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MTPL And Its Expansion: Protect Yourself


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Video: MTPL And Its Expansion: Protect Yourself

Video: MTPL And Its Expansion: Protect Yourself
Video: How to Protect Yourself 2023, March
MTPL And Its Expansion: Protect Yourself
MTPL And Its Expansion: Protect Yourself



Accident with big consequences

When Konstantin Z. bought the VAZ “seven”, the issue of acquiring a comprehensive insurance policy was not even considered - there was barely enough money for a car … Of course, you had to pay for compulsory motor third-party liability insurance, because without this you can’t get on the road. A few months later, approaching the intersection on a secondary road, Konstantin was distracted and crashed into Volvo. There were no injuries, only the iron was damaged.

The owner of Volvo reported the accident to his insurance company, and an hour later emergency commissioners appeared at the scene of the accident. By eye, they estimated the damage at about 100 thousand rubles - payments for compulsory motor liability insurance should have been enough. But six months later, Konstantin received a subpoena. It turns out that minor, at first glance, the damage pulled 200 thousand. The victim repaired Volvo in an official service, where repair was twice as expensive as the original amount of damage, and the court ordered Konstantin to pay the remaining amount. To pay off, he had to take a loan …

Million Insurance

Mikhail N. decided to sell his seven-year-old Mercedes. But according to the law of meanness, when he was driving to the buyer, Mazda, who jumped out of the yard, smashed the entire right side of his car. The culprit of the accident was a young guy who got the rights a couple of months ago. Then everything is as usual: making an accident, collecting certificates and waiting for insurance. It’s good that the culprit turned out to have a voluntary “auto-citizen” policy for a million rubles. It seemed that there should be no problems with compensation for damage … A month later, the insurance company transferred to Mikhail's account … 50 thousand rubles. This amount would be enough only for a third of the repair, which was previously estimated at 150 thousand. As it turned out, the insurer calculated the damage only for compulsory motor third-party liability insurance, moreover, the calculation was made by "independent" experts from the company itself.

Mikhail turned to other experts and received a conclusion, which indicated a different amount: 170 thousand rubles. But the insurer did not give up! After some time, the victim received another “tranche” - 70 thousand. That is, insurers decided to just meet the limit for compulsory motor liability insurance - and that's enough! But the culprit of the accident had additional insurance! Michael decided not to back down and achieve full payment. Another letter to the insurance company - and from there it was reported that the remaining … 5 thousand were transferred to his account. As N. insurers explained, the supplement was made based on the calculations of the next "independent" experts. In their opinion, a full repair Mercedes should cost only 125 thousand. At the same time, they laid down the standard hour for a prestigious foreign car at 600 rubles, while even on unofficial services the Mercedes standard hour is not cheaper than 1800 rubles.

I had to go to court, and there, of course, they decided to collect the full cost of the repair from the insurance company. True, it cost Mikhail time, nerves and additional expenses for a lawyer. And although he achieved justice, but the sediment, as they say, remained.

Means of protection

Why does the state force us to buy insurance policies? In order, on the one hand, to protect the victims, and on the other, to protect the perpetrators of accidents from the claims of these same victims (people are different). The amount of compensation itself is strictly limited. If in an accident there are no more than two victims, then they will pay up to 120 thousand rubles, if there are more victims, then up to 160 thousand. And this is for everyone! It is clear that in a serious collision this money is clearly not enough, and you will have to pay on your own. Moreover, under compulsory motor liability insurance, an insurance company has the right to reduce the amount, taking into account the wear and tear of a broken car.

It turns out that the MTPL policy has turned, if not into profanity, then into an insignificantly modest means of protection. Judge for yourself: the law, on the one hand, declares the victim’s right to full compensation for damage, and on the other hand, limits the CTP insurance payment to the percentage of car wear. Having paid for compulsory motor liability insurance, we get protection only from the smallest accidents. Therefore, in addition to the policy of compulsory motor third-party liability insurance, I strongly recommend that you purchase a voluntary “auto-citizen”.

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