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Choosing The Best Ford Focus


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Video: Choosing The Best Ford Focus

Video: Choosing The Best Ford Focus
Video: Ford Focus 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews 2023, March
Choosing The Best Ford Focus
Choosing The Best Ford Focus

Let's try to figure out all the ingredients and bake the most delicious option

"Ford Focus", from 499 000 rubles


"Ford Focus", from 499 000 rubles. "Ford Focus", from 499 000 rubles.

Take as a basis

Choosing a body is now easier than before: there will be no more three-doors, the station wagon is not ready yet, so while in Russia they are selling only a 5-door hatchback and in September they promise to add a sedan. We prefer a more practical 5-door, especially since it will save the buyer 10 thousand rubles.

And the engine is easy to determine. The base 105-horsepower motor on paper is not so bad: 12.3 s to 100 km / h. However, if you turn on the air conditioning and take on board a family of three or four people, then out-of-town trips will turn into a real torture: it will be very problematic to provide clear and predictable dynamics, accelerating from 60-80 km / h while overtaking truckers. Here is boosted to 125 liters. with. the option of a 1.6-liter engine is another matter! A set of hundreds will be reduced by one and a half seconds, and such a motor is not so noticeable when the energy consumers are turned on. In addition, the surcharge for by no means extra 20 forces is quite acceptable - 24, 000 rubles. In addition, it is with this engine that you can get a new 6-speed Powershift preselective gearbox, which is almost three times cheaper than Volkswagen: in addition to the box itself, for 32 thousand you will get a dynamic stabilization system.

A two-liter 150-horsepower engine will require a surcharge of 37 thousand rubles. Yes, such a power unit is more fun (9.2 s to 100 km / h), but at the same time it is 20% more voracious in the city, and the transport tax is almost twice as high. Finally, the 140-horsepower diesel engine, which can be obtained exclusively from the automatic transmission, is even more expensive - plus 123, 500 rubles to the optimum price. Such costs cannot be repelled by more modest fuel consumption even in five years.

"Ford Focus", from 499 000 rubles


It remains only to choose a complete set. The assets of the basic “Ambient” - two airbags, ABS and a modest power accessories. Most of the options (for example, heated front seats and a windshield) cannot be obtained from the base.

“Trend” is 82, 500 rubles more expensive and richer only for air conditioning, heating mirrors and an MP3 radio, which is really surprising - these positions are half as much for Ambient. It is a pity that this version cannot be bought with a 125-horsepower engine and, say, an automatic transmission - such a machine would be optimal.

Trend Sport is more expensive than Trend by 58, 500 rubles, but already much richer - there are side airbags, ESP, an alarm system and alloy wheels. This surcharge looks justified, but not for our best option.

Finally, the “Titanium” is more expensive than the “Trend” by 21, 500 and implies absolutely optional equipment for the optimal variant - say, 2-zone climate control, a button engine start and some helpful sensors.

Thus, we select the “Trend” version, which we will try to supplement with a number of options, keeping in the range of 650–700 thousand rubles attractive for the “golf” class.

Ford Focus


Standard Equipment List

Frontal airbags

Anti-lock brake system

Power steering adjustable in length and angle


Central locking with remote control

Front Power Windows

Power mirrors

Audio preparation

Height-adjustable driver's seat

Fabric Salon

2/3 foldable rear seat

Isofix child seat mounts

Front and rear mudguards

Full size spare tire

Steel rims with tires 205/55 R16

Dynamic stabilization system (for versions with automatic transmission)

Air conditioning

Heated mirrors

6-speaker MP3 radio with USB port

Body-colored door handles

Front side airbags

Dynamic stabilization system


Rear power windows

Fog lights

Front seats with advanced lateral support and heating

On-board computer

Multifunction leather steering wheel

Adjustment of the lumbar support for the driver's seat

Front armrest

Center console “Premium”

Chrome trim for exterior

Alloy wheels with 205/55 R16 tires

“Titanium” - optional

2-zone climate control

Rain and light sensors

Auto-dimming interior mirror

Rear center armrest with 2 cup holders

Engine start button

Adjusting the height and lumbar support of the front passenger seat

Additional interior lighting

Aluminum door sills

Leather gear lever

LED taillights

Chrome door handles

Start-up assistance system

"Ford Focus", from 499 000 rubles


Metallic painting (10 000 RUB.). Only red and blue acrylics are free, and the price is acceptable.

Package "Winter" (11 900 RUB.). Under the cozy name is the heating of the front seats, windshield and windshield washer nozzles. Retail obviously warm armchairs necessary in Russia will cost 7500 rubles, so the surcharge is 4400 rubles. for the other two options does not seem excessive.

Alarm (9900 RUB.). A full-fledged factory security system, including perimeter and volume sensors, is not at all expensive.

Mats (2500 RUB.). Front and rear rubber mats, in our opinion, are absolutely necessary in Russian realities.

Package "Safety-1" (19 500 RUB.). We consider the extra charge for front side and window airbags, coupled with a dynamic stabilization system, to be more than acceptable. By the way, if you order the version with automatic transmission, this package will cost 7, 000 rubles cheaper, since ESP is included in the basic equipment of the “automatic” Focus.


Coloring “Frozen White” (3600 RUB.). So plainly named ordinary white acrylic. If you like it, then compared to a more expensive metallic you can save more than six thousand rubles.

Smoker Package (1000 RUB.). It depends solely on the preferences of the driver. Keep in mind that in the future, a car with a cigarette lighter and an ashtray will quickly find a second owner.

Package “Style Trend” (20 500 RUB.). 16-inch alloy wheels, fog lights and enhanced tinted rear windows can hardly be called necessary for optimum. On the other hand, they are not asking so much for such a set.

Package "Comfort" (15 000 RUB.). It neatly folded 2-zone climate control, rain and light sensors, a mirror with auto-dimming and fog lights. Pretty sensible kit, so if you have extra money - order.

Package “City-1” (14 000 RUB.). Such a price for the rear parking sensors, as well as the power of the rear power windows and folding mirrors can be called reasonable.

Package “City-2” (25 500 RUB.). It includes eight ultrasonic sensors front and rear, combined into an active assistance system similar to the Volkswagen Park-assistant, plus an electric folding mirror, as well as fog lights and rear power windows. If you trust the electronics themselves to twist the "steering wheel" when parking, - order. It is worth noting that this package is available exclusively for “mechanics”, and with a 1.6 liter engine and automatic transmission it will not be possible to get it.

Radio package number 32 (6500 RUB.). The benefits of a multi-function steering wheel and an on-board computer are obvious - the latter can pay off in a year or two, forcing the driver to move with less fuel consumption.

Radio package number 3 (19 000 RUB.). It includes radio package number 32, which is supplemented by the bluetooth protocol, which allows you to connect your phone to the radio. In addition, the package also includes voice control, almost completely free hands.

We do not recommend:

Coloring “Candy red” (15 000 RUB.). The metallic brand for the third “Focus” is estimated to be one and a half times more expensive - for optimum, such expenses are useless.

Heated front seats / windshield (7500/7500 RUB.). We will get both options in a profitable “Winter” package.

The increased spoiler of a back door (6500 RUB.). Doubtful improvement does not paint the best option.

What happened

So, we built a well-equipped and safe car with an engine with sufficient power, which at the same time costs reasonable money. In comparable equipment among modern classmates there is only one more affordable rival - Chevrolet Cruze. All other competitors in terms of equipment / price ratio are at least a bit, but still lose to this newcomer to the “golf” class.

Ford Focus

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