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Sochi: Olympic Appearance Of The Region


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Video: Sochi: Olympic Appearance Of The Region

Video: Sochi: Olympic Appearance Of The Region
Video: Олимпийская церемония открытия Сочи 2014 года 2023, March
Sochi: Olympic Appearance Of The Region
Sochi: Olympic Appearance Of The Region



The long-awaited Universiades, Olympiads, championships are held, leaving behind pleasant memories for the guests, medals for the winners and infrastructure, especially transport, for all of us. Both transport facilities are designed and built in such a way as to raise the standard of living and business activity in the sports region by an order of magnitude. This fully applies to the Olympic Sochi, and the Krasnodar Territory as a whole. In total, by 2013, 41.8 km of federal roads will be built and reconstructed in Sochi (61.06 km reduced to a two-lane highway). The total length of overpasses, bridges, overpasses will exceed 16 km, tunnels - 12 km. Also, by that time 5 modern interchanges at key transport hubs in Sochi will be built. Their total length, including the main direction and exits, is about 20 km. All interchanges are two-level.

The first two, the Stadium and the Adler Ring, will be commissioned at the beginning of 2012. The Federal Road Agency is responsible for the design and construction of 10 transport infrastructure facilities included in the program for the construction of Olympic facilities for the development of Sochi as a mountain climate resort. Financing is provided from the federal budget within the framework of the subprogram “Roads” of the federal target program “Development of the transport system of Russia (2010-2015)”.



One object has already been commissioned - this is the federal highway M-27 Dzhubga - Sochi on the bypass section of Sochi. It includes 5 tunnels, 15 flyovers, 5 transport interchanges. The commissioning of the 1st and 2nd phases was completed in 2009. Starting from 2009, construction and installation work is underway on 9 objects:

the central motorway of Sochi, “an understudy for Kurortny Prospekt,” with 8 adjacent traffic intersections;

  • M-27 federal road in the Adler-Veseloe section with 4 adjacent traffic intersections;
  • M-27 federal road on the section between the Adler Ring and Blue Dali traffic intersections;
  • automobile bridge over the river. Sochi in the alignment of the "understudy Resort Avenue";
  • 5 separate transport interchanges on federal roads (Stadium, Vinogradnaya - Donskaya, Airport, Blue Dali, Adler Ring).

The largest Olympic facility in Rosavtodor, the central motorway of Sochi, the “Kurortny Prospekt understudy”, includes 9 tunnels and 8 transport interchanges. During construction, the latest tunneling methods and innovative materials and technologies are used. The object is unique in its construction in a dense urban area, which is due to the tunnel-flyover. The total length of future flyovers will be about 11 km, and the length of the tunnels - 12 km.

The eight-kilometer federal highway M-27 on the Adler-Veseloye section, including 4 transport interchanges and 7 flyovers, will be commissioned in 2013. This object is of key importance in the formation of logistics transport support during the Olympic Games in 2014. The facility will allow:

  • to deliver participants of Olympic teams, representatives of country delegations, service personnel and volunteers to the central part of the Olympic Park;
  • divert automobile flows from nearby settlements and from the federal highway M-27 Dzhugba - Sochi to the border with Abkhazia;
  • to carry out through road transport in continuous traffic on the highway through the entire territory of the Adler region.

New transport interchanges will make it possible to separate traffic from the main highways to the coastal and mountain clusters, connect intra-quarter and main streets, provide access to sports facilities, the airport. The functional purpose of the understudy of Kurortny Prospekt is to redistribute traffic flows, reduce the traffic load on the city center and the coast, and ensure the interconnectedness of the inner-city road network. Each of the projects implemented by Rosavtodor is a connecting element of the updated transport infrastructure of the most popular resort city in Russia and the capital of the Olympic Games. We take the liberty to continue. New roads, interchanges will serve not only the Olympics, but also provide the needs of the region in the future.



