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Old Man In The Hay


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Video: Old Man In The Hay

Video: Old Man In The Hay
Video: NEIL YOUNG - OLD MAN 2023, March
Old Man In The Hay
Old Man In The Hay



Though break the table

Until now, one could only assume that the president of Belarus, remaining an invisible “needle”, patronized the alleged merger of the Minsk Automobile Plant with KamAZ and the creation of the Rosbelavto holding. (Officially, on the Belarusian side, the process is supervised by Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko, and, by the way, it was he who proposed the name of the holding) Now the “master" once again slammed his fist on the table. His words should be understood as follows: if we agree, then on our terms. What smacks of blackmail. But this is the case when blackmail has no prospects - even a break table.

Belorussian means invaluable

KamAZ, whose business is going upward, suggested that Belarus “tow the Minsk Automobile Plant - its turnover is falling. Offered not out of charitable motives - the benefits of the merger are mutual. Russian negotiators proposed to sell 100% of the shares, at least a controlling stake. This is a bargain for the degree of influence: less successful MAZ managers should not interfere in the policies pursued by a more efficient team of KamAZ managers.

There was a counter option - to exchange blocks of 49% of the shares … There are proposals that cannot be refused, but this proposal cannot be accepted. According to stock quotes, the assets of the auto giant from Naberezhnye Chelny are more expensive than the Mazovian ones, hence the 49% capital filling is not equal - Minsk is cheaper. Belarusians protest: not cheaper. And now the working group recounts the assets of the parties in order to compare the latest data. Although analysts suggest that it will show a comparison. And they guess why Belarusians are in no hurry to turn to independent experts.

Keep bumps and jabs

The team of Sergey Kogogin, the general director of the Russian enterprise, demonstrates an enviable endurance and diplomacy whenever he receives injections from the other high contracting party.

“Despite any statements, the working group continues to act,” Oleg Afanasyev, director of the KamAZ public relations department, told ZR. RU. - The plan agreed by the parties must be implemented.

Clearly, the word must be kept. And then, accurate data on the capital of enterprises, one must think, will still be needed, however, it is possible that in an impending more nervous situation.

What do you scrape in the gimbal?

Privatization of Belarusian state property is inevitable: the economy collapsed, the treasury requires currency support. Russia has promised to provide a loan to Belarus through the EurAsEC anti-crisis fund. President Lukashenko expects that everything will be smoothed out with Russian billions of dollars. But a loan does require guarantees of return on liquid assets. However, Alexander G. as if does not see the difference between a loan and a gift.

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