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Moscow: Pavshinskaya Comma


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Video: Moscow: Pavshinskaya Comma

Video: Moscow: Pavshinskaya Comma
Video: Moscow, Cheryomushki - «Москва, Черёмушки» 2023, March
Moscow: Pavshinskaya Comma
Moscow: Pavshinskaya Comma

Pavshinskaya Floodplain is a new microdistrict of the city of Krasnogorsk. It was built in the eponymous river floodplain on the border with Moscow. From the north-east, east and south, the territory is bounded by the Moscow River, from the west and north-west by the Volokolamsk highway.



Soon a transport hub with an intercepting parking should appear here, so that residents can leave cars and change to public transport, since Pyatnitskoye and Volokolamskoye highways are very busy. But there is still no normal exit from the area. The construction of a traffic intersection began in February 2010. The total investment aimed at implementing the project is 2 billion 47 million rubles. Almost 60% of these funds have already been disbursed. And in general, construction is planned to be completed at the end of December. At the same time, the capital's mayor emphasized that, if possible, "it is necessary to finish the work earlier."

Microdistrict Pavshinskaya Floodplain is huge. And now, tens of thousands of residents, in order to somehow get to Moscow, have to lose a lot of time trying to bypass the main ever-standing streets. Therefore, a convenient highway, which appears here at the end of all work, is needed like air.

According to the head of the Moscow City Construction Department, Andrei Bochkarev, the construction of the first launch complex, which involves the reconstruction of the Volokolamsk highway to the intersection with Pyatnitsky, is currently underway. As a result, Volokolamka will be expanded to connect with the road to Krasnogorsk and Novorizhskoye highway from two to three lanes in both directions.

But the work is complicated by the fact that there are a lot of engineering communications on the site that need to be moved. Today, the construction rested in a high-pressure gas pipeline. And until this work is completed, builders will not be able to connect the two parts of the flyover, through which it will be possible to get from Moscow to Pavshino. They promise to solve the problem in June.

The project also provides for the construction of underground pedestrian crossings, the organization of additional lighting for the route, which will make it more comfortable and safe. The total amount of work to be performed by builders is about 85 thousand square meters. m of new roadway.

We have already written more than once that the new metropolitan administration plans to expand all departure routes. For example, reconstruction on the Volokolamsk highway will be seen as a continuation of work in the area of the Sokol metro station, where the construction of the Alabyano-Baltic tunnel is being completed.

Volokolamsk highway should also be expanded to other sections. Indeed, immediately after the Volokolamsk tunnel, traffic is difficult at the intersection with Panfilov Street.

In addition, Moscow is preparing for the World Cup in 2018, and additional sports facilities are being built in the Tushino area. Accordingly, Volokolamka will have to be reconstructed in several more places in this direction. So Pavshino is only a small part of the upcoming global reconstruction.

In my opinion…

- The situation is not surprising: all over the world, any construction starts from the roads. It ends here …

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