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Moscow: “international” Garage


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Video: Moscow: “international” Garage

Video: Moscow: “international” Garage
Video: GARAGE MUSEUM of CONTEMPORARY ART in Moscow, Russia; designed by OMA, Rem Koolhaas 2023, March
Moscow: “international” Garage
Moscow: “international” Garage



The People’s Garage program has failed - this can be considered a fait accompli. At a press conference with the head of Moskomstroyinvest, Konstantin Timofeev, it became known that the program is living out its last days. But this does not mean that it will disappear completely, but rather will be transformed into something completely different. The authorities for a long time listened to the complaints of the townspeople that a “people's” garage, by definition, could not be so expensive. As a result, the government surrendered. But she didn’t lower the prices, but simply decided to change the name.

A new name for "ex-people's" garages has not yet been invented, but much is already known about the differences between the future garage construction program and the previous one. “Firstly, garages will become much more comfortable,” they say in the Garage Construction Directorate. “They will be heated, so that in winter car owners do not have to warm up the car for a long time, car washes, tire changers, and small shops will work in the complex.” Before building, a public hearing will be held for each garage complex, in which car owners from nearby houses will participate. They will decide whether they need all these bells and whistles or not.

But for the convenience you have to pay extra - new garages will be more expensive than 350 000 rubles. However, the exact cost of the place is not yet known. “For each garage, the issue will be resolved separately,” says Konstantin Timofeev. “Prices will range from 35, 000 to 700, 000 rubles.” This is another important change: price differentiation depending on the location of the garage. That is, the farther from the center, the cheaper the place will cost. It will affect the cost and size of the garage: in small complexes, where the number of places does not exceed a hundred, it will be higher than in large objects.

It will now be possible to purchase a place in the garage on credit. “We have already held several meetings with banks that are preparing mortgage programs for the purchase of garages for several years at rates from 8 to 12%,” Timofeev explains. And the unsold garages of power will be rented out. It is planned that the average cost of a rented place will be 3, 000 rubles, which is not so expensive by today's standards.

This is the third birth of a garage construction program in Moscow. It started back in 2004, then it was planned to build garages exclusively at the expense of the budget. In 2009, co-investors were attracted to financing. Now they decided not to use the city budget at all, relying on funds from equity holders.

Despite the proverb “God loves the trinity,” experts are now declaring the failure of the third call. Victor Travin, President of the Car Owners Legal Protection Board, noted that not only cost confuses motorists, but also distrust of the authorities. The expert urges officials to explain to people the factors behind the price of garages - the only way to dispel their suspicion.

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Sergey Nastin

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