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Optimal Opel Corsa


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Video: Optimal Opel Corsa

Video: Optimal Opel Corsa
Video: Новая Opel Corsa 2020 - Немец по рецепту от французов 2023, March
Optimal Opel Corsa
Optimal Opel Corsa

"Opel Corsa", from 470, 000 rubles


"Opel Corsa", from 470, 000 rubles. "Opel Corsa", from 470, 000 rubles.

Take as a basis

When choosing a body, we immediately sweep away the energetic three-door - stopping the rear portals even in exchange for a bonus of 10, 000 rubles is clearly not suitable for the best option, although such a machine will certainly fit young people who are not burdened with family worries. Here's a five-door hatch - a completely different thing: to put elderly parents or young children in the back row through an individual entrance is much more convenient. In addition, in household chores, using such a “Corsa” with a folded sofa is much more convenient: the rear doors provide more opportunities for access to the trunk, which was prolonged due to the folded sofa.

In the extensive five-engine supermini menu, the most affordable option is the 3-cylinder "Litrushka" with a power of 65 forces, which goes exclusively to the "mechanics". However, the way it is even better: if you collect all the relatives in the cabin and turn on the air conditioning, then such a “Corsa” will not get to hundreds in 20 seconds.

The 1.2-liter “Quartet” (85 hp) is noticeably faster, and it would have gone for the optimum if the Korsa hadn’t had a much more capable 100-horsepower 1.4-liter engine, which is the most expensive 15 thousand rubles. In addition, it is with him that you can get the traditional “machine”, and not the capricious and addictive “robot”. In addition, the rulers of Izitronik will have to regularly visit the dealer to set up the box: updating the software, you have to catch the “set points”.

"Opel Corsa", from 470, 000 rubles


So it is precisely the 100-horsepower engine that can be considered optimal - it is not only peppy, but also quite economical, and in addition it does not require large expenses for the transport tax (700 rubles per year in Moscow).

There are two more engines - a 1.6-liter turbo “four” with a capacity of 150 and 192 liters. with. But if the latter can be seen under the hood of an exclusively three-door version of OPC (which is almost a million rubles), then one and a half hundred “horses” are also possible for a five-door. However, such a motor requires a surcharge of at least 80 thousand in excess of the optimum. Again, any of the turbo engines implies a manual gearbox - no options.

It remains to choose a complete set. The basic Essensia is not so ascetic - two airbags, ABS, a modest power accessories and even an alarm. “Angie” did not go much forward, he also lacked air conditioning, “music”, heated front seats and a leather steering wheel. All this is in Cosmo, but such a Korsa is 60 thousand more expensive. But she laid other pleasant trifles like a stylish interior with practical upholstery made of fabric and very high-quality leatherette, as well as an on-board computer. But the most important thing is that starting with Cosmo the German supermini becomes impeccably safe (5 stars from EuroNCAP): there are already six airbags here. Of course, the options can be retailed for retail for the “Angio”, but the “space” wholesale is almost half the price.

A few words are worth mentioning about the new version of Color Edition, which is 10, 000 rubles cheaper than Cosmo. In our opinion, here important elements of passive safety and practicality are sacrificed to less significant options like alloy wheels and climate control. Therefore, the additional equipment of such a “Corsa” will have to significantly spend.

Finally, the hot OPC hatch is not suitable for us either in the number of doors, immodest fuel consumption, or perceptible transport tax.

Thus, the five-door version performed by Cosmo is the best option, all the more so since in addition to such a machine, almost nothing needs to be ordered - the car already has everything necessary for comfortable operation. And this is very useful: we would like to keep the price in an acceptable range of 600-650 thousand rubles.

"Opel Corsa", from 470, 000 rubles




• Front airbags

• Anti-lock brake system

• Power steering adjustable in length and angle

• Immobilizer

• Central locking with remote control

• Alarm

• Front power windows

• Power mirrors

• Audio preparation

• Height-adjustable driver's seat

• Interior trim fabric

• Pockets in the backs of the front seats

• Isofix child seat mounts

• Full-size spare tire

• Steel rims with tires 185/70 R14

“Angie” - in addition:

• Trim improved fabric

• 2/3 folding rear seat

• Mirrors in body color

• Steel rims with tires 185/65 R15

“Color Edition” - optional:

• Climate control

• Heated front seats and steering wheel

• MP3 radio with 7 speakers

• Fog lights

• Trim fabric and leatherette

• Leather steering wheel

• Reinforced tinted rear windows

• Light alloy wheels with tires 195/55 R16

“Cosmo” - in addition to “Angie”:

• Front side airbags

• Inflatable “curtains” of safety for front and rear passengers

• Air conditioning

• Heated mirrors

• CD radio with 4 speakers

• Fog lights

• Cruise control

• Trim fabric and leatherette

• Leather steering wheel

• On-board computer

• Steel rims with tires 195/55 R16

OPC - in addition to Angie:

• Front side airbags

• Inflatable “curtains” of safety for front and rear passengers

• Dynamic stabilization system

• Air conditioning

• Aluminum pedals

• MP3 radio

• Fog lights

• Recaro Sports Front Seats

• Decorative aerodynamic elements of the body

• Leather multi-function steering wheel

• Tire pressure sensor

• Two-level trunk floor

• Light alloy wheels with tires 215/45 R17


PACKAGE “WINTER” (5400 RUB.). This is a heated front seats and steering wheel. Given such a humane price tag and Russian realities - we must take it without hesitation!

