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Optimum Volvo S60


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Video: Optimum Volvo S60

Video: Optimum Volvo S60
Video: #51 Тачка на Прокачку Volvo S60 Студия Медведь 2023, March
Optimum Volvo S60
Optimum Volvo S60

Volvo S60, from 1, 099, 000 rubles

«Вольво-S60», от 1 099 000 руб
«Вольво-S60», от 1 099 000 руб

Volvo S60, from 1, 099, 000 rubles. Volvo S60, from 1, 099, 000 rubles.

Take as a basis

To begin, choose a body. No one disputes the fact that the wagon is more practical, but the sedan is more prestigious, which means … more universal! But the main thing is that in the optimal versions of V60 equipment, the S60 sedan is more expensive by tangible 160-200 thousand rubles.

With powertrains to determine even easier. The base 150-horsepower 1.6-liter T3 turbo engine is not bad in terms of performance, but it can only be obtained with a manual gearbox. Not only that - in the Kinetic and Summum versions it is 70 and 75 thousand rubles more expensive than the more powerful T4 modification, which is not only equipped with the same engine, inflated to 180 forces, but also with the Powershift robotic gearbox - an analogue of the Volkswagen DSG. Nonsense? Rather, a special offer that is hard to refuse. We are ready to take this engine with a clear conscience for the optimum: 9 seconds to hundreds, 10 liters in the city and a moderate transport tax (8, 100 rubles per year in Moscow) are quite suitable for us.

Volvo S60 trim Urban Wood / Shimmer Graphite


Only the next-ranking version of the T5 with a 5-cylinder engine of 249 liters. with. more expensive than T4 by only 80, 000 rubles. Today, in terms of price and power, this is the best offer in the class. Nevertheless, we cannot call it optimal: 7.2 from acceleration to 100 km / h in practice results in a relatively high consumption of constantly rising fuel, and the tax burden (18, 675 rubles in Moscow) is pretty annoying. Only due to the fact that this motor did not overcome the bar of 250 liters. S., tax service does not look as serious as the most powerful version of T6 (304 hp.). A car with a 6-cylinder power unit can be obtained exclusively with all-wheel drive transmission, and the price tag from two million is just beginning.

Alas, a little cheaper and 215-horsepower diesel engine. The asset of this engine can be written relatively low fuel costs and the associated four-wheel drive. If not for the price, an attractive option would be.

Volvo S60, from 1, 099, 000 rubles


It remains to choose a complete set. Already the basic Kinetic, which can be obtained with T3, T4 and T5 motors, is not badly equipped with: 6 airbags, ABS, ESP, climate control, MP3 radio with color display, full-blown power accessories and alloy wheels. Standing a notch “Momentum” implies a surcharge of 80, 000 rubles, which will go for improved interior trim, a more advanced radio, larger wheels per inch, rear parking sensors and a scattering of useful little things that make the car more representative and comfortable. But by and large, the options necessary for our optimum are not here.

Finally, the most expensive Summum - plus 255, 000 rubles. For the money you get a leather interior, bi-xenon headlights and electric driver's seat. It makes no sense to choose this version, since at retail all this equipment is actually half the price.

Standing apart is the "R-design", assigned to the most powerful version of the T6, - "sport" shines through here in every detail. True, and the price tag for the "erku" assigned appropriate.

Thus, the most profitable option today will be Kinetic-T4, for which practically nothing needs to be ordered additionally: the car is already equipped with more than dignity. That's nice: we would really not want to go beyond the barrier of 1.2 million rubles.

Volvo S60, from 1, 099, 000 rubles



LEATHER SALON (33 000 rub.). Whether Volvo belongs to the premium or not - you can argue for a long time. However, the price of the skin is very attractive, and it’s an order of magnitude easier to care for such a salon than for fabric or velor.

BIXENON ADAPTIVE HEADLIGHTS / WASHER (56 500/9900 rub.). With such a light, it is easier to overpower a long road, and in a city a car on xenon is noticeably better. In addition, it is no secret to anyone that this is an important attribute of the image of the machine. It should be noted that a prerequisite for the selection of such headlights is the simultaneous order of a washer.

SECRET WHEEL BOLTS (2100 rub.). Not a panacea, of course. But in the daytime, the "secrets" are likely to save the wheels from other people's raking hands.


WATERPROOF COVERING of the front door glass / + LAMINATED SIDE GLAZING (10 000/19 900 rub.). The effect is similar to the work of special tools: raindrops quickly drain, without stopping the driver from using peripheral vision and mirrors. Laminated glazing allows you to not be afraid that fraudsters will break the window with a light blow. In addition, it is a significant addition to sound insulation.

RAIN SENSOR (5900 rub.). Over the past decade, the work of such assistants has been almost perfected, and yet we leave the choice to you.

