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Subtle Design Meanings, Or 15 Minutes With The Creators Of Renault Captur


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Video: Subtle Design Meanings, Or 15 Minutes With The Creators Of Renault Captur

Video: Subtle Design Meanings, Or 15 Minutes With The Creators Of Renault Captur
Video: Renault Captur | Função Car 2023, March
Subtle Design Meanings, Or 15 Minutes With The Creators Of Renault Captur
Subtle Design Meanings, Or 15 Minutes With The Creators Of Renault Captur

ZR: First of all, I would like to hear a few words about your main work - the Captur concept. How did you come to the car with this design? What was the main idea when creating? What can be expected from such a car if it goes into mass production?

Magali Gouro-Borje (MGB): The Captur is a car that is part of our new strategy, the so-called circle of life. First in this circle is DeZir, symbolizing love and destined for two, and then Captur. And if DeZir is a car for lovers, then Captur is for those lovers who want to go on a trip. Three keywords can best characterize the style of this concept: simple, sensual, warm - that is, simple, sensual and warm, so to speak, friendly. When creating, we tried to create a light and fast car. For example, I was responsible for the interior of Captur and, for my part, drew inspiration from the human body. I wanted wisdom to be combined with dynamism.


Renault Captur
Renault Captur

Renault Captur Renault Captur

ZR: At your Nissan Alliance partner, we already saw the Juke compact crossover. Can we expect Renault to have a similar car that will be the serial embodiment of the Captur concept? If so, could you tell us more about him?

Julio Lozano (HL): At the moment, we can not say anything about the production version of Captur. However, I can say that by creating the concept, we explored and paved the way for the future. Thus, the concept will definitely affect the appearance of all future Renault models, but for now this is all we can say about this.

ZR: A question from another area. A few months ago, we talked to Lawrence van den Acker, Renault's vice president of corporate design. What kind of relationship is developing in your team? Can you say that Mr. Van den Aker is your boss?

MGB: You know, we really have a very good relationship! He is very kind to other employees and always asks our opinion and vision of this or that question.

HL: No, you know, Lawrence doesn't look like such a typical boss, rather we are a team. He is part of the team, although he is at the head. Nevertheless, he communicates with everyone on an equal footing, supports us, so we have a good relationship that helps in creating concepts.

ZR: What is your relationship with AvtoVAZ? What can you say about the design of Lada Granta?

HL: AvtoVAZ is significantly different from Renault, despite the cooperation. The design of these machines, of course, is more thorough and even rude, and they have a completely different code …

MGB: … but I really like Niva! In my opinion, a unique car even for Europe, with great off-road capabilities.

HL: Exactly! In addition, the Renault-Nissan alliance is now investing heavily in the Lada brand, so I’m sure that it will be a big change and a great future.


Во время лекции
Во время лекции

During the lecture During the lecture

ZR: Since we are talking about Russian cars, maybe let's talk about Russian designers? Do you have any in your team?

HL: Yes, of course, and not one! Now Russian designers are doing everything to break through, and we notice it. For example, we work with Anton Shamenkov, Andrey Basmanov and others, unfortunately, I don’t remember the names now. Nevertheless, we work closely with all of them, and they inspire us, and we inspire them. Therefore, you know, even reading the Internet, you can see that Russian design and creativity are on the rise, design schools are getting better and better and as a result more and more interesting projects appear.

ZR: You mentioned inspiration. What else inspires you? Perhaps artists or music?

MGB: There are a lot of such things, almost everything inspires: music, paintings …

HL: … yes, yes, even cities and fashion! I even once said such advice to anyone who wants to create a car design: “Do not create a car! Do anything, but not the car itself.”

ZR: Can you name some examples?

HL: Yes, of course! For example, when creating the Captur concept, I was inspired by sports equipment and clothes: sneakers, sunglasses, protection …

MGB: And I, in turn, was inspired by the work of constructive sculptor Naum Gabo, in which he used lines to create a volume that did not cause a pressing sensation. [This refers to the metal sculpture of Naum Gabo in Rotterdam. - Note Editorial ZR. RU]


Интерьер Renault Captur…
Интерьер Renault Captur…

Interior Renault Captur … Interior Renault Captur …


…и скульптура Габо в Роттердаме
…и скульптура Габо в Роттердаме

… and the sculpture of Gabo in Rotterdam … and the sculpture of Gabo in Rotterdam

ZR: What is the most important thing in design? What should you always remember?

MGB: The main thing is to be curious, to be interested in the world around us, to be open.

HL: It cannot be denied that talent is very important. But the most important thing is not talent, the most important thing is to go to your dream. And then she will certainly come true.

ZR: And what is your dream?

HL: My main dream has already come true - to become a car designer. And, of course, make beautiful concepts, which will later come to life.

MGB: To see the car that we ourselves created on the street is the best dream come true!

ZR: I will ask you the same question that I asked Laurence van den Aker. Do you have a dream car? And if so, what kind of car is it?

HL: … the same as Lawrence! * laughs *.



MGB: And for me it is the Alpine A110.

HL: I don’t know, there are many such cars, it’s quite difficult to choose, because there are a lot of such classic cars. And which Lawrence chose?

ZR: Lancia Stratos

HL: I agree! Great choice!

ZR: Magali, the question is for you. Do you think national influences affect interior design? Is the interior different for Americans, Europeans and, say, residents of the Asian region?

MGB: I think that in any case, the design should be high-quality and practical, but I would say that Asians pay more attention to the presence of modern gadgets and electronics, while Europeans are more important than comfort, practicality and the amount of useful space. However, this attitude also changes over time.

ZR: In our century of globalization, is Renault a European brand or a global one?

MGB: I think that from year to year Renault is becoming an increasingly expressive brand and can afford to be different depending on the market, global in this sense.

ZR: Some critics believe that French cars, including Renault, lack practicality. If you take a German car, for example, Volkswagen, maybe it is not so expressive, but practical. Could you comment on this statement?

HL: I agree, German cars will suit rationalists. However, they lack some moments, but Renault has them - this is the spirit, the romantic sensation you experience when you see the car. Therefore, Renault - a car so romance, Latin, if I may say so. There is a compromise between passion and practicality …

MGB: … and then, if you take, for example, Espace, a model that has already become a model for the organization of internal space.

HL: Of course! And if you look at the Twingo model, you will see that it was also very practical, but there was also emotion.

ZR: And the last question! What can you say to readers who want to become designers, perhaps on the Renault team?

HL: I'm sure if they really long for this, they constantly and hard work on it, they will succeed. Now Russia is experiencing a boom in its history, I say so, observing the dynamics of the emergence of new Renault dealers in the country. I think such young designers have great opportunities and they have chosen the right moment for their career.

MGB: I agree! Renault welcomes all talented designers who are ready to work with passion and zeal.

ZR: Well, okay! We wish Renault success, and you - create many new and interesting concepts

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