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Exclusion Strip


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Video: Exclusion Strip

Video: Exclusion Strip
Video: Strip-Tease - L'EXPULSION 2023, March
Exclusion Strip
Exclusion Strip



For the experiment, two streets of the Petrograd district have so far been selected: in December 2011, the first dividers will be installed on Bolshaya Pushkarskaya Street and on Bolshoi Prospect of the Petrograd Side. The height of the curbs is 10 cm, the width is about 8 cm. The length of the fence line is about one hundred meters. The experiment will last until the spring of 2012 - during this time the authorities of St. Petersburg are going to find out how drivers will react to the innovation. And will it interfere with snow removal?

Around the same time, the Moscow mayor decided to personally ride a bus along the allocated lane of the capital's Michurinsky Avenue. By chance, the main Moscow traffic policeman, the head of Mosgortrans and a number of officials rode the same bus somewhere. But something didn’t work somewhere and the “star cast” got into a traffic jam between Indira Gandhi Square and Kosygin Street …

Officials seemed surprised: according to reports and reports, the highlighted bands are good by definition! However, it is absolutely clear to someone who turns the steering wheel in the absence of “light music” on the roof and the “correct” certificate in his pocket that it is better not to stutter with two lanes on the roadway. But adding a new strip to the Chiefs is obviously weak, but taking away the existing one is easy …

According to our information, the mayor ordered someone from the retinue to think about how to expand the road. God grant that someone really thought. And for those who are interested in the opinion of “ordinary” Zarulevites we offer fragments from the reader’s letter. If possible, we smoothed the harshest expressions …

Wicked letter to the editor from the reader


Your opinion regarding public transport lanes has been explained with the release of the December issue of ZR. The negative view of car owners (whoever you ask - everyone is dissatisfied), it simply does not coincide with the official position of the magazine, voiced on its first pages. Having given out a portion of a hypocritically politically correct chewing gum in the spirit of the prevalence of the high interests of society over the vile claims of individuals (tell the Kremlin and the Duma), they explain to us that cars should give way to the public, cheerfully traveling on buses and trolleybuses. The fact that cars do not drive on their own, but are taking people, is not mentioned.

By the way (sorry for some chauvinism), there is an opinion in society that motorists are far from being the most backward and second-rate part of the people. And to go in your own car, you must first not only study and work, but even rob and steal much more successfully than is required for accumulating a ticket on the subway. In addition, car owners and, as they like to call them, “car enthusiasts” are the main readership of ZR, which by such a position to a large extent betrays the interests of its audience.

I personally do not want to read propaganda in the style of "Surrender: the occupation command promises everyone who gives the keys to the car a bottle of vodka, an accordion and a bus ticket!" But if you continue to treat us with such “materials”, then it will probably be cheaper to buy a metro ticket instead of the next issue of the magazine. Sincerely, K. Vinogradov

Expert commentary

Mikhail Kolodochkin, Head of the Department of Expertise


- That's what these trams bring to!

M. Bulgakov. "The Master and Margarita"

I love the car. Slamming his door, we thereby cut off a huge part of our problems - they remain there, outside. And this is a real buzz, which a modern person so needs with his stresses and psychoses. This was especially felt under socialism: the absence of a personal machine crowned the universal emptiness on the shelves and in the souls. Today, the gods chuckle: “Porsche” and “Maserati” are moving along Tverskaya and Liteiny with the speed of Artamonov’s bicycle! And even slower.



The first to come to their senses were "not in our area, " as Comrade said. Saahs. When it came to the consciousness of the average European that it was easy to get around any traffic jam, reseeding from a Renault or Peugeot into a clean and comfortable trailer, a modern tram silently rolled into the streets of Western capitals and suburbs. And in the same Seoul, a prosperous employee of a wealthy company is in no hurry to buy a car: he lives on the outskirts and it is much more convenient for him to get on a bus, which famously rushes to the center in a dedicated lane. Here is the main argument: it’s more convenient for him!

And what about us? Yes, as always, unfortunately: we went, spied and blurted out - they say, we will do the same! So far, it’s very stupid: it was already crowded, but now it’s really bad. But the main thing, in my opinion, is not that. If these same lanes really helped public transport, which as a result would gain Seoul speed and punctuality, then the argument in favor of the allocated lanes would be deadly: guys, transfer to a bus or tram - and do not worry!

But when the same bus or even a tram at the very first intersection runs into a traffic jam - where do they go? - everything becomes clear. For no reason, the highlighted strip cannot arise: it needs real space without intersections. Yes, such a space that no thrice-free “Hammer” - even with tricolors, light music and matyugalnik - could physically crawl into the forbidden territory of Public Transport!

Alas, today a metro that is clogged up to failure, and even a ridiculous attraction called a monorail, can move this way … No other allocated lanes in the existing city infrastructure will work normally - unless draconian measures such as “ban”, “disperse” and “do not let go. " To all appearances, this is the case. But even if tomorrow someone’s Decree outlaws all personal cars, there will be no one to accept the newly-arrived passengers! Why Big Heads do not think about it, the question is not for me.

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