The success of the upcoming Olympics in 2014 will be determined not only by the level of preparation of the Olympic venues, the organization of services for participants and guests of the games in the Greater Sochi region. The entire region, the entire Krasnodar Territory, and above all, its infrastructure, should work for the success of the event.

In the future, Olympic venues will be used for international and Russian competitions at various levels, all year round. Consequently, the transport of the Krasnodar Territory should be ready to serve large numbers of visitors - athletes, tourists, vacationers.

Already now, in terms of transport, the Krasnodar Territory is one of the leading places in the country. In short, these are nine seaports: Novorossiysk, Tuapse, the Caucasus, Temryuk, Yeysk, Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Taman, which provide the processing of about 30% of Russia's foreign trade cargo carried by the sea fleet; five airports: Krasnodar, Sochi (international), Gelendzhik, Anapa, Yeysk; rail and road routes of federal significance.

But the regional authorities are not going to rest on their laurels and are doing everything possible to attract investment in transport. In the Krasnodar Territory, progressive investment legislation, a system of state support for investment projects at all stages has been developed - from signing protocols of intent to putting the object into operation. The location of the Kuban with political stability and a developed financial infrastructure is strategically successful. It should take into account a fairly high standard of living of the population, its high business activity.

The most important condition for the development of infrastructure projects and investment attraction is ensured by liberal regional legislation.

Forms of investor support in the Krasnodar Territory include a number of tax benefits. So, for a period of up to three years, an exemption from payment of tax on property of organizations is provided, for a period of up to five years the profit tax rate is reduced. In addition, potential investors are exempted from paying transport tax.

For the payback period of the investment project, but not more than three years, it is possible to provide an investment tax credit both for income tax and for regional taxes received by the regional budget. All these preferences are provided within the framework of the law “On State Incentives for Investment Activities in the Krasnodar Territory”. Thanks to the same law, organizations implementing investment projects have privileges in terms of rent for land use, which is very important for a region with one of the highest land prices in Russia.



In addition, the regional budget supports projects that are significant from the point of view of the region’s interests, both directly - in the form of investments, and by providing bank guarantees.

Investors who connect their interests with business in the Krasnodar Territory are confident in the seriousness of the authorities’s intentions to support infrastructure projects - the law on state support has been in force in the region since 2004. And largely thanks to him, the region has a high rating of investment attractiveness among the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Further development of transport infrastructure in the region is associated primarily with logistics. Moreover, along with large transport and warehouse logistics centers, it is planned to build small-capacity logistics facilities with a cost of up to 500 million rubles. So, in the village of Kushchevskaya, it is planned to build a Class B logistics terminal for 23.7 thousand pallet places worth almost 189 million rubles. In the resort Gelendzhik in storage facilities of 20 thousand square meters. m cargo will be stored and earned with subsequent delivery in the region and in Russia as a whole. The project cost is 562 million rubles, which should pay off in 6 years. For 4 years, the transport and logistics center in the Tikhoretsky district should pay off, for the construction of which 125 million rubles are needed.

And despite such "modest" costs, in the center it will be possible to store and process goods in the amount of almost 2 million cubic meters. m. And in the Bryukhovetsky district a class A park will be built with a full range of logistics services: storage of various types of cargo, loading (manual / mechanized), palletization (pallet formation), picking of consignments for shipment, cross-docking, warehousing, keeping history of arrivals, cargo departures, providing online information about the remaining cargo in the warehouse for the current and any of the past days, insurance of goods accepted for storage, online inventory management via remote access.

Naturally, the cost of building such a warehouse will be significantly higher - 1.3 billion rubles, but due to the wide possibilities of the warehouse and the many services provided, the object should pay off in 4 years.

For two years, the cost of the airport complex (387 million rubles) should be paid off, according to the calculations of the Armavir administration. Estimated passenger flow will be 150 thousand people per year, transportation of goods on domestic routes will reach 3 thousand tons, on international - 30 thousand tons. What is very important, the airport complex will create opportunities for flights of the Armavir Flight Training Center.


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