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Octane Number: Specialist Comment


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Video: Octane Number: Specialist Comment

Video: Octane Number: Specialist Comment
Video: C2 Octane Number and Knocking [SL IB Chemistry] 2023, March
Octane Number: Specialist Comment
Octane Number: Specialist Comment

As before, I ask the Zarulevites, if possible, to ask specific technical questions - I will try to answer. Examples of such questions with my comments are given below.

A. Shabanov

А. Шабанов
А. Шабанов

A. Shabanov A. Shabanov

Question: Is there a single standard today that is mandatory for all gasoline dealers? And then in practice, every second sells fuel, corresponding to some TU unknown to anyone!

Answer: Now several gasoline standards are simultaneously operating at once - GOST 2084–77, GOST R 51105–97, GOST R 51313–99, GOST R 51866–2002. However, with the introduction in 2008 of the Technical Regulation on Fuels, only its requirements are mandatory. And these are mainly environmental requirements - the content of benzene, sulfur, aromatics, olefins, oxygen-containing components, the ban on the content of metal-containing additives and the restriction on other classes of octane-raising components - ethers, alcohols. For other parameters, according to the Order of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology dated November 8, 2011 No. 6292 in the VOLUNTARY order, oil refineries, when compiling their technical specifications for fuels, must follow the requirements of the above GOSTs. That is, when certifying the fuel produced for compliance with the technical specifications developed by the refinery itself, GOST requirements that are not included in the technical specifications can be taken into account, but … voluntarily. Therefore, AI-85, AI-90 and AI-96 gasolines may also occur if they are certified in accordance with the relevant specifications. And there OCH must correspond to those indicated in TU, and how they correlate with GOST is voluntary, desirable.

In practice, all control goes with the wording “for compliance with the requirements of the TR” - that is, even an OCH is not necessary to check now. It can be officially verified only after contacting the prosecutor's office and by its order. Then you can raise the question of whether the purchased gasoline is HUNDRED or TU indicated in his passport.

Question: If we make gasoline that fully complies with the current Technical Regulations, then what will we get at the output? Which class, which octane?

Answer: The ecological class is not lower than 2nd, from June 2012 - not lower than 3rd, and the octane number is what you will do according to your technical specifications: requirements for it are not specified in the Regulations now. And about the relationship of service stations, technical specifications and state standards, I have already said above.

Question: How do I know what class of fuel they sell me at a particular gas station? It says, say, A95 - that's all. And where exactly 4 class will be sold with a guarantee?

Answer: Not A95, but AI-95-4, to be more precise. That's what gas is called according to the new GOST R 54283–2010. The last digit in the designation according to this GOST indicates belonging to the ecological class. It may not be indicated on the column, see passport!

Question: What is the risk of refueling a modern car with gasoline, say, class 2? Not fake, but just low-class?

Answer: If all other parameters of gasoline are normal, and only in terms of ecology it corresponds to class 2, then the consequences will be mainly not for the car, but for the environment. Although one can expect a decrease in the catalyst resource due to the increased level of organic deposits and sulfur.

Question: Where do bad gasoline come from? Is there an evil guy with a bucket of fuel oil on the road from the refinery?

Answer: And where does singed vodka come from? Counterfeit spare parts? From the greed and irresponsibility of the people! But also - as a legacy of the funny 90s and the beginning of the “zero”, when everything was destroyed and nothing was built. Modern gasoline of the required environmental class can be obtained only by modern technologies and modern refineries, which are once or twice in the country, and it cost a lot. And only now, large refineries began to actively change equipment under the threat of sanctions from TR.

But these are not the worst gasolines! At least they are produced according to technical specifications created on the basis of old state standard specifications, which were largely aimed at ensuring the necessary motor properties of fuels.

And the very bodygirl - from the southern "samovars", driving dirty straight-run gasoline and brought to some extent a terrible amount of additives. Or gasoline from the reserves of the Ministry of Defense, splashing around in tanks at military depots for decades and now, as it is being written off, sold to gasoline “bugs”.

It is necessary to catch and crush them, but the current control system does everything possible for their prosperity! You can’t “nightmare” a business, as one very big boss said, but business is a nightmare for us - this is quite normal!

Question: What octane number should you choose if you are guided by a desire to play it safe from the “bodyagi”? Or is it a lottery?

Answer: And here there is nothing to choose - what is written in your “primer” on the machine should be used. And in order to somehow be safe from the lottery, try to use branded large gas stations of trusted companies. And less often change them. Well, if you travel far and for a long time, it is better not to take risks, but to throw a canister of normal fuel in the trunk. God saves man, who save himself.

Question: Where do the steady rumors come from that the 95th is stronger than the 92nd?

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