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What Is The Upcoming Inspection Preparing For Us?


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Video: What Is The Upcoming Inspection Preparing For Us?

Video: What Is The Upcoming Inspection Preparing For Us?
Video: What to Expect in a Home Inspection 2023, March
What Is The Upcoming Inspection Preparing For Us?
What Is The Upcoming Inspection Preparing For Us?

Press conference at RIA Novosti on the new inspection rules



According to the adopted document, the availability of a valid inspection ticket from January 1 becomes a prerequisite for concluding a CTP insurance agreement. Please note that the MTPL agreement is not concluded if less than 6 months are left before the expiration of the validity period of the maintenance ticket. At the same time, if the action of the coupon is coming to an end, and the effect of compulsory motor third-party liability insurance has not yet ended, then the service will automatically be extended until the end of the policy.



The Union of Auto Insurers has given the state increased authority. PCA will now execute and pardon: the functions are transferred to it:

  • for accreditation of inspection operators
  • maintenance of a register of maintenance operators
  • creating an open information resource
  • accounting of TO forms and organization of providing operators with them
  • checks of operators on the basis of complaints from citizens.

Accreditation of the PCA becomes the basis for entering the market, but the Union may just as well deprive the license of a negligent inspection operator. The basis for the cancellation of accreditation may be two or more registered violations during the year. For example, as you know, the cost of inspection should not exceed 2 thousand rubles. Exceeding the permissible tariff will be considered a gross violation.

RSA President Pavel Bunin noted that the Union has already gained some experience in identifying violations committed by insurance companies. The Union comes a lot of complaints about insurers from car owners. As a rule, 80% of them are confirmed. At RSA, there is no doubt that feedback from customers of inspection operators will work in the same way. In addition, field visits are planned.


According to the Federal Law on Technical Inspection of Vehicles adopted on July 1, 2011, the maintenance functions are transferred from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation to legal entities or individual entrepreneurs with appropriate accreditation.



Fears that huge queues will appear at PIKs due to the fact that all those who previously “bought” the inspection will be forced to pass it legally are unlikely to be confirmed. The fact is that a substantial replenishment is expected in the regiment of operators. For example, now the inspection will be possible, as they say, without departing from the cash register: right at the dealerships. The expert of the Russian Association of Dealers, Andrei Dya, notes that although the service to dealerships will not bring much profit, since for them it is on the verge of profitability, nevertheless they will provide it with pleasure, because they can increase customer loyalty and attract them to specialized services. And although no one is going to oblige dealers to conduct technical inspections, the dealer associations are sure that most of them will request accreditation by the PCA. Moreover, it is easier for them to “formalize relations” than for anyone: the staff is trained, the equipment in the service centers is the most modern, its list almost completely corresponds to that required for maintenance.

Will it be possible to save money from the dealer by going through scheduled maintenance first, most of the operations of which are duplicated by the inspection procedure? No, you won’t save money: maintenance and inspection will be carried out by different departments and people. The specialist who signs the passage of the MOT is responsible for this to the insurance company, so I must make sure that the vehicle is in good working order, otherwise I risk losing money. But more about that below.



The law also provides for a two-year transitional period, during which accreditation is automatically extended until 2014 to previously registered traffic police PIKs. Thus, if there are about 3.5 thousand operating inspection stations accredited by the traffic police in the country now, they will add about 3.9 thousand VET dealers and another 3 thousand PIKs are expected to be held by private traders. Thus, about 10 thousand inspection points across the country enter the circle. Perhaps this is even more than necessary, but healthy competition will put everything in its place over time.

You need to understand that the inspection from public services is turning into a commercial one, said Svetlana Nikitina, vice president of RSA. And if earlier car owners themselves searched for maintenance points, now operators will have to advertise themselves, because their profits will directly depend on the occupancy of PIKs. The full list of operators allowed to the MOT procedure will be published on the PCA website, and inspection will be possible at any accredited VET throughout Russia.


According to the new law, the following maintenance intervals are established for the most common types of vehicles:

  • for cars up to 3 years - no inspection required
  • for cars from 3 to 7 years - once every two years
  • for cars older than 7 years - every year.

When changing the owner (for example, when selling a car), the MTPL agreement remains valid if the previous owner did not cancel it. The name of the new driver is simply entered into the CTP. At the same time, the inspection also remains valid until the expiration of the policy. If the previous owner terminated the contract, then without compulsory motor third-party liability insurance it will be possible to drive another 10 days from the moment of purchase and sale, and then you still have to go through the whole procedure.

To undergo maintenance, the following documents will be required:

  • identity card and power of attorney (for the representative of the owner of the vehicle);
  • vehicle registration certificate or vehicle passport.

After the inspection, the expert concludes that the vehicle can be operated on the basis of a list of malfunctions prohibiting operation, which, by the way, has already been prepared. For most vehicles, the maximum time allotted for the inspection procedure is from 34 to 43 minutes. (depending on engine type). Another 15 minutes will take verification of documents and the issuance of inspection ticket. Extra time will be required for cars engaged in international cargo transportation. Such machines will have to go through an additional, more stringent control of the level of exhaust gases, since in most countries quite strict requirements are in this regard. This will add a few more minutes to the required time.

The competence of the traffic police remains only maintaining an electronic information base for technical inspection - AIS TO. In general, there will be two information bases: AIS Ministry of Internal Affairs and AIS SAR. The latter should ensure the connection of insurance companies and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


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