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Premium 95 Gasolines: Hoping For A Misfire


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Video: Premium 95 Gasolines: Hoping For A Misfire

Video: Premium 95 Gasolines: Hoping For A Misfire
Video: 96-00 Honda Civic Cylinder Misfire surprise cause | DX LX EX 2023, March
Premium 95 Gasolines: Hoping For A Misfire
Premium 95 Gasolines: Hoping For A Misfire



Mind cannot understand Russia; Russian roulette cannot be measured …

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Of the six selected A95 gasoline samples, only two turned out to be quite air-conditioned - this has not yet happened in our fuel examinations! How did it happen? To some extent, the result … is provoked by us. From room to room we do not stop repeating: drivers, do not take risks! In the country there are enough modern gas stations of well-known brands, refuel on them. But - alas: our man is by nature a lover of adventure and freebies, and therefore considers such moralizing tediousness.

So we decided to ride from Moscow to Kaluga and buy the “almost branded” 95th gasoline. They didn’t go down to container refueling - they focused on gas stations, which in name or color range resemble well-known brands, but in reality have nothing to do with them. We will not specify who looks like anyone, the photo is in front of you. Addresses, appearances and passwords - in Our help (at the end of the article).

The drafting committee, as usual, drew up an act for each gas station; the code was assigned to the next canister, after which anonymous samples were taken to the North-West Certification Center (St. Petersburg). Each went through two independent control cycles: first, they checked the basic physicochemical parameters (FHP) of gasolines for compliance with the current Technical Regulations (TR) and various kinds of standards, and then conducted a series of motor tests. The results are tabulated. As already mentioned at the beginning, only two of the six “premiums” acquired were fully air-conditioned.




Не соответствует Техническому регламенту
Не соответствует Техническому регламенту

Does not comply with the Technical Regulations Does not comply with the Technical Regulations

Does not comply with the Technical Regulations

The lab said, “This is not gas!” Comments are superfluous: to sell substandard 80th under the guise of 95th - what! But much cheaper than others.

+ The motor started, there’s nothing more to praise.

- It would be better if the engine did not start - it would be more intact.



Не соответствует Техническому регламенту
Не соответствует Техническому регламенту

Does not comply with the Technical Regulations Does not comply with the Technical Regulations Does not comply with the Technical Regulations

Instead of the 95th, the bad 92nd! In the best case, this is a class 2 that has become a thing of the past. There is too much sulfur and benzene for a modern motor. Olefins on the verge of tolerance - such fuel is not very stable during long-term storage.

+ You can ride in case of emergency. But why?

- Low octane number, high sulfur and benzene content.



Не соответствует Техническому регламенту
Не соответствует Техническому регламенту

Does not comply with the Technical Regulations Does not comply with the Technical Regulations

Does not comply with the Technical Regulations

Gasoline - clearly expressed 92nd, although they took the money, as for "Premium". You can ride, only the accelerator pedal does not need to be pressed hard - it is dangerous for the life of the motor! Yes, and even a little benzene, but more than normal.

+ Does not contain any metals or resins.

- The octane number is lying: the 92nd at the price of the 95th.




Does not comply with the Technical Regulations

I did not crawl through the sieve due to a slight excess in benzene. Rules are rules, there’s nothing to argue about. Otherwise, he would have been in the lead: the motor on it worked well, without problems. Yes, even with better efficiency!

+ Good motor performance, the highest octane rating.

- For benzene exceeded the requirements of TR.




One of two samples to which there would be no complaints from the controllers. Almost honest grade 4. The highest saturated vapor pressure is good for starting. But in summer, steam jams are possible. And there were pitches!

+ Honest 95th grade 4. Good starting properties, good motor performance.

- Resins showed up.

6. GP



The absence of any claims to quality, pure class 4, with good motor properties and environmental performance.

+ You can safely pour into the tank any, even the most modern machine.

- Too many esters in the composition - this affects the motor properties.


OCTAN NUMBER (OCH) is the main parameter of gasoline, which determines its detonation resistance. Recall: we paid for the 95th gasoline, but only half of those six turned out to be. Two - from DNMK and “SG PETROL” - were wholly 92nd. LIKOIL “succeeded” more than others: this company, under the guise of “Premium”, sold us the substandard 80th, but noticeably cheaper than others. Recall how many times the avaricious pays? Just note that in other respects this gasoline turned out to be funny. What is it? Either surplus from some military depot sold by a tough ensign, or a clean straight run from a "samovar", and without the slightest attempt to pull the fuel even a little closer to the inferior "Premium". Sincere condolences to those who, unlike us, filled it not in a canister, but in a fuel tank.

RESIN CONCENTRATION. It affects the engine resource - from valve hangs to the occurrence of piston rings. This parameter was not included in the TR, therefore we are guided by the requirements of GOST 51105–97, where the limiting rate of tar content in gasoline is determined by the value of 5 mg / l. All gasolines met this norm, and four didn’t have any resins at all, but two “oil”, “LIK” and “Ek”, showed 1.6 and 1.0 mg / l, respectively. Okay, this is excusable.

