Land rover 80

Land Rover 80 Land Rover 80 Land Rover 80

And indeed - boyhood! Suddenly I catch myself on the fact that I am boldly letting the car gallop over the bumps, storming the wet slopes, impudently climbing into a rather deep rut. And he seems to like it. Both he and I seemed to have forgotten that the 1.6-liter engine is only 50 hp, the tires, although toothy, are by today's standards children’s - 6.00-16, the body and doors are such that when crossing the ford, water and strives to pour legs. And most importantly - he is already 63 years old!


Tell someone in the late 1940s that the direct heirs of this car would be produced and bought in the 21st century, the dreamer would have been laughed at. And first of all - the creators of the machine.

Engineer Maurice Wilkes and the leadership of the Rover company, respected but experiencing hard times in the first post-war years, looked at this model as a ersatz vehicle designed to help primarily poor British farmers, producers of the main post-war shortage - products.

In a few years, life will undoubtedly improve and buyers will again become more interested in normal passenger "rovers" - solid, comfortable and expensive. Probably, the company was thinking about the army, because the war was very, very likely. After the speech of Sir Winston Churchill, which was made at Fulton in 1946, many no longer had doubts about this. But still, the first task that Rover took up a year later was to create a car for farmers. Moreover, the borders of the empire, and hence the fields on which to harvest, were rapidly narrowing: in 1947, India gained independence, and at the very beginning of 1948, Burma.

Salon call it, of course, difficult. But in metal simplicity there is a charm of modesty and strength.

Салоном назвать это, конечно, трудно. Но в металлической простоте есть обаяние скромности и силы. Salon call it, of course, difficult. But in metal simplicity there is a charm of modesty and strength. Salon call it, of course, difficult. But in metal simplicity there is a charm of modesty and strength.

There was another task that the government of George VI set for British industry - to produce goods for export. And what if this car with the earthly name “Land Rover” - probably chosen to separate it from the “rovers” in the minds of buyers - will be interested in someone outside the Foggy Albion? And now, Maurice Wilkes, taking the American Willis-MV as a basis, having won the hearts of Europeans during the war, created a simple, partly even primitive machine.

Nowhere is easier! Ladder frame, body with the most direct panels. True, they were made of aluminum, but not out of a desire to keep up with technological progress and not even to fight corrosion, but because of a shortage of thin steel sheet. It turned out a little expensive, but easier. After all, the motor is not powerful. Poor wiper blade just in front of the driver, door handles only inside. Outside, they were taken out through pockets in a tent of removable upper door panels. It’s indecent to talk about the heater in such a car. Since the car was conceived as something between the car and the tractor, in the first sample the steering wheel was in the middle, and to the right and left of it were two narrow flat chairs. But in the series, the Center Steer concept was still abandoned.

The simplest, but strong spring suspension, four-wheel drive. They also saved a little on it. The front axle is driven through a tricky clutch that disconnects the wheels on the gas vent. To lock it, including for reversing, you need to pull out the ring in the floor, after having previously switched on the lowered number of gears. However, pretty soon the inexpensive, but capricious design was abandoned in favor of all-wheel drive with a locked differential.

Speedometer, fuel gauge, ammeter, several lamps. What else does a brave traveler need ?!

Спидометр, указатель уровня топлива, амперметр, несколько ламп. Что еще нужно отважному путешественнику?! Speedometer, fuel gauge, ammeter, several lamps. What else does a brave traveler need ?! Speedometer, fuel gauge, ammeter, several lamps. What else does a brave traveler need ?!

The first international Land Rover show was held in 1948, at the now forgotten auto show in Amsterdam. And soon the car was put into production. And at first the assembly was slipway.


Children's impressions of the Land Rover - books and films about travels in unprecedented Asia and Africa. In books, he was referred to, as a rule, simply as a landrover, without quotation marks, as if one of the exotic animals living in the jungle. I remember, there was a certain series about zoologists in Africa who, with the help of monkey Judy and the Land Rover, did all sorts of good deeds. The rough, massive car in the series played a prominent role. A little less than lions, elephants, rhinos and even expansive zoologists. However, that “Land Rover” was later, and this one is real: the first series, the year of birth - 1949!

Who said that the GAZ-69 jumps like a goat? Including me, have not yet traveled by this car. No, our domestic “goat” is also not weak, of course, but I think I would have won if I had an Englishman with a base just over 2 meters (80 inches) in the jumping competition.

Landing, if we continue the comparison with the "gas", is even more crowded: with a tight physique, the stomach practically rests on the steering wheel. To high pedals, if you had to ride on the counterparts of that time, getting used to is easy.

Three theoretically can sit in front - lean and hardy.

Спереди теоретически могут сидеть трое - поджарых и выносливых. Three theoretically can sit in front - lean and hardy. Three theoretically can sit in front - lean and hardy.

50 hp engine (again close to the 69th) pulls decently, especially on the bottoms. The levers of the four-speed gearbox and handouts are understandable and do not require brutal efforts. And the most surprising, given the age and class of the car, is a rather light on the go steering wheel and snap, even harsh brakes.

Of course, on a straight line, it is worth developing a more or less decent speed, you need to constantly adjust the trajectory. Eka unseen for cars of the time! He surprisingly raises the driver’s self-esteem, since he himself can forgive and much. At the same time, it does not bother with any particularly difficult or heavy control. Amazing combination!


The life of the Land Rover, planned by its creators for several difficult years for the British economy, stretched for six decades and has not yet ended. By the way, the company fulfilled the task of the government: already in the first year, 80% of cars were sold outside of Misty Albion. And in what countries only “Land Rovers” did not go later … And in what quantities! In 1954, the car was presented to Churchill on his 80th birthday. The photo where Sir Winston poses near the car with the number UKE80, was printed by many automotive publications.

Land rover 80

Land Rover 80 Land Rover 80 Land Rover 80

There was no shortage of global events. The Cold War still did not grow into a hot one, European countries lost their overseas colonies, jazz replaced rock, the world saw student riots and survived the sexual revolution, unprecedented automobile constructions appeared, fascination with front-wheel drive came, and then full, presidents and general secretaries changed … But Britain still kept traditions and loyalty to eternal values. The Thames will not flow in the opposite direction, the clock hands on Big Ben will not go astray, the queen (God bless her!) Will talk with presidents not yet selected, electrical outlets will probably still differ from continental ones, and “land Rovers ”(since 1989 - by the name of“ Defender ”) will find themselves ardent fans. The car has changed, but its concept, philosophy is the same. Of course, talking about the modern Defender is another song, but it was born from that old ballad.

You feel warmth towards him, as if to a respectable grandfather surrounded by many grandchildren. But this is not the only reason. The car is very good, with character, rude, but direct, honest and hardworking. With this you want to be friends, and if you make friends - do not part.


The serial "Land Rover 80" (2032 mm base), equipped with a 50-horsepower 1.6-liter engine and a 4-speed gearbox, appeared in 1948. In 1954, the base was increased to 86 inches (2184 mm). There were 2- and 2.25-liter gasoline engines.

Land rover 80

Land Rover 80 Land Rover 80 Land Rover 80