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The Lot Of People Of The Second Grade


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Video: The Lot Of People Of The Second Grade

Video: The Lot Of People Of The Second Grade
Video: 2nd grade Market Day Commercials 2023, March
The Lot Of People Of The Second Grade
The Lot Of People Of The Second Grade

For the motorist, the interior of his car remains almost the only place where you can calmly raise yourself so that nobody gets you agitated about the dangers of tobacco. At home, of course, trembling unbearably desires and wishes you well. In the service they peck, at best they drive them to designated places, or even to a gateway. At worst, from work. One of the governors said: smokers will not work for me … Only in the car and you will have fun.

So no, they don’t give it here either. Today all day you just hear how great it is without smoke. Several years ago, deputies of the Tyumen Regional Duma launched an implacable fight against smoking while driving - they drafted a bill, but not for the region, but for the whole country - and submitted the text to the State Duma for consideration. The rationale for the ban: a cigarette distracts from control and can cause an accident. While, they say, the driver lights a cigarette, he takes his eyes off the road for a few seconds, and yet in one second the car travels 16 meters at 60 km / h. The deputies were asked to present the numbers: how many accidents happened for this reason? Could not present - such statistics are not kept.

The law was never born. His discussion led to the conclusion that the ban violates the rights and freedoms of the individual, and they are above all. With the same stupid success, you can pass laws prohibiting blinking, sneezing and blowing your nose while driving.

With drivers, smokers are struggling for a long time and not only in Russia. In the UK, smoking on the go is considered a gross violation of the road rules, and if the chicken gets into an accident (and they prove that he was smoking at that time), he will be fined 2, 500 pounds (more than $ 5, 000). In the capital of China, smokers at the wheel not only hit the yuan big, but also post photos of violators in the local media: shame!

But the struggle does not give much success: according to statistics, 60% of men and 30% of women smoke in Russia. It is unnecessary to talk about the consequences here; they are written in detail and colorfully on cigarette packs - from heart attack to impotence. Inveterate carriers of a harmful habit are frightened by new repressions - rising prices for tobacco products.

In my opinion, if you press, it’s not on the wallet, but still on the brains, but to press smartly, and not frantically-extremist - boring instructions, prohibitions, punishments. I recall that some incredible number of Americans started cigarettes when the slogan was distributed around the country: “Smoking is the lot of second-class people.”

Smoking while driving

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