CASTER PROTECTION (4000 RUB.). “Astra” and “Insignia” such protection is set by default. What “Corsa” was guilty of is unknown to us, therefore we will have to pay extra.

CENTRAL REAR HEADREST (700 RUB.). It’s better to order: it’s inexpensive, but the fifth passenger will not be deprived of an important safety feature. In the end, the headrest is easily removable.

PACK FOR THE SMOKER (1000 RUB.). Even if you don’t smoke, order, because afterwards it will be easier for a car to find a new buyer, and a pristine ashtray will be an extra trump card in your hands.

MP3 MAGNETOL (5000 RUB.). The sound of such an audio system is easy to determine by ear - three additional speakers reproduce the melody much better. In addition, the ability to play MP3-files will significantly increase the “ammunition” of music on board.


PAINT METALLIC (9000 RUB.). Reasonable price - in Europe, such an option is at least twice as expensive. You can get classic white, calm blue and cheerful yellow for free - any of them can decorate the machine. In addition, you can save by choosing red (6000 rubles) or beige (7500 rubles) colors.

REFLECTING HEAT WIND GLASS (4500 RUB.). This option, in addition to its undoubted usefulness in the summer heat, also makes the “Corsa” more attractive - the windshield acquires a characteristic purple hue.

RAIN AND LIGHT SENSORS + COLOR MIRROR WITH AUTO-DIMMING (5000 RUB.). Inexpensive, but in this case, in principle, we can save.

“FLEX-FIX” (26 000 RUB.). This is an integrated system in the rear bumper for transporting bicycles and other sports equipment. Love to relax actively - order!

ADAPTIVE HALOGEN HEADLIGHTS (10 000 RUB.). Thanks to the movable block they can look into a turn. In addition, it is with such pupils that the restyled “Corsa” looks most attractive.

REINFORCED TONING OF REAR GLASSES (4500 RUB.). Like it or not, “tinting”, even the factory one, worsens visibility in the evening and rainy times. But in any case, this is better than gluing the film on the side, and even often at a less attractive price.

TWO LEVEL LUGGAGE DEPARTMENT (1800 RUB.). Feel the makings of Plyushkin? Then such a convenient cache is for you!

GPS-NAVIGATION WITH A 5-INCH TACH-SCREEN SCREEN (29 000 RUB.). It implies the presence of the “bluetooth” protocol, which means easy communication by phone without using hands. Given a more than reasonable price, a good offer, and if you need factory navigation - order.

ACTIVE FRONT HEADREST (4500 RUB.). An important safety feature - when braking sharply in a split second, the drive feeds the headrest slightly forward, reducing the risk of whiplash neck injuries.

ISOFIX FASTENERS FOR THE FRONT PASSENGER SEAT (1000 RUB.). If you want to transport your child next to you, it is advisable to order. Another thing is that it is considered safer to place a child's armchair exactly at the back.

SWITCH FRONT PASSENGER PILLOW (1700 RUB.). Well, if you have firmly decided that it is more convenient for you when the child is traveling next to you, and not in the armchair on the couch, you must order without fail.

DYNAMIC STABILIZATION SYSTEM (12 500 RUB.). In Europe, the ESP will soon become part of the basic equipment, and the price is almost half that of, say, the compatriot Volkswagen Polo. And yet, decide for yourself whether to save on one of the most important elements of active security or not.

DISCS FROM EASY ALLOY 16”(15 000 RUB.). For optimum - a clear excess, but if you need to be "met by the clothes", you can order.

PARKTRONIK REAR (11 000 RUB.). Not cheap, and not too necessary for a compact car.

We do not recommend:

PACKAGE “SPORT AND STYLE” (19 000 RUB.). The lowered sports chassis, coupled with the low-profile 17-inch tires of our “Corsa”, perhaps, would only do harm.

PACKAGE “OPC-LINE-I / II” (33 500/47 000 RUB.). Decorative aerodynamic body kit is contraindicated for the best option, which once again confirms the serious price.

ELECTROLOCK (25 000 RUB.). For the best option it’s expensive, and if the driver is tall (from 185 cm), then his top runs the risk of making tight contact with a reduced ceiling height.

CLIMATE CONTROL (12 000 RUB.). A little expensive for the optimum.

"Opel Corsa", from 470, 000 rubles

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