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Moscow: Rat Race


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Video: Moscow: Rat Race

Video: Moscow: Rat Race
Video: The Grand Astoria - Rat Race In Moscow 2023, March
Moscow: Rat Race
Moscow: Rat Race



In the insurance industry, fraud (we will call a spade a spade) is widespread nowhere. The parties seem to be competing who will more quickly and sophisticatedly circle the other around the finger. It's time to create a registry of insurance fraud methods.

Today there are so many “relatively honest” methods of deception that Ostap Bender would have sat on the bench for a long time. Professionals entered the game.

Motorists start

From the latter: the INTACH insurance company and law enforcement authorities stopped the actions of a car enthusiast who tried to insure a car that could not be repaired under the guise of a used one and received an insurance payment by falsifying his theft.

A fraudster turned to INTACH to apply for a hull for the Mercedes-Benz R500, which he purchased in an unrecoverable condition. As the security service of the company found out, to arrange insurance, a friend used a front car in good condition, replacing the insurance object. Then, the fraudster falsified a car theft, demanding that INTACH pay insurance indemnity in the amount of 1.5 million rubles.

Many polls show that a significant number of people do not consider insurance fraud a crime, it’s such fun, “folk sport” - to “slightly edit” some facts of the insurance event. But most often this only leads to refusals in payment, because, according to experts, insurers perfectly see such tricks, with rare exceptions.

Worse, when major facts were rigged, and professional fraudsters in all seriousness used the gaps in the law and insurance rules of a specific insurance company: accident was completely falsified; the insurance policy is purchased after the accident (and the fact of the accident is hidden until the policy is issued) or retroactively; road accident participants "swapped places"; falsified illness or injury, etc.

And although it all ends in litigation, and in some cases (for example, as described by us) - bringing to justice, investigations here are difficult, and the disclosure comes soon.

Insurers are catching up

Even the relatively young Russian insurance industry has already accumulated experience of merging simple insurers, which allows saving money on payments and spending it on increasing the capital of the insurance company. There are fifty ways to cheat customers. And almost everyone who does not understand the intricacies of insurance is a "potential victim".

Key fraud options:

- simple sale of a fake policy;

- selling the policy on behalf of a company that did not exist or ceased to work in the insurance market, or which does not have a license for this type of insurance;

- overstatement of the amount of insurance premiums upon conclusion of an insurance contract;

- recognition of the insurance policy invalid at the initiative of the insurer;

- Artificially delaying the investigation of the circumstances of the insurance event;

- the insured is accused of violating the deadlines for submitting an application for an insurance event to the competent authorities and the insurance company;

- creating the appearance of violation by the insured of GOSTs, standards, instructions;

- “vague” wording of insurance cases in insurance rules; intentional loss of documents on an insurance event;

- The imposition of agreements on the payment of smaller amounts than the amount of real damage;

- imposing conditions on the repair (restoration) of the insurance object by firms having agreements with the insurance company, and so on.

They constantly say what to do to protect themselves: carefully read the contract and insurance rules, do not buy advertising tricks, do not save on cost. But few people pay attention to these smart tips.

Joint work

According to our insider information, there are wonderful schemes that lead to the complete satisfaction of all fraud participants. For example, such. Four parties are involved in the case: the car owner, service representatives, the traffic police and the insurance company. The first brings to the second a brand new pretty, say, Camry and broken wings-hoods-doors. Native whole iron is dismantled, deformed is hung. In this form, the car leaves the service station and is sent to the third and fourth parties to the transaction. They make out accidents, accrue insurance indemnity (sometimes reaching up to 800, 000 rubles, depending on the elite of the TS brand), which is “cut” into four in equal shares. After that, Camry is returned back to the service: a couple of hours of work, and the car takes on the same whole parts and, accordingly, the previous look. Frequency - approximately once a month.

In my opinion…

Elena Shitikova

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