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By 2021, the premium compact segment will grow from the current 6.5 million to 10 million cars, according to the German concern. Therefore, the new A-class renounces its ancestors, changing personality and sexual orientation. And there is no shadow from past generations of microvan for wealthy housewives and single makeup artists. Now the calculation is clearly on the young and independent. The car literally spread out along the road, becoming 180 mm lower and 400 mm longer. You can forget about the elongated version: from now on the first letter of the alphabet is a dynamic city hatchback, and family-utility functions are transferred to the B-class. But most importantly, sophisticated systems that were once an attribute of well-fed luxury cars are now available for the "little ones."

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For the first time, the AMG division was engaged in fine-tuning the driving characteristics and styling of the A-class from the very beginning. The fruit of his efforts was the version of "Sport", which has a lot of similarities with last year's concept. The gasoline A 250 Sport and diesel A 220 CDI Sport are distinguished by a special suspension, a “diamond” grille and a red stripe on the bumpers, as well as chrome five-spoke wheels 235 / 40R18 and red brake calipers. Inside, the theme of “red and black” is continued by the scarlet edging of instruments and deflectors with backlighting, a brick-colored line on the steering wheel, seat belts and black leather and Alcantara seats.

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The Collision Prevention Assist helps to avoid rear-end collisions (the cause of 22% of all accidents in Germany and 31% in the USA) and warns of a reduction in distance to dangerously low speeds from 30 to 250 km / h. And at speeds up to 70 km / h he sees motionless obstacles along the way, including in the dark. In addition, it includes a Brake Assist when driving in a dense stream at dangerous distances and selects the optimum pressure in the brake drive to prevent a collision. In the arsenal of the model will appear, in addition, a faster and more efficient three-dimensional all-round camera, which does not know the blind spots.

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Sporty spirit reigns in the cabin. Rich seats with developed lateral support. The front console brings to mind the SLK roadster, while the original chrome deflectors are the SLS supercar. And no warm and cozy wood, only technocratic chrome, aluminum, carbon.

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Of the innovations - a multimedia complex that synchronizes with the "iPhone" not only for contacts and audio. By giving voice commands through the Comand Online system, the driver receives information about the weather, scheduled meetings, exchange rates and much more than the rich Internet. You can also visit social networks or listen to online radio with an individual set of programs and music. And the Car Finder app will help you find out where the car is now. A handy thing for the forgetful and jealous. For all exits into the virtual space, the system uses an “apple” smartphone (via “bluetooth”) as a modem. Next in line are devices on the Android platform. In short, if there is a desire to attach four wheels to a smartphone, the A-Class will do.

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The new multi-link suspension will allow the baby to try on a proprietary 4Matic all-wheel drive transmission (it will be available later). Some suspension elements and hubs are made of aluminum - to reduce unsprung masses. The steering is optionally equipped with a Direct-Steer system with an electromechanical amplifier that changes the gear ratio depending on the steering angle. In addition, it helps the stabilization system to more effectively correct driver errors - for example, to compensate for oversteer, control pullbacks when braking on a mixed surface, and stabilize the course in crosswinds.

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