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Garmin Navigator: Three In One


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Video: Garmin Navigator: Three In One

Video: Garmin Navigator: Three In One
Video: Как обновить прошивку любого GPS навигатора Garmin (Не карты) 2023, March
Garmin Navigator: Three In One
Garmin Navigator: Three In One


Installing the navigator in the car takes a little longer than a conventional navigator, but only because it is necessary to install and fix the TV antenna. True, this is done once and for all. Next, you only need to insert the navigator into the holder, enter the address and move along the route. The windshield mount itself is very easy to adjust vertically and horizontally, to get the best picture - just a couple of seconds, since you see the image not on a small screen, like on a conventional DVR, but on a large 5-inch navigator screen. Using the Garmin Driving Recording PC Tool, you can view DVR recordings on your computer.

Past the cork

It is no secret that in traffic jams, residents of megacities spend a significant part of their lives. But, as you know, it is better to spend free time with family or friends. To do this, you need to go around traffic jams, which, in fact, allows you to make a Garmin Nuvi 2585 LTR car navigator.

Traffic information for Garmin is provided by Yandex. Traffic service. Data is received using the built-in radio antenna in the power cable. That is, there are no "dances with a tambourine" for setting up equipment, paying for Internet traffic and other "troubles" here. Everything is very simple - they installed a navigator, connected the power cable and received information about traffic congestion. Then you entered the destination address and the navigator built a route, taking into account traffic jams

And what do we have on TV?



One of the most interesting “chips” of this model is the built-in digital television receiver of the DVB-T standard. Moreover, the signal can go both in MPEG4 format and in MPEG2.

By the way, now in Moscow in the public domain 8 channels are broadcast:

  • ORT;
  • Russia 1;
  • Russia 2;
  • NTV;
  • Fifth channel;
  • Euronews;
  • Russia 24;
  • Carousel

in St. Petersburg, so far, 3 channels:

  • Fifth channel;
  • Russia 24;
  • Carousel

The picture and sound quality is excellent. When switching a small delay in a split second. Apparently, the memory buffer is filling, then everything works as it should. The TV works perfectly, the reception is stable, the picture and sound are gorgeous! Moreover, the speed of the car practically does not affect the quality of reception.

Did you order a movie?

If you connect an external signal source, for example, a portable DVD player to the video input of the car navigator, you can watch a movie. The built-in video player allows you to play video files in WMV and H.264 formats, and you can also play music in MP3 or AAC format.

A new look at old roads

Especially useful in the Garmin nuvi 2585LTR is the ability to photo-realistic display of intersections and road junctions. This is more than useful in a metropolis, for example Moscow. Even a person who has been traveling around Moscow for many years will be happy to use this function, as there are more complex interchanges, and less and less time and energy to remember all the schemes.



Work, grocery store, beloved mother-in-law, home - plan your routes with Garmin!

The item in the “Route Planner” menu is an extremely convenient function. It allows you to create a route from several points before the trip, which will be automatically optimized. Plan your trip in advance!

But do not eat on the road?

Convenience while driving adds a new "trick" - showing points of interest in the direction of travel. You can filter out those points of interest that need to be displayed on the navigator screen. For example, you travel a lot around the city and you need somewhere to eat or withdraw money from a credit card. You simply configure the POI (Points Of Interest) filter and you see all cafes and ATMs on the screen of the car navigator, and if necessary, you just drop in at your convenience.

Time to go, road

In my opinion, the Garmin nuvi 2585LTR is a unique navigator that perfectly copes with its main navigation function, and even allows you to get a lot of fun using a digital TV!

What do you get by purchasing the Garmin nuvi 2585LTR?

  1. Reliable car navigator;
  2. DVR with high resolution recording;
  3. Digital tv;
  4. Route planner
  5. EcoRoute fuel economy system;
  6. Digital photo album;
  7. Address directory with convenient search;
  8. Bluetooth Hands Free;
  9. Video player, with the ability to connect an external video source;
  10. MP3 player
  11. Calculator, unit converter, world time;

And of course, traffic jam information - Yandex. Traffic free!

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