THIN CLEANING SYSTEM OF IAQS / "CLEAN AIR" CZIP (6700/10 000 rub.). The basic equipment of any S60 implies the presence of a carbon filter for the cabin, but in addition to this, IAQS automatically activates recirculation using the air quality sensor, and CZIP is generally unique - it purifies the air in the cabin even with the engine turned off, which allergy sufferers will appreciate.

HUMIDITY SENSOR (6700 rub.). It determines the moment the glass starts to fog up and automatically coordinates the operation of the climate system to eliminate this problem.

HATCH WITH ELECTRIC DRIVE (36 400 rub.). Outside the city is a real alternative to climate control, moreover, an open sunroof practically does not affect fuel consumption - unlike side windows.

ELECTRIC DRIVE REAR HEADREST / HEATING OF REAR SEATS (5000/16 500 rub.). Rarely found even on cars of a class higher. If your fellow travelers are more likely to be a rule than an exception, then such equipment will not be superfluous.

MIRROR WITH AUTO-DIMMING / WITH INTEGRATED COMPASS (9900/13 200 rub.). A photochromic element is not always useful, and navigators now prefer the compass. But if you have a different opinion - order.

Cigarette lighter and ashtrays / holder for glasses (1700/1000 rub.). The choice entirely depends on your habits and state of health.

SUNSCREENING WIPE rear window (8300 rubles.). A reasonable alternative to tinting.

COLOR METALLIC (39 900 rub.). Expensive. Moreover, you are free to choose from three absolutely free acrylic enamels - white, black and red.

ELECTRIC FOLDING MIRRORS (9900 rub.). Convenience that others will rather appreciate than you yourself. However, sometimes the ability to quickly fold mirrors is very helpful.

DISCS FROM EASY ALLOY 17 "/ + TIRED PRESSURE SENSORS (16 600/24 900 rub.). On full-time wheels, the car looks less presentable, but more loyal to the realities of our roads.

We do not recommend:

SYSTEM OF CONTACTLESS ACCESS to the salon and engine start-up "keyless entry" (33 000 rub.). Undoubted convenience, but for optimum, a clear excess.

ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL + collision warning system (132, 000 rubles). Your S60 itself will be able to recognize an obstacle - including a pedestrian. And if the car considers the driver’s reaction insufficient, it will apply braking on its own right up to a complete stop. An interesting, but in no way replacing a person system, which is also quite expensive.

SYSTEM ANTISON / MONITORING OF BLIND ZONES "BLIS" (56, 200/49, 600 rubles). For the best option, such expenses are useless - all the more so since BLIS, for example, does not work perfectly in the city.

REAR VIEW CAMERA (33 000 rub.). For the best option, the parking sensors that we already ordered are enough.

POWER STEERING VARIABLE WITH VARIABLE FORCE (13, 200 rubles). The heavy-duty steering wheel is more suitable for the powerful T5 and T6 versions.

AUTONOMOUS HEATER (33 000 rub.). Not so expensive. If you do not have a warm garage, you could order. But since the T4 modification we have chosen is equipped by default with additional electric interior heating, it makes no sense to pay extra for the "autonomy".

REFLECTIVE HEAT WIND GLASS (16 500 rub.). In the sun with such glass, you do not need to cover the instrument panel with a protective screen. But for optimum it is too expensive.

AUDIO SYSTEM “HIGH PERFORMANCE” / “HIGH PERFORMANCE MULTIMEDIA” / “PREMIUM SOUND MULTIMEDIA” (49 900/69 900/99 900 rub.). The first is distinguished by improved sound reproduction compared to the regular “music”, a pair of additional speakers and the Bluetooth interface. The second flaunts a DVD player, a 7-inch display and a USB / IPOD connector. The third is primarily high-quality acoustics with 12 speakers. All this to our optimum is useless.

RTI GPS NAVIGATION / DIGITAL TELEVISION (112 900/41 200 rub.). Firstly, expensive. Secondly, handheld navigators are already showing "traffic jams", which is even more relevant in the city than the route itself. Thirdly, the digital tuner DVB-T even in Moscow accepts only 8 free channels.

ELECTRIC DRIVE SEAT DRIVER / FRONT PASSENGER (26 500/23 200 rub.). For optimum - impermissible luxury.

FINISHING OF THE SALON "URBAN WOOD" / "SHIMMER GRAPHITE" (21 500/13 200 rub.). Wooden inserts and carbon inlay, of course, make the interior more respectable. But for optimum, this is clearly useless.

REAR SPOILER / 18”Rims (13, 200 / 33, 200 rubles). Such an excess would decorate the top version of the T6, but there they are included in the basic equipment.

CHASSIS "DYNAMIC" / FOR-SI SYSTEM / "VOLVO-ON-COLL" (41 900/82 600/93 900 rub.). Other settings for shock absorbers and springs, the ability to adjust the suspension in three positions and a round-the-clock proprietary Volvo owners assistance system are not suitable for financial reasons for optimum.

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