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Flight: A New Mode Of Transport


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Video: Flight: A New Mode Of Transport

Video: Flight: A New Mode Of Transport
Video: Urban air mobility (UAM) – The rise of a new mode of transportation 2023, March
Flight: A New Mode Of Transport
Flight: A New Mode Of Transport



For the first time, the idea of using the “effect of the influence of the proximity of the earth” arose with K. E. Tsiolkovsky. Back in 1927, he proposed creating a new type of road transport with wagons sliding over the gutter. Between them there should have been a small space filled with compressed air flowing from the car. Air was used as air grease.

The principle of the operation of an airplane is based on a similar idea. What features does an airplane have compared to cars, planes, ships? Is he really a prototype of the transport of the future? For its movement does not require any special roads. A plane can move through swamp, snow, sand or water. It is an amphibious machine, for the operation of which there are no need for marinas, moorings, etc. Compared to airplanes or helicopters, an airplane has such indisputable advantages as lower power consumption necessary to maintain it in the air, external simplicity of design and ease of control. For 1 ton of flight weight, an airplane needs 200 l. s, for a helicopter - 400 l. s, the plane requires only 6 0 - 100 liters. with.

Now compare it with a car. The advantages of the aircraft will be high traffic, in other words all-terrain, as well as negligible friction losses against air.

Less resistance to movement can be obtained when flying over water. This will allow him to develop a significantly higher speed compared to sea and river vessels.

Well, what about the flaws? Airplanes have specific features that can limit their scope. This is primarily the additional cost of power for "hanging". After all, neither land nor water vehicles, while stationary, consume power.

Curtiss Wright (USA) built a passenger car with a flight weight of 1300 kg (including the weight of two passengers). It was described on the pages of the magazine “Behind the Wheel”. 300 l engine with. drive two horizontal fans. Hanging height - about 300 mm, speed - 96 km / h. The device is made according to the chamber scheme with jet propulsion.

The experimental car was created by Ford. Its load is 2 tons, a speed of 65 km / h and a height of 1.2 m. The climb it overcomes is 30%. The device is equipped with two turboprop engines with a capacity of 300 liters. with. each driving fans and traction screws at the same time. Net weight - 4 tons, specific pressure in the pillow - 0.007 kg / cm. The way to create a pillow is nozzle.

Comparative data on the profitability of using airplanes, amphibious trucks and helicopters depending on the distance of flights give reason to believe that airplanes have a great future, but before they become as perfect devices as now a helicopter or a car, it will take a lot of time, and it will take spend a lot


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