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Theft - A Solid No


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Video: Theft - A Solid No

Video: Theft - A Solid No
Video: Addalock Набор из 2 переносных дверных замков с защитой от Керстин Линдквист 2023, March
Theft - A Solid No
Theft - A Solid No



Hijacking is a nightmare for any motorist. The easiest and most reliable way to protect your car from theft is not to buy it. Unfortunately, the method is effective, but not universal.

Irreconcilable hostilities have been going on in the streets for a long time. The scale is impressive: every 10 seconds, someone’s car becomes the prey of the hijackers, and the income of the criminal business from the sale of stolen cars is estimated at $ 21 billion a year. In order not to be on the side of the victims and not to lose their faithful war horse, it is necessary to prepare and arm.

You must clearly understand the risk group of your car and take preventive measures to ensure its safety.

According to the statistics of car thefts over the past 2011, the leader of the most stolen cars in the first place was the popular model Mitsubishi Lancer. Following is the equally popular Mazda3. Third place went to Toyota Camry. The five most stolen cars are closed by Honda CR-V and Nissan Teana.

But do not relax and the rest of the car owner - the risk of theft of their car is less, but still great. Therefore, you must take care of car safety in advance.

Darkness is a friend not only of youth, but also of hijackers.



According to the statistics of one of the experts of the market of satellite anti-theft systems of the Avtokolator company, the majority of attempts at cars occur at night (from 23.00 to 07.00) in unguarded parking lots, in the courtyards of residential buildings. In the afternoon - from 6.00 to 18.00 - the “iron horses” are mainly stolen from parking lots near major shopping centers, while their unsuspecting owners are engaged in many hours of shopping.

There are three ways to take cars from citizens: violent, situational, and intellectual. The least popular way now is violent, i.e. using weapons.

Situational is a way of hijacking, in which the kidnappers manage to seize the keys to the car.

Intelligent hijacking is widespread now, especially applicable to cars worth over $ 30, 000. Only satellite security systems will help here. Now the satellite security system is also a remote engine lock, panic button, signal duplication (using not only GLONASS / GPS / GSM, but also radio channels that cannot be drowned out), the ability to identify the driver, an alarm message to the operator’s console around the clock Control Center when trying penetration into the cabin through doors or the trunk, opening the hood or breaking glass, emergency search devices. In a word, this is a comprehensive car security system that minimizes the possibility of car theft.



According to the Avtokolator company, one of the leaders in the market of satellite security systems, up to 97% of attempts to steal cars are suppressed. The remaining cars can be found in the shortest possible time. Possessing its own production and technical base, the process of upgrading security systems does not stand still, because hijackers “do not sleep” and step on the heels of all new security systems.

But you don’t need to provoke the hijackers to choose exactly your car with your actions. By following a few simple rules, you can avoid the sad consequences of stealing your car:

  • You have started the car and are cleaning snow, dirt from the windows or putting your purchases in the trunk. Very often, the keys remain in the ignition, and the documents in the bag on the seat. Thus, you facilitate the work of the kidnappers. And give the chance to the insurance company not to pay you the insurance premium.
  • With an accident, you do not need to immediately jump out of the car without shutting down the engine. The second participant in an accident can safely leave - along with your car and documents. With this method of hijacking Casco also will not pay. In an accident, first turn on the emergency gang, take the keys, documents, phone and get out of the car, while closing your car.
  • If, when you park your car, you are trying to turn on the alarm, but it does not work, it is possible that hijackers are scanning your code nearby. It is necessary to rearrange the car in a guarded parking lot, and it is better to go change the alarm code.
  • When repairing a car on a service, turn off all systems, since it is quite possible that attackers can scan your system.

You can win the fight against the hijackers, but do not count on Russian chance. Will not help! And vigilance, common sense and a preventive package of measures to protect your car will help.


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