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Moscow: Reconstruction In The South And West


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Video: Moscow: Reconstruction In The South And West

Video: Moscow: Reconstruction In The South And West
Video: Moscow's Unrealised plans 1930-1950 2023, March
Moscow: Reconstruction In The South And West
Moscow: Reconstruction In The South And West

The modernization of the road network will affect the Academic, Gagarinsky, Zyuzino, Lomonosovsky, Konkovo, Koptevo, Obruchevsky, Teply Stan, Cheremushki and Yasenevo districts.

Sergei Sobyanin said that it is planned to reconstruct several major highways at once: Leninsky and Sevastopol Avenues, Vernadsky Avenue, Profsoyuznaya Street. At the same time, the mayor noted, underground crossings and exit pockets for public transport will be created on the listed highways.

In total, within the framework of local events on the roads of the South-West Administrative District, it is planned to create 200 exit pockets at bus stops, as well as about 5 thousand entrances to the carriageway for people with limited mobility.

The mayor also said that a decision had been made to build a multi-level interchange on Profsoyuznaya street near the Teply Stan metro station, as well as an underground pedestrian crossing at the Universitet metro station.

In the new districts of Moscow - Butovo and Shcherbinka - the infrastructure will also be put in order. The mayor specified that the development of these areas should be at a decent level - "no worse than in others."

Near the metro stations "Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard", "Yasenevo" and "Annino" metro stations, transportation hubs are sure to appear. “Today the Serpukhov line is overloaded with passengers from Butovo and the nearest Moscow region. Moreover, the squares, streets and courtyards in the area of the ultimate literally turned into a spontaneous parking lot,”said the mayor. According to him, to solve the problem, it is necessary to create transport hubs: "I consider this work a priority, and the order should be put in place without waiting for the construction of large structures."


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