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Inspection: We Bought Inspection


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Video: Inspection: We Bought Inspection

Video: Inspection: We Bought Inspection
Video: We Bought a Zoo - Inspection Scene | Part 1 (HD) 2023, March
Inspection: We Bought Inspection
Inspection: We Bought Inspection



According to legend (and in fact) I have a VAZ-2111. The set of documents for it is complete and absolutely legal, but the story that I will tell sounds a little different: after a year of inactivity in the country, the car must be driven home. There is neither a technical inspection ticket nor a compulsory motor liability insurance policy on it. That is, you need to buy them somewhere. Under the current law, MOT can take place anywhere. What is bad, for example, near Moscow Mozhaysk?


Leaving the car in the parking lot near the main street, I begin the detour. In the insurance companies MAKS and VSK, a clear refusal was refused to a request to sell an insurance policy without a coupon. Nevertheless, they gave hope. According to the manager of MAKS, in Rosgosstrakh you can immediately go through inspection and get a policy. There, after listening to my story, they willingly took to help. At the same time, they explained that I would have to go through the inspection later and not here, but in Moscow: “We do not have experts yet, but you will receive the certificate of inspection of the car and the inspection certificate itself. In the Moscow office, sign the documents with experts - and that’s all.” Having filled out the necessary papers, an employee of the company went out into the street. Inspecting the car took exactly a minute.

- Do you have all the same tires?

- Yes, winter, studded, and the same reserve.

- Do the lights all shine? Does the parking brake work? - continued the "interrogation with bias" lady.

- Yes, everything works fine.

- Very good! I look, your windows are not tinted, and there are no cracks on them …. I still don’t understand anything in the engines, so check everything yourself before the technical inspection!

At this, the inspection process was declared completed. Even did not have time to freeze in a 15-degree frost. After half an hour, I became the proud owner of the insurance policy and the TO ticket. He paid 3, 700 rubles for insurance and 690 for a ticket. Although, in fact, this ticket is defective: the reverse side is not filled (but it is certified with a seal!). In order for the expert’s signature to appear there, in addition to the “visual inspection”, vehicle diagnostics are also needed. Only after that the maintenance procedure will be officially completed. I was given a receipt on January 26, 2012, according to which I undertake to undergo a technical inspection, moreover, on the same day, at the Technical Inspection company. This, by the way, is in Moscow, 100 km from Mozhaysk. And if I do not want to go there on a winter road? Nothing, I think, will happen: the MTPL policy is in my hands, and the MOT ticket from January 1 is only needed … upon receipt of the MTPL policy.


I went around the offices of several other insurers, but everywhere I was refused. The working day was already ending when I saw a sign of a large insurance company that “always pays”.

“Hello, I would have to buy a CTP policy, but I don’t have a vehicle inspection yet …” I begin timidly, having already prepared to leave with nothing. I didn’t even have time to tell the legend - the insurance agent quickly filled out the policy and handed it with the words:

- In general, with technical inspection so far, a mess and uncertainty. The GAI does not check the maintenance ticket, so why do you need it? You can ride like this throughout the year. And there, you see, everything will settle down.

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