CONCENTRATION OF SULFUR. Affects ecology and resource. Not so long ago, we wrote that our fuel sulfur content is close to the end of the first hundred in the overall ranking of gasoline consuming countries, we are even behind Uganda … What happened this time? Four of the six samples fit into the requirements of class 3 (this is our analogue of Euro-3). Petrol from SG PETROL does not comply with this norm (and in fact, according to the current TR, class 2 is no longer possible to produce). Again, the liquid from LIKOIL was struck, which produced almost 0.14% sulfur - a record!

CONCENTRATION OF MANGANESE AND IRON. Metal-containing antiknock agents are prohibited! Fortunately, the analyzes did not reveal them. Although here we breathed a sigh of relief.

VOLUME SHARE OF BENZENE. Benzene is a carcinogenic hazard carrier. Its content is now strictly limited: no more than 1%. This requirement, and even then at the limit, fulfilled only two out of six gasoline. And again, “leaders from the end” - LIKOIL and SG PETROL.

VOLUME SHARE OF HYDROCARBONS. They affect the toxicity and resource of gasoline, increase the tendency to deposits. According to this parameter, all gasolines fit into the framework of class 4.

VOLUME SHARE OF OXYGENATES. These components reduce the calorific value of gasoline, increase its aggressiveness to rubber and plastics. Practically all samples, except LIKOIL fuel, whose producers didn’t bother with octane at all, had enough esters. Nobody came out of the framework of the current norms, but the ethers affected the motor characteristics. The high content of methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) significantly reduces the "calorie content" of gasoline - therefore, its consumption increases and power decreases. By the way, the dependence of the MTBE content on the total octane number is also characteristic. The DNMK and SG PETROL gasolines (in fact, 92nd) have about 3 … 5% of this component, and the normal 95th ones are Ekoil, Snell and GP - 7 … 9%. For reference: normal “premiums” received at a modern refinery usually do not contain any ethers.


PRESSURE OF SATURATED VAPORS (DNP). Determines the starting properties of gasolines and their tendency to form steam plugs. Here, too, everyone met the norm, but LIKOIL with the lowest DNP stood out. Starting on such gasoline will make the engine worse. Although with such an octane rating, this may be for the better, since it’s not worth driving such gasoline at all.

MOTOR INDICATORS. They characterize the behavior of a real motor depending on the parameters of the fuel being poured. More or less normally, the engine worked only on three samples - from Ekoil, Snell and GP, which really positioned their belonging to the “premiums”. A slight excess of Snell's benzene content had virtually no effect on the engine. Moreover, in terms of the total set of measured parameters (power, fuel consumption), this gasoline turned out to be even slightly better than the other two, from Ekoil and GP. But the gasoline “SG PETROL” and DNMK let them down the 92nd essence. At small and medium loads, they were not particularly inferior to the leaders, but with an increase in the load, detonation knocks were heard. The knock sensor clearly fixed them and reacted as expected, shifting the ignition timing. Of course, the worst of all was the motor at LIKOIL. Although he started, but with medium loads, such detonation began that we decided to stop further torture - and so everything is clear. But they did not begin to check how quickly the neutralizer would die on this fuel - and the detail was a pity, and they did not see much sense.


From a distance inscriptions on the side of the road cannot be distinguished. And near?

Издали надписи на обочинах не различить. А вблизи?
Издали надписи на обочинах не различить. А вблизи?

From a distance inscriptions on the side of the road cannot be distinguished. And near? From a distance inscriptions on the side of the road cannot be distinguished. And near?

Only two of the six tested samples are air-conditioned - what can I say? Therefore, we repeat once again: do not want problems, refuel only at proven gas stations of famous brands! They may object: they say that we will kill the competition and bless the price lawlessness. Perhaps, but … But imagine your own car, in which, instead of the 95th, the 82nd is poured, and that one is to hell. Let movie heroes play Russian roulette. They have such a job.


As usual, the examination covered only sample samples. However, our conclusion is quite categorical: when you visit unfamiliar gas stations with suspiciously attractive price tags, the risk of running into bad gasoline is always great. Who is guilty? Of course, the owners of firms trading incomprehensibly what. But this is not the whole truth, because a similar test two years ago revealed nothing of the kind.

And now, large oil traders have set their sights on crowding out small firms from the fuel market and have simply closed their access to high-quality fuel from their refineries. But the main fault lies, in our opinion, with officials who, by their decisions, completely destroyed the previous fuel quality control system. But she served as at least some kind of obstacle to the obvious falsification. What do you think, how often can the controller go to the gas station to check? Once every three years! And even then, having previously notified the management of the company to be checked.


So, corruption among the controllers was defeated by removing them altogether! Only at whose expense and at what cost? In 2012 there will be a complete abolition of mandatory certification: the quality of the fuel will be declared, that is, the manufacturer will confirm and guarantee it. And if you or the motor do not like something, contact the court. So there are not many reasons for optimism.

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