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How Much Is The New Route Moscow-Peter


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Video: How Much Is The New Route Moscow-Peter

Video: How Much Is The New Route Moscow-Peter
Video: ЛЮКС РЖД Красная стрела — обзор! 2023, March
How Much Is The New Route Moscow-Peter
How Much Is The New Route Moscow-Peter



The rats fled

Total, road construction costs: to 66 billion rubles. the initial cost (already “environmental” funds were already included in the project) initially added 3 billion rubles. for additional environmental events, then another target of 1 billion rubles. to plant trees in return for being felled. Thus, the share of finances aimed at protecting the environment amounted to approximately 10% of the total project cost. But it turned out to be impossible to take into account everything.

When marking the highway in the Sheremetev region, road experts stumbled into a giant landfill. When the guards of the garbage treasures realized what threatened the visit of the road guests, having thrown open gates and booths with their contents, they ran away with the swiftness of local rats. Find out who is responsible for the changed landscape, no one.

Resetting people is also a concern of the road workers

“The road workers themselves will have to arrange garbage collection, which will cost about the same 300 million rubles,” said Igor Morzharetto, a columnist at the wheel, who visited the round table of the Committee for Public Control of Highway Construction. “But not the fact that there is enough money.”

Chemical analyzes of the garbage giant were suspected: in the heap heavy metals “fonted”, it is not known what muck leaked into the ground beneath a smelly mountain (then these poisons with groundwater penetrate Klyazma), which means that it is difficult to predict what the scale of disinfecting work is ahead. Already now we are talking about buying a mobile incinerator, because, according to preliminary intelligence, this landfill is not the only one along the route. And it is unclear what to do with what does not burn in the fire.

Khimki forest. Scheme


Everywhere in the world, road builders are given technical documentation in a row, and they only lay asphalt, said Sergey Kelbakh, chairman of the Avtodor state-owned company, at a roundtable. Only we have to relocate people from homes that stand in the way of roads, shift communications, engage in environmental activities.

How many did you count there?.

The keen attention to environmental protection has become an important feature of the construction of highways in the country. Now, the projects of most of the tracks will undergo a deep environmental assessment, not only of state institutions, but also of public organizations.

A year ago, a public environmental committee was organized at Avtodor. It arose after high-profile events on the highway under construction between the two capitals. Then, we recall, public organizations claiming competence in the field of ecology considered the results of state eco-examination unbiased and opposed the technological cutting of the Khimki forest. Since we do not live in the desert, laying new routes almost always rests in the forest, then in the river, then in the field, and the committee’s task is to minimize the inevitable damage.

The Avtodor committee included 30 leading Russian scientists and specialized academic institutes. Civil oversight is represented by the Society for the Conservation of Nature, the Cedar, and Greens movements. Greenpeasu and the Wildlife Fund said they were willing to work with the committee.

Moscow-Peter. Khimki forest

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