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New In 2012: All Premieres Are Good


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New In 2012: All Premieres Are Good
New In 2012: All Premieres Are Good

In winter: BMW-M5

Зимой: БМВ-М5
Зимой: БМВ-М5

In winter: BMW-M5 In winter: BMW-M5


Despite the gradual reduction in the number of national Russian models, several new products are waiting for buyers at once. In winter, the budget Lada Grant is expected to appear on the streets in large numbers, and in summer its luxury equipment and, finally, a version with a gun will enter the market.

Of the curiosities - a statement about the launch in the second half of the year of the ё-mobile conveyor, a sensational recent project. On the way “Largus”, that is, “Dacia-Logan MCV”, floating on the market under the sail of the Volga Rook. Summer residents have a chance to buy a roomy car right at the beginning of the season: dealers will receive the first station wagons in the spring.


With a dozen new models will appear among foreign cars assembled in Russia. Skoda will replenish the range with a compact Rapid, replacing the Octavia Tour. The body is a liftback and a traditional hatchback beloved by the Czechs, the aggregate base is from the Volkswagen Polo Sedan platform, the appearance is the most original and memorable.

Autumn: Skoda Rapid

Осенью: «Шкода-Рапид»
Осенью: «Шкода-Рапид»

Autumn: Skoda Rapid Autumn: Skoda Rapid

The Yeti crossover will change the Kaluga registration to the Nizhny Novgorod one, later Skoda-Octavia and Volkswagen-Jetta will make the company for him in the assembly shops of GAZ. In the vicinity of "Skoda" near Kaluga, the Peugeot-308 with a sedan body, originally born for China, is Russified. The recipe for success: the front end from a restyled hatchback, a harmoniously trimmed trunk and proven engines from the Peugeot-307 with a volume of 1.6 and 2.0 liters.

At the westernmost plant in the country - the Kaliningrad AUTOTOR, they will launch the production of fresh Chevrolet-Aveo. Moscow Avtoframos will master the long-awaited Renault Duster, which has been sold in Europe for almost a year and a half and even managed to update the interior before entering our market.

Want a bigger one? At the premiere of the upcoming Geneva Motor Show - the new generation of Ford Mondeo with a set of Ecobust supercharged engines - you can see the features of the corporate identity laid down by the Fiesta and Focus. Competitors include Chevrolet Malibu, the third attempt by GM to succeed in the Russian middle class market. The model has a chance of localization in Kaliningrad. The BMW 3-Series will also drop anchor there, 30 years later returning to the body index of 30 - though now with the letter F in front of it. At European dealers, the car will appear in February.

In the spring: Ford Mondeo

Весной: «Форд-Мондео»
Весной: «Форд-Мондео»

In the spring: Ford Mondeo In the spring: Ford Mondeo

From the east, the SanYong-Aktion crossover with a gasoline engine and the Aktion Sports pickup will drop in. The latter is a serial embodiment of the recently introduced SunJong-SUT 1 concept. For the assembly of this truck "Sollers" will take this winter. Another couple of debutants, Citroen-C4 Aircross and Peugeot 4008, are clones of the Mitsubishi-ASX. If the French ventured to the Russian assembly of seven-seater crossovers, then the Kaluga PTS will also be more compact. Although 2012 we are likely to live with all-terrain vehicles brought from abroad. "Sollers" plans to hit and a large caliber. The plant in Tatarstan will organize the release of the latest Ford Explorer and the commercial Ford Transit.


Among the "foreigners" there are also enough interesting models expected by the market. The second generation i30 recalls that the budget Hyundai is not only Solaris. The stylish hatchback is not going to take root in Russia, but successful sales require an attractive price tag, which means local assembly.

For those wishing to pay extra for the name, design and image, we recommend the ninth generation of Honda Civic. A hatchback that has refreshed and has not lost its futurism will become the only body type for the Old World. Honda's pricing policy in Russia makes one doubt that the company is very interested in our market, but we will hope for a quick appearance of new items on domestic roads. A more distant prospect is the new Honda CR-V crossover. Its serial version for Europe will be shown only in the fall of 2012.

Autumn: Honda CR-V

Осенью: «Хонда CR-V»
Осенью: «Хонда CR-V»

Autumn: Honda CR-V Autumn: Honda CR-V

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