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High-quality Gasoline: Prosecutors On Guard


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Video: High-quality Gasoline: Prosecutors On Guard

Video: High-quality Gasoline: Prosecutors On Guard
Video: U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) FY22 Budget Request SASC Hearing 2023, March
High-quality Gasoline: Prosecutors On Guard
High-quality Gasoline: Prosecutors On Guard

Auto fuel AI control


Would you like soda?

If AI95 (92, 98, etc.) is written on the gas station, then this does not mean anything. The technical regulation for petroleum products, introduced in its current version in September 2011, removed from government agencies the obligation to oversee compliance with the octane rating of the fuel declared by the manufacturer. To declare the number of Au of gasoline, as well as observe it, is a voluntary business of the manufacturer. Now he is obliged to sacredly withstand only environmental parameters: they are a “firing squad”.

And what happens. If the analysis shows the excess of sulfur, iron, N-methylaniline and other components, the culprit can be attracted to the full extent of the administrative law. But if the economic standards are met, but the car “does not drive” and the turbine “does not blow” (because it has 80th gasoline instead of the promised 95th label), the producer, it turns out, is impregnable - as clean as a baby. And if you pour soda, donkey urine into the gas tank, again, that's okay: they are also harmless to nature.

Serve the "iron" evidence

Rosstandart controllers are trying to deal with the "soda" at the gas station. Each month, independent expert laboratories check the fuel quality of all large oil refineries, and a little less often check the fuel in the laboratories of the refineries themselves. But this, probably, is not enough, since the bootlegg at gas stations is not uncommon. Take part in inspection actions? The fact of the matter is that the law does not give such a right.

It says: if a complaint is received from a “just a citizen”, an individual, about the quality of the refueling fuel, we can, without asking anyone, go to an unscheduled inspection. Another thing when an organization complains is a legal entity. In this case, we are obliged to ask for sanction from the prosecutor's office - and not otherwise. Such a funny law.

But applying for permission does not mean getting it. Prosecutors will certainly ask questions: what are the grounds for an unscheduled check? Engine detonation is no reason: how can you prove that the car owner himself did not “miss” the engine malfunction? And then, the law states that verification is possible only if the use of the product has caused damage or created conditions that threaten life, human health or property. Are there any victims? Serious property losses? There is "iron" evidence that the loss resulted, as you put it, bodyagie?

The subtext is understandable and it is this: there is nothing without good reason to “nightmare a business”. And prosecutorial sources loyal to the quality control service explained (in an undertone) that the installation was “from above”: the number of permits for additional checks, even on complaints, should be minimal.

And here is not guilty …

According to the invoices of the receipt at the gas station of defective goods, it would be possible to trace who produced it. However, this is already called operational-search measures, and they are the prerogative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The police responded to the suggestions to start the search: we don’t have enough strength to investigate criminal offenses, and you want to slip rubbish with loaded gasoline …

Even if we break through these walls, the court will have to convince the manufacturer of the guilt. What is also not easy - in conditions when now the optionality of matching fuel to the octane number on the "tag" is now allowed.

Warranty - Export Only

The freedoms granted in the domestic regulations are all the more strange since the AI fuel requirements are already specified in the regulations, which will come into force in 2013 under the Eurasian Union Treaty between the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The same requirements already (and this is natural) apply to the export of fuel. It turns out that compatriots will be killed.

Each thing has signs of material and non-material. Let's say a knife is beautiful - a virtue? Of course. And if he is dumb?.. Gasoline meets eco-requirements - dignity? Yes … But the octane number is one of the main operational parameters that characterizes fuel as a commodity. And further, the actual number of fuel Ai ensures or does not ensure the safety of expensive property of citizens, as well as to a certain extent - the safety of motorists themselves. All to ensure that the relevant provisions should be returned to the Russian fuel regulations. Isn't it obvious?

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