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Drivers Squeezed Out Of The Strip (VIDEO)


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Video: Drivers Squeezed Out Of The Strip (VIDEO)

Video: Drivers Squeezed Out Of The Strip (VIDEO)
Video: 12 Moments You Wouldn’t Believe If Not Filmed 2023, March
Drivers Squeezed Out Of The Strip (VIDEO)
Drivers Squeezed Out Of The Strip (VIDEO)

On November 19, another dedicated lane for public transport started operating in Moscow: city services uncovered prohibition signs on the Yaroslavl Highway - from the Moscow Ring Road to the Riga Station. The markup with the formidable letters "A" was drawn ahead of time, before the onset of cold weather. Moreover, not only in Yaroslavka, but also on other routes, the allocated lanes on which will soon take effect. Simultaneously with the launch of the dedicated line in Yaroslavka, Mosgortrans launched the semi-express 903 bus route with only five stops from Kholmogorskaya Street (near MKAD) to the Riga Station.

In total, 17 such routes of the 900th numbering are promised to Muscovites, while three are working. All of them will be special, bright yellow coloring. Passengers are enticed by a small number of stops, high speed, small intervals (up to 5 minutes) and, most importantly, by the same fares as on regular, non-high-speed routes. In addition, turnstiles are omitted on 900 buses. The goal is one: get motorists to change to public transport.

In 2012, such express trains will ride on the “dedicated lines”


In 2012, such express trains will ride on the “dedicated lines” In 2012, such express trains will ride on the “dedicated lines”

Arguments of transporters: the speed of buses in all the allocated lanes has increased significantly - from 11% on Volokolamsk highway to 43% on Andropov Avenue. An average of 20-25 percent. These data were cited at a press conference by the Director General of the State Unitary Enterprise Mosgortrans Petr Ivanov. To the question of journalists what happened after the introduction of the dedicated line with the speed of personal transport, Ivanov replied that his organization did not take measurements, but assured that, according to Yandex, on the tracks where there are dedicated lanes, cars drive at the same speed.

Whether this is true or not is difficult to verify. The traffic inspectorate is not involved in measuring average speed, but it is happy to receive information from cameras and draw up protocols: the fine for leaving the “vydelenka” is now 300 rubles, and from July 1, 2012 it will increase to 3, 000 rubles. And for parking in the strip with the letter “A” in Moscow you will have to pay several times - for the entrance itself, for incorrect parking (3000 rubles) and, finally, evacuation (at least 2000 rubles).

Ivanov from Mosgortrans believes that by launching a dedicated line, the city helps motorists. How? Yes, it’s very simple: the extreme lane will be cleared of parked cars, buses and trolleybuses will not need to climb into the second lane, and owners of personal vehicles will finally freely go along it.

Calling on a strip with the letter "A" will be unprofitable


Calling into a strip with the letter "A" will be unprofitable Calling into a strip with the letter "A" will be unprofitable

Where are the dedicated bands officially working today?

At the end of November, 11 sections of allocated lanes for public transport were equipped and commissioned in the capital. In November alone, sections from Kievsky Station to Novoperedelkina, from Kutuzovsky Prospekt to Varshavsky Highway, on Yaroslavsky Highway from MKAD to Riga Railway Station, started working. But it must be borne in mind: on most of the lanes designated for public transport, the movement of personal vehicles is not prohibited until prohibition signs work. This was confirmed by ZaRulem. RF deputy chief of the traffic police in the city of Moscow Vladimir Tomchak.

And it’s forbidden to go into private trades here:

1. Volokolamsk highway (from MKAD to metro station “Tushinskaya”)

2. Andropov Avenue - Proletarsky Prospekt - Baku - Lipetsk - Caspian (from metro station Kolomenskaya to the Moscow Ring Road)

3. Leningradskoye Shosse (from Belorussky Train Station to Sokol metro station)

4. Shchelkovo highway (from Khabarovskaya St. to metro station Preobrazhenskaya Square)

5. Pyatnitskoe highway - (from the house 3 to the 4th microdistrict. Mitina)

6. Borovskoye Shosse - Michurinsky Prospect - Vorobyevskoye Shosse - ul. Kosygina-Berezhkovskaya emb. (from Fedosino street to Kiev station)

7. Sevastopol Avenue (from Vinokurov St. to metro station "Yasenevo")

8. Lublin street (from Volgogradsky Prospekt to the project. Driveway No. 5396)

9. Aminievskoe highway - Lobachevsky street - Obruchev - Balaklavsky prospect (from Kutuzovsky prospect to Warsaw highway)

10. Vernadsky Avenue (from Lobachevsky Street to the metro station "South-West")

11. Yaroslavl highway-Prospekt Mira (from MKAD to Riga station)

The official scheme for the introduction of dedicated bands

Официальная схема введения выделенных полос
Официальная схема введения выделенных полос

The official scheme for the introduction of dedicated lanes The official scheme for the introduction of dedicated lanes

By the end of 2011, “dedicated” employees should earn money on Leninsky Prospekt (from the Udarnik movie theater to Rumyantsev), on Zvenigorodskoye Shosse (from Krasnaya Presnya St. to MKAD), on Leningradskoye Shosse (from Sokol to MKAD) and on Volokolamsk Shosse (from Tushinskaya to Falcon). The markings on the highway of Enthusiasts, Volgograd and Ryazan Avenue, Warsaw and Kashirsky Highways can be ignored for now. But it’s better to get accustomed to order.

Accustoming is not an easy task. Turned slightly before or after intermittent marking - and you are guaranteed to get into the camera lens or into the hands of a traffic cop. And these breaks are very, very short. However, traffic inspectors assure that there will be no concessions to anyone - 44 traffic police officers have already been fined for “moving without official necessity” along the “allotment”. In newly opened areas, inspectors, however, are quite loyal to motorists who violate the markings. But only in the first weeks.

Officials do not hide: the main task of introducing the allocated lanes is to transfer people to public transport. That's just to publicize this idea, as usual, they can not correctly. No, to hang out an advertisement with the text like “I can get from the Moscow Ring Road to the center by bus in 20 minutes. Use the expresses Mosgortrans. The transport authorities rely more on the widely known agency OBS - a neighbor in the courtyard will tell how she quickly arrived by bus yesterday. So the buses, which have not yet been painted in bright yellow, are half-empty along the allotment in Yaroslavka. Competing in speed with colorful cars.

On the Entuziastov highway, the “dedicated line” is not working yet, but the forebodings are the most alarming: not one, but almost one and a half lanes were allotted for public transport on the section from metro Ilyich Square to Aviamotornaya. Multiply this by the endless construction of a canceled like the Fourth Ring - and the final paralysis of this direction is ensured.

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