Light indication with reflectors or backlight (photo in the title, from 7 thousand rubles per sign with LED backlighting) along the edge of the front surface of road signs or boards with images of signs.

An experimental system for informing drivers about approaching a pedestrian crossing (motion sensors, including a lighting system).

Traffic lights of type T.7 with a single yellow section (from 25 thousand rubles):



at unregulated pedestrian crossings, with an autonomous power source.

Additional road signs “Pedestrian crossing” (from 1 thousand rubles per ordinary sign) over the carriageway.

Ultraviolet illumination of pedestrian crossings (on autonomous power sources).

Autonomous lighting (solar-powered) crosswalks.

Include in the GOST provisions:

- on the mandatory equipment of all pedestrian crossings at intersections (including regulated ones) with road signs 5.19.1 (2);

- On the mandatory arrangement of elevated (underground) pedestrian crossings on roads with three or more lanes in one direction.

We agree with these proposals, but would like to contribute.


Introduce generally accepted concepts into the Code of Administrative Offenses and Criminal Code - “sloppy driving” (punishable by a warning or a fine) and “dangerous driving”. The second in the whole world is recognized (regardless of the severity of the consequences!) As a criminal offense against society; punishment for traveling in a residential area where children walk at a speed of 150 km / h should be punishable by deprivation of rights (for a long time) and / or (possibly!) a criminal punishment.

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