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Caution, Ice


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Caution, Ice
Caution, Ice



Most often, the loss of stability of a car is characterized by its drift or drift, i.e., by arbitrary movement away from a given direction. Typically, on a slippery road, skidding occurs with a sharp increase in the speed of the drive wheels or with inept braking, and during a turn and simultaneous braking, the risk of skidding increases, although skidding can occur on an even, straight stretch of track.

On slippery roads, the braking force exerted on the wheels of the car can easily approach the traction force between the tire and the road. In this case, the slightest effort is enough to cause the wheels to shift laterally, then turning into lateral sliding.

When rear wheels begin to skid, the driver must immediately stop braking and sharply turn the steering wheel towards the skid, and then, as soon as the car is level, quickly return the steering wheel to its previous position.

If the driver does not perform this technique, then the skid will increase and the car will continue to random side

movement until it stops under the influence of the friction of the wheels on the road or from an impact on an obstacle. In the latter case, the vehicle may tip over.

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