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Government Procurement Of Cars: Prado From Grandfather


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Government Procurement Of Cars: Prado From Grandfather
Government Procurement Of Cars: Prado From Grandfather



Dear Grandfather, hello

Sorry we wrote you too. However, in another matter. Such a time. It turns out that your magical gift opportunities, like you yourself, are no longer needed. Do not believe? Look at your New Year’s mail - is there a letter from the employees of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance in the Belgorod Region? They still ask that they buy a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado for work (!) For 2 million 411 thousand rubles.

No letters? And it won’t be, because they don’t believe in you, cynics. They are now closer to the wizards from the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Finance. Do you think that roads are bad in Belgorod, that’s why they need a jeep in order to quickly manage the health of animals, pets and not so much? By the way, a long-term target program “Improvement and development of the road network in the Belgorod region for 2011-2013” was adopted in this region.

Do you know, Grandfather, how much money was allocated for her? 27.535 billion rubles! From the regional and federal budgets! The German autobahns will be laid there for the money - why do they need a super-sophisticated frame all-terrain vehicle? Do you think they will cross the ford rivers? You are wrong again. According to the above program, it is planned to repair all 43 bridges in Belgorod region. Yes, that bridges, the length of hard roads in settlements will be increased by 2, 000 km.

Grandfather, I can still understand our governors who buy powerful luxury "Mercedes", so to speak, for efficient movement around the territory entrusted to them. We have a large country, a different region in area like Sweden, whose king, Carl Gustav, still drives a Volvo S30. Did you send him caramel, or something, by the way. Although not only about jeeps our government officials dream of. Do you know that there is a Leningrad Interregional Veterinary Laboratory in the world? And she, by the way, bypassing you through a government procurement auction ordered Toyota Camry for 1 million 451 thousand 771 rubles. White color. Do you think that they picked up the color according to the weather? Nope. They have a boss - a woman! And then, such a machine is a product of a Russian enterprise, to which our officials are obliged to give preference when choosing such gifts …

True, there are exceptions. Presumably annoying. The state budget institution of the Republic of Mari El “Medvedev District Station for the Control of Animal Diseases” - honestly, that's what it is called! - modestly looked after “Lada-Priora” for its needs for 338 thousand 500 rubles. Grandfather, be sure to give them a present from you! Just not rackets and a shuttlecock for badminton. They are one of the few who did not refuse you de jure and de facto!

At the same time, do not pass your New Year's attention to the Tambov Regional Museum of Local Lore. Let it not bother you that they ordered an imported car through the public procurement system for 1 million 704 thousand rubles. With this money they want to buy a 17-seater Ford Transit bus in order to carry small tourists. Be a friend, you have them to this bus - in addition to chocolates, of course - give insurance at least.

If you suddenly receive a letter from the Office of the Federal Registration Service for the Leningrad Region, no gifts to them! They certainly don’t believe in you! Otherwise, how to explain the order on their behalf for the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 at a price of 3 million 360 thousand rubles ?! The material and technical department of this organization does not agree on anything less, they told us by telephone. Where does the unhealthy passion for expensive Japanese technology come from?

I can still understand the Far East, they have it nationally. Say, the regional psychiatric hospital No. 2, in the city of Spassk-Dalniy, also published its application for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado for 2 million 400 thousand rubles on the government procurement website. Surely patients will roll along the seaside for greater relaxation - why else would they need such a comfortable monster?

By the way, you write down brands and models, at least you will be aware of what is now in fashion. I suppose you’re delivering everything on deer-horses and don’t know what to ride, if the budget allows. The department of property of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, it seems, is also tired of domestic deer, since it is looking for Mitsubishi-Pajero for 1 million 838 thousand rubles through the government procurement website.

Grandfather, we could not stand it, called there.

Hello, is it Nadym, Zverev Street, eight?

Yes, what do you want?

Guys, why do you need such an expensive car?

Not bought yet: our auction has been canceled

Really abandoned the toy themselves?

No, the seller forgot to submit some paper for the auction. But we all buy this one “pajer”

It was useless to call other civil servants representing the glorious federal and regional departments, because everywhere there were reinforced concrete explanations of why budgetary - read: our hard earned money - money is acquired, for example, just two Mercedes-Benz E 350 cars totaling 5 million 880 thousand rubles, as was done at the Russian Customs Academy. Yes, to "ensure meetings of the heads of delegations of the customs authorities of countries belonging to the World Trade Organization"!

Do you know that for the work of the upcoming APEC summit, the Rossiya transport complex plans to acquire 120 cars worth 310 million rubles? Among them are the BMW 750L and the BMW-523 business sedans. Against this background, the fact that they managed to cancel the tender for the supply of the armored Audi-A8 for 8 million 500 thousand rubles for the Ministry of Finance of Dagestan was regarded as an unfortunate misunderstanding.

This is not to say that we just sit and cry. Grandfather, even State Duma deputies took care of this issue: they send requests to auto firms (for example, we give a table for one brand, but other premium brands are no less popular among public servants) to find out which of the sovereign servants buy expensive toys. And one political movement tried to introduce a bill on the price ceiling of such acquisitions at the treasury expense. And the ceiling is quite decent - 1 million rubles, but, alas, this project was rejected. Here the mass of our people finds solace in cars worth a million, but officials do not.

REFERENCE TO PURCHASE OF TOYOTA CARS BY STATE INSTITUTIONS from 2009 to 2010 (based on the request of the deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation dated October 12, 2010 No. GG-150.6)


Meanwhile, the way out of this situation lies on the surface. Grandpa, that's what we came up with. You, when you will be delivering gifts for the New Year, paint the cars of civil servants in the manner of the limousine of the US president. You cannot confuse his car with any other. Here you are, on our bureaucrats' cars and write on the doors too: “Pension Fund Branch for Moscow and the Region” (BMW-745Li, 4 million 486 thousand rubles), “Administration of Naberezhnye Chelny” (Mercedes-Benz S class, 6 million rubles). We will at least know what our money is for. Otherwise, we will not stock up on such gifts. However, as we have already sadly noticed, the need for you as a source of joy and surprises has almost disappeared.

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