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Russia Helps America Fight Traffic Violators


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Video: Russia Helps America Fight Traffic Violators

Video: Russia Helps America Fight Traffic Violators
Russia Helps America Fight Traffic Violators
Russia Helps America Fight Traffic Violators



It all started with a video posted on YouTube. The number of views per month was close to a million. The video made it possible to verify that the latest Cordon system accurately detects the numbers of passing cars in a matter of seconds, regardless of their speed and position relative to the camera. It turned out that NPP Simikon already has partners in the New World, though not in the USA, but in Canada. Peak Gain Systems has entered into an agreement with the Russian side to supply the Radis speed meter to the continent, and it is possible that Cordon will soon join it.

It is worth noting that such a new technique has caused quite controversial reviews in the Internet environment. Here are just a few of them:

- Technique - “excellent”, but the idea itself - “unsuccessful”! In the entire civilized world, to bring charges of violating the traffic law and, accordingly, impose any penalty, photographs of the violator must be provided. Our legislator, as usual, took a different, easier way for himself. We send a fine to the owner and - all: let him pay, parasite! But he won’t pay, so we’ll catch him at Sheremetyevo before the holidays and will not let him go anywhere! In short, it is necessary to fine not cars, but specific criminals!

- Well done, St. Petersburg. Only I still do not believe that the Yankees will buy it all. One thing, for the sake of laughter - well, maybe …

- By the way, such things are far from allowed everywhere in America! In one third of the states this is allowed, in the other it is forbidden, and the third is still thought!

- Nonsense is all about our equipment! Probably one from Korea, another from Hong Kong, the third from Taiwan …

Frankly, in our editorial office ZR. RU, the discussions were no less heated. We give the opinions of experts at the wheel, as well as the developers of the Cordon complex. We publish their answers below:


Mikhail Kolodochkin, Head of the Department of Expertise and Special Projects, ZR

“When exactly such“Russians”go to America, you feel a long-forgotten sense of pride in the country. It turns out that we can still do something! The plot, shot on the Alexander Nevsky bridge in St. Petersburg, really caused a flurry of unusual transatlantic responses from the series “Live calmly and on you!”, As well as “I will see - I will break it!” For the curious, there’s a reference to non-sacred material, which’s called: “Russians are coming"…

There is nothing surprising in the fact that our photo-radar complex monitors all traffic flows in both directions alone, tracking speed, going to the oncoming lane, and driving along dedicated lanes. I have no doubt that the Americans could create such a complex on their own. (In contrast, by the way, from the Chinese, who have been trying to tear St. Petersburg microwave equipment for many years, but to no avail.) The good news is that we have products that can be called modern without any stretch. Therefore, the company Peak Gain Systems and put this photoradar speed meter in the list of products on its website.

And we will “catch up and overtake” later. This is not for us to get used to …"



Sergey Smirnov, Head of Investigation Department

“Often you have to answer the question: is it not lawful to hold accountable not the driver of the car, but its owner? Yes, rightfully so. Our lawmakers introduced a special rule in the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, which establishes that it is the owners (owners) of vehicles that are held accountable if the violation is recorded automatically (Article 2.6.1).. Moreover, the principle of the presumption of innocence does not apply to such cases. Unlike in European countries where police officers are required to identify the offender, it’s enough for us to fix a car that violates traffic rules. And the owner, who does not consider himself guilty, is forced to either convince law enforcement agencies that he was not driving, or to prove that the car, for example, is being stolen.”


Ilya Barsky, General Director of NPP “Simikon, Chief Designer, Ph. D

“I will be brief. I don’t want to discuss the reason for the popularity of the video, as well as praise our development. In my opinion, today is much more important than the other: why almost all the media vying to argue on topics, how to trick a novelty and which of the existing radar detectors “takes” it ?! Is it really necessary to explain that such "pieces of iron" appear on the roads for our own safety? It is such a technique that automatically reduces the number of "sellers of striped sticks" and reduces the number of reckless reckless reckless drivers!”


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